Chapter 99: Blood Flows like Rivers


The outbreak of the Spirit Treasure’s power was ferocious; it was enough to collapse a high mountain.

Xiao Nuolan did not move. She ignored the Infinite Spirit Ring that struck towards her soft porcelain cheeks. The Infinite Spirit Ring was only an inch from her jade face before it suddenly bounced back.

Being struck back, its six ancient formations were broken. The important thing was that she didn’t even move, yet she was already strong enough to knock away Spirit Treasures.


Everyone was shocked! This was truly an evil woman coming into being, even a Spirit Treasure couldn’t hurt her. This was her wanting to sacrifice humans for the dao, and this person was Feng Feiyun. His blood will dye the yellow ancient well, red.

Anyone who trespassed a forbidden place would have to pay a due price.

“Xiao… Xiao… Nuolan!”

Feng Feiyun tried his best to utter a few words from his mouth, hoping to save his life. In front of this female devil, even a Giant wouldn’t dare to fight recklessly; that would be seeking death, ah!

Sure enough, after hearing these words, the crimson in her eyes slightly paled. It was as if she couldn’t believe that someone still knew her name after one thousand years.

If someone now could say the three words “Feng Feiyun” (Phoenix), then Feng Feiyun (Wind) would also be surprised.

In the midst of her confusion, Feng Feiyun hastened to open her fingers and withdrew the Infinite Spirit Ring. He intended to carry Nalan Xuejian away from this place.

“Xiao... Nuolan.”

She whispered to herself; her eyes were a bit sluggish. Then, it revealed some spiritual liveliness as she muttered:

“That’s right, my name is Xiao Nuolan!”

Someone who had died for more than eighteen hundred years finally remembered her own name. The memories from her mind came flooding back. There were some people and some matters that she never forgot, but it was no different from forgetting. Too much time had passed. Even the figures of her close family became fuzzy, and her closest friends were no more than faint shadows.

Ten years of time was enough for one’s best friend’s figure to be faded, then what about twenty years? After thirty years? Let alone other people, after more than eighteen hundred years, she even almost forgot her own name!

There were no more lights being emitted from the yellow ancient well, and all of the ancient formations were destroyed as well. A Giant saw her confusion and brazenly rushed forward, wanting to kill her.

Without the light stopping him, this Giant easily struck towards the top of her head. In this Giant’s hand was countless strands of lightning interwoven together. It was capable of rendering all things into powder.

Xiao Nuolan’s pupils slightly flashed and she gently waved her sleeve. A ray of light came out from the sleeve and it routed the lightning into the sky.

This Giant didn’t expect Xiao Nuolan to recover from her absent-mindedness so quickly. Her eyes simply gazed at him, but it was enough for him to feel a cold chill. His heart beat violently as if it was about to jump out from his body.

What the hell was this monster?

This Giant was a renowned figure that had shaken the whole world, but he never felt such a fear until now. It was just like meeting his mortal enemy. He wanted to withdraw his palm and retreat, but he felt that his neck was being tightly gripped by a cold hand.

Like the scythe in the hands of a death god, it hugged the neck, causing fears to instill into others!


This Giant was not as lucky as Feng Feiyun. His neck was gripped by her slender jade hand and even his head was ripped off by her as if she was picking a watermelon.

Only, this “watermelon” was bleeding blood!

An ancestor of the Giant level, renowned in one direction, was easily decapitated by someone’s hand. Even his head was picked off and was like a ball held in her hand.


The Giant’s body fell from the sky. A headless body, still bleeding from the neck, and still warm.

Xiao Nuolan quietly observed the head in her hand like observing a work of art. She became more and more disgusted. Bam! The head was crushed into a sea of blood, causing her delicate hands to be stained red.

At this moment, no one could laugh; they could only feel chills all over. Was this still a human?

Decapitating a Giant with her bare hands and crushing the head into a bloody powder — she was truly a devil, a devil killing people without blinking an eye.

Feng Feiyun had only just escaped from the godly temple before he heard the “bang” sound. The moment he turned his back, he saw the head of the Giant being crushed by her.

