Chapter 118: Michelle’s Shock

“Young Master, careful!” the Limiteers nearby shouted as Da Lei disappeared, but it was too late. Lu Yin flashed behind Ramos and grabbed him by the hair; the mere Melder was helpless against his strength.

Ramos paled, “Let go of me now, or my dad will make your life unbearable!”

“You can just die,” Lu Yin said with a smirk; he wasn’t the actual Da Lei to be threatened by that. Ramos’s eyes narrowed with disbelief, but a loud bang rang out as Lu Yin’s palm smashed past his ears into the ground. That attack was filled with bloodlust; Da Lei really was going to kill him!

“Stop, let him go!” the Limiteers growled angrily, but Lu Yin just pulled out a gadget and started a call. A beautiful lady quickly appeared on his screen, her face stunning Ramos and the rest. This was the captain of the Thirteen Squadron; Liuying Zishan.

“Who are you? Who gave you my number?” Liuying asked coldly.

“Hello, Captain Zishan, I’m Da Lei. His Majesty Lu Yin asked me to contact you if I needed help,” Lu Yin said. This was his first time contacting the woman who was supposed to be his closest supporter in the Great Yu Empire, and he hadn’t expected it to come out in this situation.

Meanwhile, Ramos paled at the mention of Lu Yin’s name. How did Da Lei know the Zishan King? The Limiteers around were astonished as well; they realized that things weren’t going too well.

“What’s the matter?” Liuying asked with surprise, her gaze sweeping past Ramos and the rest as Lu Yin explained, “Oh. I understand, I’ll handle it.”

Lu Yin’s eyes gleamed. He hadn’t just contacted Liuying because she was the Thirteenth Captain, but also to see what her attitude was towards him. Da Lei was the best litmus test, and he’d always harbored a desire to join the Thirteen Imperial Squadrons anyway. This would be killing two birds with one stone.

Lu Yin let go of Ramos and stared the Limiteers down. Now, no one would dare cause trouble for Da Lei. Even Ramos and his father couldn’t afford to offend someone who could contact Liuying Zishan directly. He carried Aya away towards a grassy field, feeling a pulling sensation that indicated his time was up. He had saved Da Lei’s life today, but he wanted to give the man one more present before he left.

“Da Lei?” Aya woke up and looked around at her surroundings blearily while lying on the grass. 

Lu Yin responded with a hug and a kiss on the lips that shot her awake, matching her gaze with a smile, “Aya… I love you.”

Tears immediately welled up in Aya’s eyes, and a look of disbelief overcame her face. She hugged him back tightly and cried tears of joy, “I love you too! I love you too!”

Lu Yin patted Aya’s back as the pull grew stronger and stronger. He was about to leave, but he had helped Da Lei overcome the last obstacle before he left. He hoped the two of them could live happily ever after; that would be his thanks for helping him realize the true meaning of the realm of infinite change. The two of them would certainly meet in person in the future.

In the blink of an eye, Lu Yin was back at Astral-10’s space station. His body shook and he opened his eyes, immediately summoning his star energy to feel it. He lifted his hand and turned it into wind, water, and flames in his palm; they were all just imitations, but this was the realm of infinite change. Many people depended on elemental crystals to use battle techniques, like Jeraldine with her fire punch. However, that requirement faded once one achieved the realm of infinite change; if she were at that level, she could simulate fire with her star energy alone.

Lu Yin was elated; it was an amazing feat to achieve the realm of infinite change so quickly. It would have taken more than a year if he trained at the Rain Observatory, but he had reaped the benefits of Da Lei’s experience. The only thing that depressed him slightly was the thought of the star crystals he’d used up. Possession had taken at least 10,000 and he hoped to have a few thousand left, but reality sent him to the pits of despair. There was nothing left in his cosmic ring at all.

He was destined to be poor! Lu Yin lamented the loss of his newfound wealth, but eventually flashed a better smile. It was definitely worth it to spend 15,000 star crystals in exchange for this level of star energy control.


Michelle headed right back to the Rain Observatory upon completing a mission, watching the constant green rain. She’d only taken on a mission so she could go outside and report the situation in Astral-10 to the Ten Arbiters’ Council; there was something wrong with Astral-10’s teaching methods, and she was of the opinion that it didn’t have the right to control access to the Nine Trial Zones. Unfortunately, the Council still needed some time to make a decision on the issue, so she could only return to the Academy and gather more evidence.

Rain splattered on the limestone platform and cooled Michelle’s feet. She looked at it calmly, observing the changes in star energy intently. A silhouette brushed past the distance, but she didn’t pay it much attention. It was just one of the new Sentinel students; while he deserved praise for entering Astral-10, someone like that wasn’t uncommon in the Innerverse.

Lu Yin flew past the rain and was initially going to land on a platform in front of him, but he realized that there was someone there already and thus went looking for a different tree. Now, his perception of the rain all around was entirely different. He could see every minute change clearly; every drop of water was going through infinite variations in a moment. This wasn’t ordinary rain as he’d once thought, but drops of miniature worlds that changed constantly.

Five more days of practice later, he lifted a palm filled with star energy. The energy materialized and transformed into wind, fire, and even joined the rain, eventually forming his name and flying into the rain.

The word Michelle was pushed into the rain simultaneously. Although the two of them were an entire tree apart and quite far from each other, their names were close enough in the rain that each could see the other’s as they pushed the rain apart and rushed into the distance.

Michelle didn’t pay much attention at first, thinking that Lu Yin’s name would disappear quickly, but it stayed for quite a while. Eventually, her name was on the verge of dissipating and his didn’t seem changed in the slightest. Her expression changed and she looked into the distance in shock.

In the depths of the rain, the Rainmaster was watching the scene with surprise, “This kid was only gone for a few days, how is there such a large change? His star energy control is already in the realm of infinite change before anyone else.”

Lu Yin watched his name flying into the distance, believing that the realm of infinite change would be enough to gain the Rain Observatory’s approval. His name continued to soar long after Michelle’s had shattered; her control was very close to the realm of infinite change, but she wasn’t there yet. Having experienced Da Lei’s control and star energy, he was far beyond her now.

Three people watched two words soar through half the Rain Observatory before they shattered. Unfortunately, he wasn’t familiar enough with his star energy control just yet. He ended up sitting down and staring at the rain, hoping to obtain the Rain Observatory’s approval in the shortest time.

On the other platform, Michelle took off and flew towards Lu Yin, interrupting his solemn practice with her intoxicating scent. Lu Yin breathed in and turned around to look at the stunning woman, but she was indifferent to his gaze and asked curiously, “How did you do it?”

“Do what?”

“Your energy control. You reached the realm of infinite change.”

Lu Yin lifted his hand and the star energy formed various shapes in his palm, “It’s as simple as this, why?”

She raised a brow, “You couldn’t do this when you first joined.”

“Who told you that?” he smiled, “One just has to keep a low profile. Showoffs end up disliked by everyone, have you seen Hui Daynight?”

Michelle clearly didn’t believe him; no one would ignore a gift from an Astral Combat Academy to hide their abilities. She turned to leave, “It’s fine if you don’t want to tell me.”

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