Star Gate

Star Gate

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Traditional martial cultivation and a budding society of arcane abilities clash in modern Silver City. Are the tried and true paths better, or are flashy arts of overwhelming power the new world order?
Li Hao is dragged out of normality by a song and the death of his childhood friend. Thrown into a war between old and new, he must decide which path to walk. Little do others know that the young man with an easy smile is the textbook definition of playing a pig to eat the tiger. It’s not a matter of finding those who hurt him, but how much he’ll make them pay.
What will it be, qi or magic? But why do decisions always have to be black and white? Can’t he mix his own shade of gray? (etvo's synopsis)
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Legends speak of a red door drenched with fire and blood in the depths of the ancient cosmos.

Legends and myths, darkness and light, unbounded epics flow through this bygone doorway.

Overlook the star gate and illuminate the lands with passion! Darkness will recede! (Chinese synopsis)

41 Reviews
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4 months ago
I originally found this a few years ago translated under the name Constellation Door. Well, you can tell from that name that the translation was no better than mtl. I was so heartbroken since the first 40 chapters were so interesting. It gave off a LotM vibe (just the mystery vibe, its by no means at LotM quality). It has a modern day setting combined with a cultivation and supernatural world. The MC is steady and intelligent as he traverses the mysteries surrounding him and the world he lives in. The story was so good, but the translation was so bad that I refused to read it back then.

Flash forward to today and I see 'Star Gate' and I was instantly excited. After devouring the first 5 chapters, all I can say is this is going to be good. This is the same author who wrote Tribulation of Myriad Races and World's Best Martial Artist. If you like Tribulation of Myriad Races, you can consider this similar, but with a mystery twist.

The story takes place in an alternate modern world. The MC witnessed his best friend die at the hands of an unknown red ghost. The MC drops out of uni to join the join police force. This allows him to investigate the red ghost and find the special department who handles supernatural cases. Ultimately he knows he is the next target of the red ghost and is looking for a way to survive. The MC hides his limited abilities and uses schemes to combat dangers. No doubt this will change once he has time to grow, but at the start he uses everything he has to survive.

4 months ago
I'll keep the review updated as I continue reading… With only five chapters out, it's early days yet, but there's enough meat on the pages to get a feel for the story's heartbeat. Murder mystery with a tinge of eldritch, mysticism, and the supernatural? The worldbuilding is also solid, meticulously laying the groundwork for a setting that promises depth and complexity.

The protagonist, Li Hao, is pretty much a mystery right now as well. We get a surface level glance at this character, but there's clearly more to him that meets the eye. I'm interested to see more of his backstory and motivations revealed. Right now, we're still working through the first case of the story. So, there's been a lot of investigating and information collecting. But, we are getting small revelations here and there, and I'm sure when the full mystery gets unraveled, we'll get a payoff that's as satisfying as any tween diving into their Sherlock Holmes mystery.

That said, I just wanted to commend Etvo on her excellent translation. Her prose and use of language does a lot to enhance the story. I couldn't think of a better person for this genre of story that demands an experienced translator and skilled writer to keep the reader engaged. I also have faith in her tastes as a reader. So, I have no doubt that she picked this novel for a good reason. I'll be eagerly waiting for updates! ❤️❤️❤️

4 months ago
So far it is looking like this will be another excellently translated novel. Etvolare consistently delivers high quality translations that provide great context and diversity in the books they cover.

So far the book reads very well and has quite the interesting premise. I have read up to chapter four as of the review and I must say that I am looking forward to more. I will update my review as the series continues.

It's too early to have a solid answer as to whether this series will be one that I will continue to read but based upon its reputation that precedes it of being a highly vaunted novel, my expectations are high.

Translator's Notice

Happy 100 to Star Gate!

3 months ago

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