Chapter 98: Next to the Ancient Well

It was originally a sunny day, where the sweet flowers and singing birds basked in the scintillating sun. But suddenly, the black clouds covered the sky and the day became the night.

A bright moon in the center of the sky was amidst the stars!

This was a full moon. Its brilliance slowly poured down from the sky like a silk cloth sprinkled on the people’s faces.

“Alternating sun and moon, and the passing of the celestials!” This meteorological phenomenon had not appeared for several thousand years. In the ancient records, the last time this happened was during the night before the founding of the Godly Jin Dynasty.”

Second Grandpa faintly muttered, sitting on the mountain goat with his tobacco pipe still in his mouth.

In a few hundred thousand miles away, on a pagoda towering through the sky, an old man standing on a meteorological observation stage. Wearing a blue robe, one foot was stomping on a round disk — around nine zhang high — and overlooking towards the far distance.

This old man was old to the point where his age was unknown. He had lived through countless eras, and his face wore the traces of time!

From his forehead, a Heavenly Eye was opened and shot out a ray of light. Staring towards the far south, it was as if he saw an incredible scene, and he started to lament:

“Alternating sun and moon, and the passing of the celestials! Such a meteorological phenomenon… If this isn’t a grand Holy Saint coming into being, then it is a grand Demon King coming into being. It seems like a heaven shattering event has happened in the south and is already impossible to stop.”

In the Center Administration Prefecture of the Godly Capital.

In a magnificent palace came a surprised utter, and two bright rays of light flew out from the palace all the way to the southern sky.

“Pass on my decree: send Heaven Shaking Marquis to personally go to the Grand Southern Prefecture…”

Not long after, a decree was sent to the house of Heaven Shaking Marquis; then, a condor flew out from it. It became a black rainbow, breaking through the sky, and it headed south.

Jing Huan Mountain creating a new meteorological phenomenon alarmed the entire Godly Jin Dynasty.

Even the masters of the several hundred small nations nearby were shocked. Anyone with a powerful cultivation felt an extraordinary presence at this very moment.

The moment Feng Feiyun stepped inside the light, he had an ominous feeling, and a cold chill came from beneath his feet. It spread rapidly all the way to his spine, then rushed up to his neck.

Danger, danger, danger!

An instinctive reaction surged, making Feng Feiyun want to run away. However, he felt as if his entire body was frozen and impossible to move.


An invisible shadow knocked Feng Feiyun directly flying to the outside.

Feng Feiyun believed he had an impeccable vision, but he couldn’t see the opponent’s shadow.


Feng Feiyun hit a wall, and all of the bones in his body almost shattered.

With one more blow, his uncontrollable body flew right outside. However, the dangerous feeling and the spiritual suppression that could crush anyone still lingered.

“Boom!” He hit another wall, again. No, this was not a wall, but the yellow ancient well.

Feng Feiyun looked everywhere. There was no shadow; only the yellow ancient well appeared before him — very eyecatching.

He was always curious about it and this was also his first time being so close. What was actually inside this well?

An ancient well being able to gestate a female corpse… Could it be that the entire well only had corpse water?

Feng Feiyun no longer cared about the black shadow and loosened his grip on the yellow ancient well. This well was built more than one thousand years ago. Rumors claim that it was created by the abbot’s own body. It was filled with an ancient atmosphere. As his fingers touched the surface, it was just like touching the bones from an ancient era.

A cold aura!

It was another cold aura capable of freezing others’ hearts into a glacier. It emanated from the ancient yellow well for only a second; however, it was enough to split Feng Feiyun’s frozen finger, and his skin shattered, revealing his frost-covered bones.

He was currently a half Giant, but he couldn’t stop the cold aura from the yellow ancient well. If it was anyone else, then they would have already been frozen and broken into pieces.

“This is…”

Even though the cold chilled one to the bones, Feng Feiyun still couldn’t suppress his curiosity, so he looked down inside the ancient well. It was dark inside. Faint and whirling, it was very difficult to discern.

Suddenly, a soul-devouring force came from the inside. Feng Feiyun was shocked and broke out in a cold sweat. The inside definitely contained a terrifying existence! He couldn’t look any more.


Feng Feiyun quickly withdrew his gaze. Even though it was just a glance, his eyes became bloodshot and blood was almost flowing from his eye sockets.


Feng Feiyun was startled when he turned around. He quickly took a step back and his heart violently contracted. His body directly pressed against the wall of the yellow ancient well.

He stared straight ahead, and he gravely said:

“You… You came back to life?”

