Chapter 171: The Reappearance Of The Scarlet Eyes

There were numerous trial takers and only one Giant Emperor. So despite its overwhelming strength, it wasn’t able to block all of their attacks. Injuries steadily accumulated all over its body, and even its back had been slashed open. The Giant Emperor howled in fury and slammed the ground with both palms, each hand instantly killing a person. Blood and water intermingled in the swamp as it unleashed another attack at the trial takers in front of it, this time targeting the two beautiful girls.

Their expressions immediately changed, and they quickly retreated. However, the Giant Emperor seemed to be hellbent on killing them, and it appeared to be willing to forcefully take some of the attacks from the others in order to kill the two girls.

“Hey, over there. Save them!” somebody called out, hoping that Lu Yin would intervene.

Amu was startled and immediately glanced at Lu Yin, but Lu Yin didn’t answer the call.

One person grew anxious and continued attacking the Giant Emperor as he shouted, “Hey, they’re from the Butterfly Tribe! If you save them, you’ll gain the Butterfly Tribe’s favor. Besides, I’ve got money, too! I’ll give you everything in my cosmic ring!”

Lu Yin still didn’t move.

Zhuo Daynight glanced at him with a calm look in her eyes.

“Hey-” But this time, before the anxious trial taker could say anything more, he was smashed to bits by the Giant Emperor, and the entire swamp seemed to shudder slightly. The Giant Emperor then turned as it searched along the bottom of the swamp for something. A moment later, his hands emerged with a large, bizarre-looking snake that he tossed at the two girls. They were shocked, which allowed the snake’s body to strike them, sending both of them flying and coughing up blood. One of them even died on the spot.

Lu Yin merely watched on calmly. Since he had promised Amu not to help, he would keep his word.

“Let’s attack together!” someone yelled. Dozens of trial takers attacked simultaneously and many of their attacks successfully struck the Giant Emperor. By now, its body was riddled with multiple holes from numerous powerful and fearless attacks, and it cried out one last time in resignation. The Giant Emperor’s knees hit the ground, and its head hung down low while its panted for breath.

“Keep going, he can’t hold out for much longer!” the same person yelled in excitement, prompting everybody to attack together again.

Lu Yin watched the Giant Emperor closely. Where is his third eye? Since Old Cai said that I needed to retrieve the third eye, it must exist. But why haven’t I seen it yet?

Just as the Giant Emperor was about to die to the incoming barrage of attacks, however, a dark figure flashed through the battlefield. An instant later, at least ten trial takers fell to the ground, dead, with black feathers stuck in their foreheads. The figure continued flitting past everyone to grab the Giant Emperor’s head.

The Giant Emperor looked up and bellowed fiercely. Shockwaves swept through the area, and the figure twisted around before disappearing into the void. The figure then reappeared less than ten meters away from where it had originally disappeared.

The Giant Emperor had actually never run out of energy, and it was just as strong as it was in the beginning. It had been faking its weakness all along.

Many of the trial takers were shocked by this scene. The mysterious figure attacked once more, and Zhuo Daynight joined in at this moment, slashing at the Giant Emperor with her red sword. Lu Yin left Amu at the edge of the swamp and rushed forward to attack as well, using his Nine Stacks Ninefold Shockwave Palm right from the get-go.

Each of the three incoming attacks were troublesome for the Giant Emperor, and it instinctively tried to dive back into the swamp. None of the attacks struck their targets and instead hit the empty air, causing a huge crack to appear in the void. Everyone who saw this crack felt a shiver run down their spines. Those were spatial cracks, and the fact that those three people’s attacks had shattered the void showed that they were very powerful.

Lu Yin’s Nine Stacks Ninefold Shockwave Palm caused both Zhuo Daynight and the mysterious figure to retreat together during the ninth explosion. The three of them landed on the ground after the Giant Emperor ran away. It was at this moment that Lu Yin finally managed to see the face of the figure that had flitted into the battlefield. It was a man with a very pale face

Zhuo Daynight gazed at the man in black clothing in shock. She had never expected that two people who were as powerful as her would appear in this tiny weave trial out here in the Outerverse. It was quite a surprise. 

