Chapter 96: Jin River Copper Cauldron

“Feng Feiyun, what kind of devilish trick are you trying to pull?”

A Feng ancestor was standing on a brick wall of the temple. He was wearing a bagua robe while holding a blue cauldron that was made out of copper.

His face was filled with wrinkles, and his gray hair was three feet long. His experienced eyes had a sense of ancient and enlightened wisdom, along with a harsh countenance. His first words were to scold Feng Feiyun as if he was lecturing a young descendant.

If Feng Feiyun was still a disciple of the Feng Clan, then maybe he would still bear some respect for the old man. However, at this moment, he didn’t even glance at him. He only dryly coughed twice and said:

“What can I do. I am only a junior. In the eyes of Giant characters, such as yourselves, I am merely an ant.”

Feng Feiyun naturally knew that they were all suspecting him, thinking that he had some great scheme, so they wanted to suppress him. Feng Feiyun only coldly chuckled in regards to their ignorance, and he didn’t bother to give an explanation.

This was because, even if he explained, they wouldn’t believe him anyway.

“How bold of you! You dare to use that tone to speak with this old man — so arrogant. Your body truly has the Evil Demon's Blood flowing through it.”

The Feng ancestor felt very disrespected.

A junior from his clan dared to speak in such a presumptuous manner towards him; it even had a clear sense of contempt. How could outsiders not joke about this?

If he didn’t teach this junior a lesson, then where would he hide his face?

“I will keep speaking like this!”

Feng Feiyun’s grudge against the Feng Clan was very deep. Because of the evil demon’s battle armor, they pursued him and wanted to take the Evil Demon’s Blood from his body. The Feng ancestor was merely someone whose heart was clouded by greed, why would he need to show him any respect?

Feng Feiyun sternly declared:

“As long as I, Feng Feiyun, remain alive, sooner or later, I will come back to the Feng Clan to take back what belongs to me. At that moment, grievances will be dealt with, and revenge will be dished out.”

“A traitor such as yourself… It seems like I cannot let you be!”

The Feng ancestor hyped himself up as his eyes widened and his hair began to flow freely in the wind. He attacked with the blue copper cauldron in his hand. Even though it was just as big as a fist, it was engraved with six dense formations that were filled with spirituality.

Feng Feiyun had heard that the Feng Clan had three main Spirit Treasures. One of them was a copper cauldron, weighing three thousand and eight hundred jin, but it was only as big as a man’s fist. There were ancient runes engraved on it from several thousand years ago.

This copper cauldron was mined by the Feng ancestors from a large river. It sunk under the sediments for thousand of years and decayed into nothingness. After several generations of refinement by the Feng Clan, it finally had the shape of the “Jin River Copper Cauldron” of today.

The copper cauldron was small and exquisite. It was carved with two ear handles along with four corners that were engraved with ancient runes and filled with spirituality. Amongst the three Spirit Treasures of the Feng Clan, the offensive power of the Jin River Copper Cauldron was not the highest, and its defensive power was not the best either. However, it had the power to gather the energy of the heavens and earth.

Legend states that a sage from the Feng Clan used a grand technique to completely restore the Jin River Copper Cauldron. Then, it sucked in an entire mountain and refined it into a piece of hard iron as big as a fist. This hard iron could be used to refine top treasures.

A huge mountain was even refined into iron as big as a fist. If a person was sucked inside, it would be easy to refine him into a grain of sand.

All of the Feng disciples knew of this rumor, so they were quite in awe of the copper cauldron. It would be better to run when met with this Spirit Treasure.

But at the moment, Feng Feiyun couldn’t run; he couldn’t even take a step back.

“Infinite Spirit Ring!”

The Infinite Spirit Ring on Feng Feiyun’s palm began to rapidly revolve. It issued many mysterious ghastly voices and a black cloud flew above, issuing a large black sheen.

There were six ancient engraved texts on the Infinite Spirit Ring that turned into six ancient diagrams. They were the “Eight Trigrams Mysterious Language”, “Four Yang Ancient Cauldron”, “Netherworld Spirit Pagoda”, “Heavenly Flying King”, “Hundred Ghosts Banquet”, and “Ten Thousands Lights” diagrams. The items were floating in the dantian of Feng Feiyun, along with the Dragon Horse River Diagram. They were all very mysterious, as if they were six ancient symbols that were hiding a grand secret. However, no one had the power to decipher them.

