Chapter 137: Seeing Through Weaknesses

Schutz gripped his blade tightly as he stared at Lulu in disbelief. This woman was both crazy and had incredible strength. If he hadn’t dodged in time, then the battle would have ended just now. 

“I apologize for being rude. You are a worthy opponent,” Schutz replied solemnly. 

Lulu smiled, snorted, and then said, “Come on, let’s keep going. I know that you’re the most powerful person in the Great Yu Empire’s younger generation, but you’re still not my opponent.”

“I know, but I’ll lose with dignity,” Schutz said in a heavy voice. The most powerful person in the Great Yu Empire’s younger generation had completely set his pride aside at Astral-10. He had to face the harsh truth that he was currently one of the youngest students in the academy.

Lulu took off with another bang, her strength and speed reaching a level that Schutz couldn’t even retaliate against. However, due to his rich battle experience, he managed to always dodge her attacks at critical moments. But despite his battle prowess, his injuries continued to accumulate.

Schutz’s inability to fight back against Lulu showed Lu Yin just how weak the Outerverse was. He had interacted with the cream of the crop of the Great Yu Empire’s fighters and was well aware of their strength. For example, Gerbach used external items so that he could use Lightning Arrow while most of the Innerverse and the Astral Combat Academy elites used star energy to power their battle techniques. This was a key difference. The powerhouses of the Outerverse were just too average compared to the Innerverse geniuses. It was no surprise that Wendy Yushan would look down upon the members of her generation.

Lulu leapt into the sky and launched yet another punch at Schutz. Her fighting style was extremely direct; she just brute forced her opponent into submission. Schutz gritted his teeth, and his shirt was already stained with blood. He raised his blade and a dim, blood red glow illuminated a section of the battle grounds. This was Schutz’s battle technique, but Lulu had shattered it along with his blade the last time he had tried to use it. Lulu’s punch landed squarely on Schutz and the ground below him splintered into a huge pit. Schutz fell to the ground, heavily injured. 

Big Pao shook his head and sighed. “Lulu Mavis has won the second round.”

Lu Yin went over to Schutz and helped him up. Schutz had a hand clutched to his chest, and he squeezed out, “Thank you.”

“You did very well. She’s a Mavis and would be considered an elite even in the Innerverse,” Lu Yin consoled.

Schutz’s had a determined gaze as he replied, “It doesn’t matter which clan she’s from. She’s still human, and there’s no excuse for being defeated by a human.”

Lu Yin nodded. He respected Schutz’s attitude, and he actually reminded him of Zhang Dingtian. Both men were resilient and fearless. This type of personality might face a difficult path in their life, but they would definitely grow to achieve great things. Lu Yin respected people like these two.

“The third round begins.”

Silver walked out with a smile; he was number five.

Hui Daynight stood up from where he had been sitting; he was number six. Since this battle had Hui Daynight, who was from the powerful Daynight clan, everyone paid attention when he stepped forward.

Lu Yin’s face grew sober, but not because of Hui Daynight. While the others might not be familiar with Silver, Lu Yin was well aware that he was somehow related to the Neohuman Alliance—the greatest enemy of the human realm. Regardless of whether it was the Daynight Clan, the Mavis Clan, or the Blaze Realm, all of them were united against the Neohuman Alliance.

Hui Daynight was from the Daynight Clan, but Silver had a potentially even more powerful background.

Xia Luos face changed and his eyes grew cold when he saw Silver.

After Silver had entered Astral-10, he had only ever participated in a single ported battle, which he had lost. He hadn’t really done much and seemed to be very average. It was easy for people to forget about Silver, like how Hui Daynight only desired to fight against Lu Yin. The smiling guy that Hui Daynight was paired up against right now only made him feel a sense of disdain.

“Moonrise Finger,” Hui Daynight roared as he took a step forward, instantly appearing in front of Silver. His finger pierced through the air, flickering with a grey light as it headed straight toward Silver’s heart.

Silver’s smile never faded, but his eyes turned frosty as the attack neared. His beautiful butterfly sword emitted a small ringing sound that covered the area in front of him. Hui Daynight’s brows rose in surprise, and he felt a chill in his fingers. He reflexively dodged, causing the butterfly sword to slide past him.

“What a shame, you managed to avoid it,” Silver said with a beaming expression, still casually looking at Hui Daynight.

Hui Daynight’s expression grew serious. He had felt threatened by the butterfly sword that had just slid past him just now. If he hadn’t dodged in time, then he would have lost a finger. This silver haired man was very strong.

Lu Yin’s eyes flashed dramatically. He had encountered this blade a few times before, but he had yet to defeat it. Even after his drastic increase in strength, that sword still gave him the chills. He could see that Silver had improved as much as Lu Yin himself.

In the sky, the Rainmaster looked at Silver. “This person can see through his enemy’s weaknesses.”

Silver burst out with another attack, his butterfly sword spinning rapidly as it swept toward Hui Daynight. The Daynight clan member grew sober as he carefully tracked the sword’s movements and did his best to dodge. The scary thing was that, despite his efforts, the sword managed to connect with him every time. It almost seemed that he was deliberately moving towards the blade, leaving Hui Daynight furious.

Everyone watched in surprise as the same thing happened several times in a row before Hui Daynight angrily roared, “Daynight Soul Finger.” His finger bore through the air as his body disappeared from sight. Silver didn’t move and felt a spot of pain on his body. The Daynight clan’s battle techniques are so annoying, but this is nothing more than an attack.

The butterfly sword quickly swept out in a white flash, and then a splash of blood suddenly stained the grass red. Hui Daynight’s body reappeared, but there was a huge gash on his chest, leaving everyone stunned.

