Chapter 107: Those Who Passed

Dragon Nine swatted someone away with ease, but suddenly sensed a threat from its rear. It turned around and snarled in a rage just as a silver needle stabbed into its tail through the void, prompting an anguished howl. The woman who’d shouted out its weakness wasn’t wrong; the meatball on a sylvan dragon’s tail was a weakness, but while many Innerverse powers knew that, few at the same realm could break through its defense. Dragon Nine hadn’t expected to meet such a person in the Outerverse, but thankfully, the attacker did not continue. The injury she had left was only minor, and she used the distraction to break through the blockade and enter the beam of light. The sylvan dragon vented on everyone else.

On the limestone platform, Lu Yin was gazing at the distant rain, his heart calmed by the constant patter. He felt like it wasn’t simple, a hypothesis that was shared by Lulu who similarly immersed herself. A new figure blinking in among them disrupted that immersion, prompting several astonished gazes at the average-looking man who’d joined. The one captivating thing about him was his black hair; it wasn’t reflecting any light at all. The hair seemed like a void that captured all light, adding a sense of mystery.

The newcomer didn’t bother with the crowd, standing motionless in his original spot, but another figure appeared not long after. This one was female, and Coco shouted in delight when she noticed, “Sister Zora!”

The woman saw Coco and her face brightened, “Coco! Are you alright? Did you get injured?”

Coco shook her head and looked back with excitement, “How about you? Are you wounded anywhere?”

“No.” Zora promptly shook her head.

“Oh.” Coco was disappointed.

“Sister Zora, let me introduce you, these are Brother Lu Yin and Sister Lulu. They’re the reason I could pass this exam; I wouldn’t have made it myself.” Coco pulled Zora to the two others she had traveled with. Lu Yin nodded towards this woman who also seemed to be from the Windrift Hall, while Lulu maintained a polite indifference. Zora thanked them and then pulled Coco aside to speak to her.

At the end of another Melder path, a deathly silence pervaded the sweltering atmosphere. The ground seemed to have been flattened out by something and there was no one alive; even the expert from the Ross Empire that was guarding the light beam had turned into scrap metal covered in blood. This was a path of absolute extermination.

“Incredible, that black-haired youth has an excellent innate gift.”

“Pity it’s too fatal.”

“That is fine, given his experience. We need such people.”

For those who were waiting in the sky, two more screens lit up. One read “Zora—Windrift Hall” while the other only mentioned “Darkvoid” with no origin.


Time passed slowly, and another day crept by. At the end of another Melder path was a proud Arshim, standing before a dozen Melders that he had roasted. He was from the Blaze Realm and placed fifth in the Blaze Rankings, far beyond the trash all around. The sun froze once more as extreme cold descended upon the path, leaving the baked Melders ecstatic at the thought that he would have the terrain disadvantage, but flames raged all around him and left them desperate once more. He had an innate gift of fire; coupled with his fire battle techniques, no one could contend against him.

Arshim enjoyed watching their expressions change from hope to despair. This was why people like him looked down upon the Outerverse; it only produced weaklings. However, he was stunned when a beautiful silhouette walked out of his flames, her gait an alluring dance atop the fire. Most people’s gazes locked onto the dark red eyes in her pretty face as well as the graceful snow-white hair. Many choked on their saliva and looked blankly at the absolutely charming girl, her bare feet treading on the flames to pass Arshim and enter the light. Only after she’d vanished did the crowd realize that he hadn’t obstructed her at all.

Arshim was rooted in place; he recognized the woman the moment he saw her; this was Michelle, the Red Lotus Witch. She was the younger sister of the Red Lotus Witchbow Mira, not someone who could be provoked.


With the one-day delay, someone new finally joined the limestone platform. Everyone’s attention turned to Michelle when she arrived, including the black-haired youth and the one from the Myriad Swords Peak who had been silently observing the rain. She was too captivating, be it in her appearance or the aura of her personality. Even Coco was dazed.

Lu Yin’s gaze was fixed on Michelle as well, though in his case it was because he thought he’d seen Mira for a moment. Both girls shared their alluring figures, white hair, and dark red eyes. Michelle was unbelievably attractive, but her expression was filled with indifference after a single pass across the rest. Paying no further attention to them, she looked into the distance. No one tried to chat her up, as those that could pass the exam all had incredible willpower and would not be unnecessarily charmed by beauty alone.

Michelle was followed by Meng Yue, the youth from the Vastdearth Sect who had been following the same path as Lu Yin. Archino who was guarding that path had been crushed by Lulu’s punch, so anyone who could make it to the end would automatically pass. Unfortunately, Meng Yue was the only one powerful enough to get through the path who’d been delayed long enough to avoid Archino’s attacks. He stared at Lu Yin and then Lulu with an apprehensive gaze before silently walking to one side.

As more time passed, anxiety started to take over Dorren Yushan and the others from the Great Yu Empire; no one from the Great Yu Empire had passed through the Melder paths. The freezing night was a perfect manifestation of their own mental states right now.

Down below, Schutz and the rest were experiencing endless cold. The cyborg before them put his arm down, ten Melders who had united to barge through falling behind him. His mechanical voice rang harshly, “I said you cannot pass. The difference between the Innerverse and Outerverse is like the chasm between heaven and earth.”

The dozen Melders were dumbstruck; that half-machine freak’s attacks were each within Melder limits, but the superposition left onlookers trembling. He was in a class of his own. Schutz gritted his teeth and stepped forward. As the top expert of the Great Yu Empire’s youth generation and the only one that managed to walk to the end, he could not retreat; the only way to stop Princess Wendy from looking down on them was to enter Astral-10 or die trying.

“Stepping out means death,” the mechanical man looked towards Schutz and said impatiently, raising his hand and firing his gun. A succession of energy beams screamed forwards at a strange angle.

Schutz howled softly and slashed out with his blood-colored warblade. The splendid strike streaked through the sky and pressured its surroundings, the shockwaves leaving the dozen Melders gasping in admiration. However, Schutz’s strongest attack was easily torn apart by the light rays which congealed into an irresistible strength in moments. That power struck forward and ripped everything apart, aiming straight for his heart.

Schutz bellowed and defended with his blade, but it broke within a second. He felt the undefeatable strength of that cyborg in that instant; this was might that surpassed his wildest imagination.

Just as everyone thought that Schutz would perish, however, the light beams suddenly vanished. Everyone stared dazedly at him; he wasn’t dead? Schutz raised his head and gazed at the cyborg, his eyes narrowing as he saw a youth with a gentle smile behind. Schutz recognized this man as one of the Melders from the Great Yu Empire who wasn’t from Yu Academy. He had seen him around, but not conversed much. This person had appeared at a crucial moment to save him.

“Who are you?” The cyborg asked coldly.

“Xia Luo. Sorry, please let us pass.”


Xia Luo nodded at Schutz, then turned and walked towards the light beam. Schutz was left a complicated expression. That powerhouse from the Innerverse was intimidated and completely subdued by this Xia Luo. Did he really come from the Great Yu Empire?

Everyone looked at Xia Luo and Schutz slowly walked towards the light beam. The cyborg didn’t look back at all from start till end, but his gaze was icy-cold. He had felt the cold embrace of death in that instant, and subconsciously stopped his attack in order to prepare for defense. He was certain that the man had the ability to kill him. How could the Outerverse have someone so scary?

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