The man in black clothing was expressionless as he focused on the bottom of the swamp. His body then began to sink down.

Lu Yin had no intention of letting the pale man attack again. The Giant Emperor might be powerful, but it was no match for any of them three. Whether it was Zhuo Daynight or the man who had just arrived, both of them had enough power to kill the Giant Emperor by themselves. Things would get troublesome if the man was able to attack again.

With this in mind, Lu Yin used Flash to appear by the man’s side before attacking with the 96th form of the Skybeast Claw technique. The man’s expression did not change in the face of this sudden attack, and he responded with his fist. With a loud boom, shockwaves rippled out in all directions, destroying the top layer of the swamp. The resulting shockwaves even forced dozens of trial takers to take several steps back.

Zhuo Daynight stabbed her sword deep inside the swamp while Lu Yin and the man were engaged in battle. Multiple images of the sword appeared in the area around her—the Alabaster Apparition Blade had appeared again. With this sword technique, the area within a circumference of a hundred meters of her had been sealed off, making it akin to a domain.

This attack cut through the swamp and even chopped off one of the Giant Emperor’s arms, leaving it howling in pain.

The pale faced man vanished, retreating from his battle with Lu Yin, before he charged at Zhuo Daynight. Her red sword swept horizontally and slashed at the man, who countered by throwing out several black feathers straight at her, which Zhuo Daynight rapidly dodged. At this moment, the Giant Emperor leapt out of the swamp and tried to rush away.

Zhuo Daynight and the man switched targets to the Giant Emperor at the same time. The red sword and the black feathers landed on the Giant Emperor and mercilessly pierced through its body. It fell to the ground powerlessly, causing the swamp mud to splash everywhere.

Zhuo Daynight and the man were both desperate to land the killing blow on the Giant Emperor. Lu Yin did not know why, but his intuition said that it had something to do with the third eye. He watched as the two of them landed on the Giant Emperor’s back and then headed into the forest while still fighting on the Giant Emperor’s back. Lu Yin used Flash and appeared in the sky. Elsewhere, ten or so trial takers tried in vain to deal the final blow to the Giant Emperor.

Lu Yin swept out his arm and star energy rushed through the area, injuring those ten or so Melders. “If you go there, you will die.”

His calm voice echoed throughout the swamp and left the trial takers trembling in fear. They could not understand why, even when they were all at the Melder realm, there was such an insurmountable gap between their power levels. With Lu Yin’s power, he could easily crush the Giant Emperor that was as strong as a peak Limiteer. Within the Butterfly Region, perhaps no one could compare to him.

A bit aways from the Giant Emperor and the battlefield, Amu drew closer to the Butterfly Tribe girl who was still alive. He had an icy look in his eyes. His initially cowardly gaze had since begun burning fierce as he glared malevolently at her. The girl was severely injured and alone, and so was unable to move. Fear filled her eyes as she watched Amu approach. “Stop! Don’t come near me, you bastard. Stop!”

Amu walked over to her, revealing a broken sword in his hand. He clenched it tightly, and without a second thought, thrust it into her heart.

Red blood mixed in with the black mud of the swamp.

The girl’s eyes were stunned, and she seemed to be in excruciating pain. She stared at Amu venomously until her eyes glazed over as she died.

Amu crumpled to the ground and closed his eyes. “Mother, she’s the first, but she will definitely not be the last. Don’t worry. Amu will definitely avenge you.”


A huge rumble shuddered through the swamp as the forest on the Giant Emperor’s back collapsed. Zhuo Daynight was driven backwards by a huge force, until she regained her footing in mid-air. Her red sword dropped to the ground. causing phantom swords to appear in a hundred meters radius around her. One of the swords was aimed at the man in black clothes who was still standing on the Giant Emperor’s back.

The man turned around with a cold glint in his eyes that was so chilling that it left many of the trial takers trembling in fear. He lifted his arm and something black extended from it, gradually engulfing the area until it reached Zhuo Daynight. Her red sword let out a terrible creaking noise when it collided with the black mass that was emanating a chilly aura.

Lu Yin was shocked—this was ice! To his surprise, the man had an innate gift of ice. Even more surprisingly, it was no ordinary ice. It was black and frighteningly cold.

