Chapter 100: Changing Skies

Dorren Yushan’s gadget beeped quietly and he glanced over, only to freeze up, “Ghostfire was defeated and is on the verge of death.”

“What? Who did it?” Hearing this, Huo Qingshan and Jue Lang gazed at him in confusion, while Rocky Auna was astonished. They all knew of the power of Ghostfire’s innate gift, something that left him invincible amongst Sentinels. Lu Yin had only been able to defeat him thanks to that bell earlier; even Tianming could not take him down.

Dorren looked confused as well, “His Majesty Lu Yin.”

Everyone was shocked.

Rocky Auna frowned, “Lu Yin can defeat Ghostfire?”

The corners of Dorren’s lips twitched, “This is news from the Empire. Ghostfire intentionally streamed the battle when he met Lu Yin; he was probably hoping to send a recording out, but was unfortunately defeated with ease. Now that he’s nearly dead, Bazeer must be hopping mad.”

Huo Qingshan’s eyes twinkled, while Rocky sighed ruefully in admiration, “While the Outerverse Youth Council has a lot of authority, that only extends to the younger generation. Bazeer was far too arrogant and thought nothing of our Great Yu Empire; this battle with King Zishan should take him down a peg.”

Dorren smiled. It wasn’t just Bazeer affected here. The man was just a lap dog, and there was actually someone in the Youth Council backing him. That person was the true mastermind, wanting to humiliate Lu Yin to get his sister’s interest. Unfortunately, none of these people understood his sister. She… had a big heart.

“Damn it, damn it, DAMN IT!” At this very moment in the Great Yu Empire, Bazeer was howling in fury. He was the one who’d sent Ghostfire to take part in the exam, and yet the youth had been beaten up so badly and completely disgraced him.

On the Sentinel path, Lu Yin and Lulu moved rapidly, one with the Flash and the other with the White Flash. She was rather surprised that he could keep up.

Along the way, the two of them saw quite a few youths flying into the distance, as well as numerous monsters roaring. This route was filled with danger, and besides monsters, there were quite a few interesting plants; there was no water here for them to use. After two hours of travel, they finally paused to get some rest.

A tired Lu Yin glanced at his gadget to see readings all around him, most of them at 3,000. “Conservatively, there are at least thousands of people taking part.”

Lulu massaged her calves, “That’s normal. Your Great Yu Empire sent over a hundred people, and it wouldn’t be a surprise if a hundred million came for the exam across the Outerverse. However, only the regions near the Frostwave Weave can actually attend the exam. There should be a couple hundred thousand people on each path.”

He went quiet. There would be nearly a million examinees with these three routes; the entire population of a city on Earth filled with peak or near-peak Sentinels. Such an army could sweep through the entire solar system!

“Right, I’ve been curious. Why do you always wear green?” He shifted the topic.

Lulu rolled her eyes, “People from the Mavis Family always dress in green. What’s it to you?”

He looked at her curiously, “Are you very rich?”

Lulu’s eyes twinkled and she smirked, “Yup. Wanna borrow money? I’ll take 3% interest monthly.”

Lu Yin was speechless.

“I wonder if we were being too hasty just now. This is an exam where hundreds of thousands of people are participating, so the competition ahead must be very fierce. There’ll be more and more people coming later, too,” Lulu sighed.

He thought the same. They were one of the fastest arrivals after Astral-10 had revealed itself; what about the other weaves nearby? This assessment didn’t have a specific time frame; the more time passed, the more people there would be. If they hurried to the front, they were basically paving the way for the people in the back. The exam couldn’t be that easy, and there was sure to be trouble at the front. He thought over it for a while and said, “I don’t want to be doing all the hard work for others. We can wait and get some rest for a few days.”

“Sure,” Lulu nodded.

The terrain around them was filled with bare, hot hills. Standing on one barren peak, Lu Yin watched people flying past him every once in a while and wondered how the rest were doing. Once twenty or so hours had passed, the suns suddenly dimmed. A cold gust of wind whipped past the sky, chilling the scalding surface in an instant. Lulu was astounded, “An ultimate powerhouse must have attacked to change the weather. The Astral Combat Academy really lives up to its name.”