His entire body shuddered. If earlier, he didn’t call out her name to secure a glimmer of hope, the crushed head would probably have been his. This bloodthirsty evil woman was not Xiao Nuolan and definitely not the beauty that was unforgotten by the Mortal Life Temple’s abbot.

Only resentment and killing intent enveloped her heart!

A dead person would remain dead. Even if they revived, they wouldn’t be the same person like in the past.

Feng Feiyun was like this, and Xiao Nuolan was also the same!


The wall of the godly temple collapsed, and a monk corpse came out from the rubble. The monastic robe on his body already rotted along with the skin on his body, leaving behind only the rotten bones. A pair of empty eyes looked at Feng Feiyun, then it rushed forward.

The moment Xiao Nuolan awakened, the formations inside the godly temple were also destroyed. Even Monk Jiu Rou was not able to suppress them any longer. They were now able to leave the bindings of the godly temple.

Thus, these monk corpses became violently crazy. They began to destroy the buddhist hall and statues. Some directly jumped out from the temple and launched an attack on the nearby cultivators.

“Ah! Big Brother…”

“What the hell is this?”


More than one thousand ancient monk corpses, with heavy killing intent and wearing tattered monastic robes, came out and killed in all directions.

The heart and innards of a young disciple from the Feng Clan were clawed out; he was finally torn apart to death. It was a pitiful death, watching his own body being eaten by the ancient corpses.

A little sister from an immortal sect was being eaten alive by an ancient monk. Piece after piece of the flesh on her face was being devoured as she remained conscious. The blood vessels on her neck were pulled out like a red ribbon still drenched in blood.

“This… The mouth of that black crow monk was right. Not far from now, the entire Grand Southern Prefecture will have rivers flowing with blood and mountains of corpses!”

Feng Feiyun punched a monk corpse away then rushed outside. This fist was quite powerful, but it could only knock it away and it didn’t destroy it.

All of these monk corpses underwent Second Corpse Transformation so their bodies were at the Impervious Diamond state. Even cultivators at the God Base realm would be torn in half by them.

If it was only Xiao Nuolan, then many people would probably die, but it would not be a terrible calamity. However, with the release of more than one thousand monk corpses, this was truly a great disaster. There would absolutely be corpses for thousands of miles.

“A calamity has befallen the Grand Southern Prefecture!”

The ancestor of the Grand Development Immortal Gate was standing on his Ancestral Wind Beast. With the Sky Breaking Sword to his back, he watched the waves of corpses below. At this time, he could already foresee that, in a few months, there would be many great changes occurring in the Grand Southern Prefecture. Many great powers would probably be destroyed.

Jing Huan Mountain was not far from Violet Firmament Ancient City so the first people to struggle against this disaster would be this city. How many cultivators would have to die in this battle?

The ancestor of the Grand Development Immortal Gate saw — with his own eyes — the fall of a Giant. His body, at the moment, was lying cold on the ground; it was frozen and broken into pieces.


The ancestor of the Grand Development Immortal Gate felt a chill on his neck. He saw the female devil, standing next to the well, glare at his neck. Her gaze was so frightening that it caused his neck to freeze into ice.

“Escape, quick!”

The only thought on his mind was this. He ferociously slapped the back of the Ancestral Wind Beast, wanting to control it to flee Jing Huan Mountain.


However, the Ancestral Wind Beast couldn’t fly. It uttered a whining sound, instead. Its head was penetrated by a killing light. Spurting out a rainbow of blood, its giant body fell straight towards the ground.

He panicked even more. Since the start of his fame, he had never felt as scared as this before. It was as if there was a ferocious ghost, that wore white robe, chasing him from behind. It was holding a steel chain, wanting to claim his life.

In the end, he couldn’t run away. His pace suddenly stopped and he surprisingly looked straight forward. Xiao Nuolan was standing there. Her crimson eyes shot out two rays of bloody lights and pierced his chest, creating two streams of blood.

A Giant of an entire generation didn’t even have the power to fight back!

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