The shadow finally revealed her figure. From start to finish, she had always been behind Feng Feiyun.

The rays from the yellow ancient well rushed back and forth, covering her body and creating an endless sense of mystery. Earlier, she was standing behind Feng Feiyun for who knows how long? When he finally turned around, he noticed crimson eyes right next to him, so he was startled and jumped back to the yellow ancient well.

Xiao Nuolan remained motionless. Her distance from Feng Feiyun was only three feet. Her crimson, red eyes intensely stared at him. It was more terrifying than Feng Feiyun’s Heavenly Phoenix Gaze — comparable to oceans of blood.

The rays began to disperse and the moon and stars in the night’s curtain shined down, like a night lantern illuminating her body. Feng Feiyun was at one corner of this “night lantern.”

She gently breathed while basking in the lights of the stars and the moon. Her nose slightly narrowed; she was filled with spirituality and liveliness.

Absorbing the energy of the moon and the stars — this was a secret method only known by the cultivators from the High Ancient Era, and it was long gone. Only a few people and existences would be able to recognize it. However, these ancient people were grand characters and were always living in seclusion in the far desolace or ocean, and thus, humans rarely saw them.

However, this female corpse, who just came back to life, was using such a method. Could it be that after eighteen hundred years of culmination, she finally reached such a frightening height?

Feng Feiyun felt her body exuding an enveloping killing intent. At this moment, he didn’t dare to breathe. And not only him, but the cultivators a few dozen miles away were all quivering and holding their breaths.

Feng Feiyun originally wanted to escape while she was absorbing the light of the moon, but he only took one step backwards before he tripped on a hard stone and almost fell on the ground. Fortunately, he maintained his firm stance so he didn’t fall, but it also disturbed the “female corpse.”

She could no longer be considered a female corpse because she had revived; she was a living person!

Her eyes slightly turned and the crimson gaze was fixed upon Feng Feiyun. Her killing intent became stronger and the coldness became more dense. She slowly took one step forward.

Feng Feiyun quickly took one step back. This time, he was attentive and dodged the rock behind him. However, the spot where he almost tripped over, earlier, didn’t have a rock, it was actually a person.

A woman!

Na Lan Xuejian was lying below Feng Feiyun’s feet; she was always lying in this place. It was just that earlier, Feng Feiyun’s gaze was focused on the yellow ancient well so he didn’t notice her.

She was motionless on the ground, and it was unknown whether she was dead or alive.

Feng Feiyun no longer retreated, and he ignored the killing intent of Xiao Nuolan right next to him. He quickly squatted down and propped Nalan Xuejian up while calling out to her:

“Jianxue, Jianxue, what is wrong?”

Because of the desperate situation, Feng Feiyun shouted her previous name. The name ‘Feng Jianxue’ was much more familiar and cordial to him.

Nalan Xuejian remained motionless. Feng Feiyun then saw the red handprint mark on her neck. Fortunately, her heart was still beating and her breathing was normal. It seemed like she was only rendered unconscious from strangulation.

This was not normal. Under the current situation of Xiao Nuolan, she should only be an evil god who only knew how to kill; how could she only make her faint? Could it be that the Na Lan Buddhist Robe saved her life?

Feng Feiyun didn’t think too much about it. He quickly carried Nalan Xuejian and wanted to leave. However, he had not even taken a step before he felt a chill on his neck. He was gripped by an icy hand!

Feng Feiyun uttered a groan. The difference in cultivation was too big, so he was unable to move!

Xiao Nuolan’s sharp fingernails on her slender fingers were like five extremely long swords and left two bloody wounds on Feng Feiyun’s neck.

“Infinite Spirit Ring!”

In a flash, Feng Feiyun activated the power of the ring, hoping to use its strength to suppress Xiao Nuolan or force her back.

This was the only solution that Feng Feiyun could come up with. Otherwise, he would lose his life in an instant against this newly revived evil woman.

This was too unfortunate. Could he be her first taste of blood after coming back to life? Feng Feiyun was very unwilling, but his neck started to issue the sound of breaking bones. He felt his hot blood trickling down his neck and flowing down to his clothes.

Her hatred was too strong; she would kill anyone she met without any reasons. The words of Monk Jiu Rou were true, this was truly an evil woman coming into being.

Feng Feiyun’s sight became darker and darker, but the Infinite Spirit Ring finally recovered its power. The six ancient diagrams rushed outside and burst out a heaven-shattering power straight at Xiao Nuolan’s face.

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