Zhuo Daynight shattered the black ice with a single slash from her sword that then went on to strike at the man. However, it had lost too much power from shattering the ice, and the pale-faced man easily knocked it aside. Zhuo Daynight couldn’t handle the sudden change in force, and her sword flew out of her hands, landing far away in the swamp while still vibrating.

Zhuo Daynight had lost.

After defeating her, the man punched the Giant Emperor again. Only then did Lu Yin get close to him to kick out. The man anticipated Lu Yin’s attack and smoothly altered the course of his punch towards Lu Yin. This attack was different from all his other attacks, as even the air around it was distorting.

With a boom, shockwaves radiated out through the swamp and slammed into the Giant Emperor that was at the bottom. Even the trial takers far away felt a wave of dizziness wash over them, and all of them coughed out some blood before retreating even further away.

Zhuo Daynight looked on in shock as blood dripped out the corner of her lip. The punch that had sent her flying had been terrifying, but it had done almost nothing to the person before her. He had still not used his full strength.

Lu Yin and the man in black clothing fell into the bottom of the swamp alongside the Giant Emperor. Turbulent star energy forcefully repelled the swamp waters while the two of them stared intently at each other.

The man did not expect that Lu Yin would be able to block his punch. When the two of them reached the bottom of the swamp, he immediately rushed forward with a palm soaring at Lu Yin. Sharp, black ice immediately shot forth and sealed off the bottom of the swamp, causing an intensely cold fog to form above the swamp. Many of the trial takers were left shivering.

Lu Yin was encased by the black ice. It was remarkably hard and cold. Any other Melder and even many Limiteers from the Astral Combat Academy would be rendered helpless in this situation, but not Lu Yin. He merely lifted his right hand and covered it with battle force. Then, he violently grabbed the ice, exerted some force, and caused the ice to explode with a ringing sound.

The man was shocked and muttered in a hoarse voice, “Battle… force.”

Lu Yin frowned. This person before him spoke in a very strange way. It was almost as if he had just learned to talk. However, Lu Yin disregarded this peculiarity and Flashed near the man before lifting his palm. Eight stars sparkled above his circulating battle force, creating the perfect combination of his Cosmic Palm technique and his battle force. When faced with this attack, the man’s pupils constricted and his body was immediately slammed to the bottom of the swamp. Even the Giant Emperor was pushed aside.

A loud clashing sound was heard from within the swamp, and the area around them collapsed. The mud surged in from all sides, creating a whirlpool

From above, Amu watched on in shock while the rest of the trial takers didn’t even dare to approach the maelstrom.

Zhuo Daynight watched the marshes closely.

During Astral-10’s New Student Competition, Lu Yin had used his Nine Stacks Ninefold Shockwave Palm combined with battle force to defeat Darkvoid in one blow. That Nine Stacks Ninefold Shockwave Palm was at most comparable to his seven star Cosmic Palm, and it was definitely much less powerful than the eight star Cosmic Palm. Lu Yin believed that this pale-faced man would absolutely lose to the combination of his eight star Cosmic Palm and battle force combination attack.

Lu Yin landed on the back of the Giant Emperor and was wondering where the third eye could be when a terrifying force emanated from deep underground.

Lu Yin’s expression changed and he looked at the ground seriously, only to see the man slowly crawling out from the mud. His robes had been torn apart, revealing a firm set of well developed muscles. A red palm print was visible at the place where Lu Yin had struck, but the muscles writhed strangely, causing the palm print to disappear.

When he saw this, Lu Yin’s face darkened. It was a huge surprise that this person’s physical body was this strong. Lu Yin didn’t know the upper limits of his own body yet, but this person’s physical defenses would not be easily penetrated.

The man suddenly looked up and revealed a pair of scarlet eyes.

At that moment, Lu Yin felt a shiver go down his spine, and every part of his body stiffened. Those eyes caused his expression to drastically change. This is a Corpse King from the Neohuman Alliance. He’s a Corpse King from the Neohuman Alliance!


An inhuman cry filled the sky out as the man charged at Lu Yin. The Corpse King then punched out, causing the air to crack again.

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