Lu Yin looked up at the skies in awe. A number of suns had been frozen over, and gusts of cold air kept coming in from space. These were the abilities of a powerhouse that he could not even begin to fathom. If seen far away in space, there would be something like a path of ice.

Up in space, numerous people watched on in shock. All ten routes had been frozen simultaneously and freezing chills swept across them, although there was no effect on the space itself. Dorren and those around him gulped. They could not even begin to imagine the complexity of this move that was far above anything they knew.

Those capable of surviving in the void were classified into Explorers, Cruisers, and Hunters. The Great Yu Empire possessed a number of all three, but no one amongst their ranks was capable of such a thing. This was the ability of a terrifying existence even past Hunters, well beyond 100,000 combat level.

Huo Qingshan’s blazed in response. He could destroy one of the paths himself, but not all ten in one go. That was the kind of power he’d always pursued; the youths of this generation were truly fortunate to have the opportunity to enter the Astral Combat Academies and witness strength that was beyond what the Outerverse usually saw. They were so, so lucky.

The power to make the sky go dark by freezing the suns was something everyone down below could only gape at. That was all they could think, because they were still too far away from being able to possess this kind of power. Lu Yin checked out the chill coming from the ground and gasped. How was this possible?

“Stop looking at it. You won’t understand anyway. Even Explorers and beyond won’t be able to understand. This is a qualitative difference in strength.” Lulu smirked.

Lu Yin’s eyes were fervent. “This road was created, right?”

“Who knows? It might have been formed by destroying a solar system,” she answered nonchalantly.

He glanced at her, “Do you have an existence this powerful in the Mavis family?”

“I don’t know, and I wouldn’t tell you if I did,” she rolled her eyes. Still, Lu Yin could make a guess. Without such a person in charge, how could the Mavis Family take over the universal economy?

As one gazed up at the sky, the night chill left them lonely. Lu Yin looked distracted; he had nothing to long for as he’d lost his memories, and the only thing worth missing was Earth. That planet could be considered his hometown; he wondered how it was doing. He counted silently with his back to the cold surface of the hill. 700… About 700 people had flown past him during this time, and that was only in the region he could see. The Sentinel path was as wide as the Earth, which meant a hundred thousand people could have passed by already.

Once it was about time, he got up, “Let’s go.”

Lulu made a sound of acknowledgment and clenched her fists. However, both of them stopped as a dark spot flew over from the distance, a young man they didn’t recognize. This was Meng Yue, who’d seen the pitiful state Ghostfire had been in and was quite interested in the power of Three Stacks. He’d chased after the two of them immediately, but had barely been able to see Lulu before she took off. Her all-green outfit was eye-catching, but he simply couldn’t catch up despite moving at top speed. He’d thought he’d lost them already, but to his surprise, he’d come across them once again.

After landing on a low hill, Meng Yue eyed Lu Yin and produced a picture of Ghostfire, “Did you defeat this person?”

Lu Yin frowned, “What’s it to you?”

Meng Yue looked excited, “Let’s fight one round.”

Lu Yin narrowed his eyes, “Are you trying to avenge him?”

“It’s got nothing to do with him,” Meng Yue answered nonchalantly, “I’m interested in your battle technique. Three Stacks should be one of the battle techniques of the Ninefold Sect in the Grandtop Weave. You’ve fused it with the Shockwave Palm and I’m very curious about how powerful it is.”

“I’m not interested.” Lu Yin answered calmly, not wanting to waste his energy on fighting an unimportant person.

Meng Yue did not say more but simply attacked. He charged towards Lu Yin and swept out with a leg, but Lu Yin flashed away from the gust of wind and responded coldly, “If you want to fight, look for someone else. I don’t have time for you in this exam.”

“That’s not up to you,” Meng Yue answered, raising his palm and smacking towards Lu Yin. He knew he couldn’t compare in speed; his only shot at victory was using the Desolate Palm and a surprise attack to decide the victor with one move. As someone in pursuit of the limits of the Sentinel realm, he wanted to fight any strong Sentinels around.

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