The six ancient diagrams began to move as if six grand formations were activating.

The Crimson Dragon spirit that was flying around the Infinite Spirit Ring began to bellow out arrogant dragon roars. The spirit of the Spirit Treasure had recovered, and it became even more conscientious.

“The Infinite Spirit Ring!”

The huge voice of Huo Tuotuo resounded from inside the Evil Fire Body. This old devil immediately recognized the black Infinite Spirit Ring.

The Infinite Spirit Ring originally belonged to the Sen Luo Temple, and it was stolen away by San Ye. San Ye wanted to study the vast mysteries of the ring, but before he could make any progress, he was already killed by the hands of Dongfang Jingyue.

Huo Tuotuo clearly knew the origin of the Infinite Spirit Ring. Even though it was only a half Spirit Treasure, it was considered by each of the hall lords as an ancient mysterious treasure. He didn’t know how it turned into a real Spirit Treasure, or how it fell into the hands of such a junior.

The Infinite Spirit Ring and the Jin River Copper Cauldron began a heated battle. The two Spirit Treasures were both ancient existences and had hidden powers that were not unlocked by the users.

Their sizes were not large, but their power was extremely powerful. Each of the spirit lights that came from them was no less than the spirit techniques unleashed by the Giants. They shook the heavens and caused the clouds to immediately dissipate.


The sucking power of the Jin River Copper Cauldron couldn’t repress the Infinite Spirit Ring. On the contrary, it was struck by the ring, creating thunderous noises, as if it had been penetrated.

Spirit Treasures were godly weapons that could rule over one direction. Even several Giants wouldn’t necessarily own a single one, let alone others. Amongst the six Giants that were present, only three of them had Spirit Treasures.

One of them was the Jin River Copper Cauldron of the Feng ancestor, another was the Sky Breaking Sword of the Grand Development Immortal Gate’s ancestor, and the last was the “Evil Fire Body” of Huo Tuotuo.

There was a great distance between Giants with Spirit Treasures and those without one. In the end, the power of the Spirit Treasures was too formidable. Once completely activated, they could be extremely overwhelming.

Even though there were six Giants here, the most powerful ones were the Feng ancestor, the Great Development Immortal Gate ancestor, and Huo Tuotuo.

However, Spirit Treasures were the ultimate killing weapons. Even Giants would seldom fully recover their entire battle prowess because it required too much spirit energy.

Unless if it was a last resort, no one was willing to summon their Spirit Treasures to attract attention from everywhere — this would bring about unnecessary trouble. If evil sects became interested, it could bring about an unexpected sect destroying calamity.

The three Spirit Treasures were the strongest foundation and the reason why the Feng Clan was able to become a great power for more than one thousand years in the Grand Southern Prefecture. As long as the three Spirit Treasures were there, they could sustain the Feng Clan’s heritage.

The other great powers only had one Spirit Treasure, maybe even none. So, the truth was that the Feng Clan was quite powerful.

However, the junior, Feng Feiyun, was able to summon two Spirit Treasures — which were the Invincible Buddhist Staff and Infinite Spirit Ring. It drove these Giants to be crazy with jealousy.

Two Spirit Treasures, two Spirit Treasures, ah! It was enough to start a large immortal sect!

“Let the Feng Clan deal with themselves! The competition between Spirit Treasures is too destructive. Even Giants can be hurt!”

The Qin ancestor sighed loudly.

Even though Giants were quite powerful, a Giant with a Spirit Treasure could defeat another Giant. However, it was still impossible to kill one.

Killing a Giant was extremely difficult and easier said than done. Even a Spirit Treasure couldn’t do it.

The Qin ancestor naturally was not afraid. He only wanted to watch a good show, to see the Feng Clan lose their face in front of all of these cultivators.

“Old Man Feng, it seems like you are becoming weaker as you grow old. You can’t even suppress a junior! I will come give you a hand!”

Huo Tuotuo issued a cold and devious smile as he joined in the fight.

This old devil naturally didn’t want to help the Feng ancestor deal with the traitor. Instead, he only wanted to steal the Infinite Spirit Ring from Feng Feiyun. This was a treasure of the Sen Luo Temple; it hid a stunning secret, so he must retrieve it.

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