“I’m sorry. You looked so dashing just now that I couldn’t hold myself back from cutting you,” Silver said, still smiling.

Hui Daynight’s eyes narrowed as he looked at Silver in a daze. Although Hui Daynight could still use his Daynight Soul Finger, this person had not allowed him to land a single attack yet—how was this possible? He had never expected that such a monster would be hiding within the new students.

Coco drew back into the crowd, scared. She had always felt that Silver’s smile was terrifying. Meanwhile, the rest of the students looked at Silver warily. That last flash had astounded them. They now all saw him as a very dangerous person and as someone to keep a distance from if they battled him.

Michelle had a startled look on her face. She felt that her initial assumption that Astral-10 wouldn’t have any amazing talents after being driven into the Outerverse was absurd. These past few battles had amazed her; Xia Luo, Lulu, and Silver were all extremely powerful. Although Hui Daynight had lost to Silver, he was still a member of the Daynight Clan. Additionally, there was still Darkvoid, who intrigued her the most initially, as well as Lu Yin who had been steadily growing in strength. Many of Astral-10’s new students had truly surprised Michelle as she was only getting to know her fellow students now.

Michelle wasn’t alone in her thoughts. The others had also only come to realize the extent of their fellow students’ abilities over the course of these few battles. They really hadn’t interacted with their juniors that much.

“Silver wins the third round,” Big Pao announced.

But Hui Daynight was stubborn. “It’s not over yet.”

Big Pao disdainfully replied, “If his blade had gone any deeper, you’d be dead right now. It’s over. You lost.”

Hui Daynight ground his teeth unwillingly. He wanted to refute Big Pao, but he couldn’t think of anything to say. He still couldn’t understand how Silver’s attack had overcome his battle technique—that was a battle technique of the Daynight Clan! How could it defeated so easily? The only possibilities were that the opponent’s technique was much stronger than the technique Hui Daynight had used or that the opponent himself was far more powerful than Hui Daynight. Regardless of which option was true, his chances of victory were negligible at best.

Silver returned to the group, still grinning. He turned around to smile at Lu Yin once before glancing at Xia Luo.

“The fourth round begins.”

After everyone saw the results of the first three rounds, the atmosphere had become very heavy. Everyone had realized that their fellow students were all very powerful and that they couldn’t be held to the typical Outerverse standards.

Zhao Yilong slowly walked out; he was number seven.

Coco hesitantly stepped out from the other side. She was number eight.

“Good luck Coco!” Zora shouted, but she only startled the small girl. Coco was already extremely nervous, but this caused her to become even more nervous.

Lulu patted Coco’s head. “Don’t be scared. Go.”

Coco blinked once, causing Lu Yin to laugh. This girl was just too jumpy.

Zhao Yilong’s face fell when he saw his opponent. He had been hoping for an exciting battle, but he was utterly disappointed to see that his opponent was Coco, the little girl who seemed powerless.

“All the best, sister,” Lulu encouraged. Coco took a deep breath and then reluctantly walked out to face Zhao Yilong. 

The ancient sword in Zhao Yilong’s hand shimmered with a cold light, and his gaze was even colder. Coco instinctively retreated two steps and pouted when she saw his serious appearance. However, her gaze also firmed with determination. She had entered Astral-10 through her own merits, so why should she be afraid? A large syringe suddenly appeared in her hands, startling nearly everyone. Was that really a syringe?!

Zhao Yilong was also taken aback.

Aside from Lu Yin and a few others among the students, no one else had seen Coco’s innate gift yet, which made the gigantic syringe’s sudden appearance truly shocking.

“I’m ready,” Coco piped up.

Zhao Yilong gripped the hilt of his sword tightly. He wasn’t really sure how to attack a young girl. Actually, come to think fo it, she was the youngest among everyone present.

They both froze for a moment.

“You should just admit defeat,” Zhao Yilong said quietly.

Coco stubbornly shook her head. “No.”

Zhao Yilong frowned. “I won’t hold back.”

Coco bit her lip anxiously and replied, “Come on then.”

Zhao Yilong narrowed his eyes and then waved his hand casually, releasing a slash that whistled through the air at Coco. But the girl disappeared in an instant, surprising everyone.

Zora smiled. The Windrift Hall had a rule that required its members to form teams of two. She and Coco were in a team, and she was the protector while Coco was the healer. Despite their roles, however, Coco could hold her own in battle and had an amazing ability to tank damage. Her durability could be seen from the fact that she had successfully taken the three attacks during Astral-10’s entrance assessment. And on top of all this, Coco had also learnt an extreme speed technique from Windrift Hall.

Coco’s extreme speed surprised Lulu; it was almost as fast as her White Flash.

Lu Yin was amazed as well. The speed was simply amazing.

Zhao Yilong’s attack completely missed. He arched a brow and shook his wrist. Multiple slashes appeared, sealing off an area that was a hundred meters in radius. This was a wide spread attack that hit everything, but his attacks still couldn’t land on Coco. The girl seemed to melt into the air, avoiding every attack.

Zhao Yilong’s face grew somber. “I’ll ask you one last time. Do you admit defeat?”

Coco stubbornly shook her head.

“I hail from Ten Thousand Swords Peak. We can shatter the sky, so it’s useless even if you hide in the sky. Don’t hold it against me if you die,” Zhao Yilong solemnly said. He then placed his hand on the hilt of his sword and exerted a miniscule amount of force. The sword multiplied into ten identical images before combining into a single sword that stabbed towards Coco.

“Ten Swords in One,” Zora muttered in shock.

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