Chapter 940: Redeeming Points

He stayed nearly a year in Heavenly Kingdom and reached the peak fourth-level of Nirvana.

He trained and improved his mastery of the five domains - Phoenix, Golden Silkworm, Myriad Beast, Grand Change, and Saint Domain.

Feng Qingqing, Yao Ji, Long Cangyue, and the others improved immensely as well.

The three-year agreement between Feiyun and Lord Qing Ji was approaching so it was time to leave.

He had many things to do outside. The first was to redeem his contribution points at the camp.

Points represented status in Sixth Central and also served as a form of protection. No one would dare to kill a soldier with meritorious contributions, especially a War Monarch. 

The group consisted of Feiyun, Feng Qingqing, Xue Shuang, Yao Ji, and Long Cangyue. They visited the army camp again.

It has been a year since the expedition to the saint’s grave. However, there were still many human cultivators in Wood Spirit. They came seeking treasures and fame.

Aquamoon Saintess obtained a saint artifact last time - World’s End Ruler. This caused quite a stir across the dynasties - the biggest event last year. One could hear people talking about it in all the tea shops.

The geniuses who obtained the legacies also became renowned. Their cultivation improved at a rapid rate so they became unstoppable.

“The grave’s top treasures have been taken but people are still coming for scraps.” A group was talking among themselves.

“Sigh, I was too late in coming.” 

“What can we do? The white spiders prepared well enough, sealing and destroying numerous portals. Only Sixth Central received news of this. I heard a War God came to preside over the situation.”

“What’s the point in talking about it now? All the good stuff is taken by the top powers from Sixth Central. Let’s hope that we can get lucky.”

“The Gu clan made fools out of themselves this time, believing false information and lost a billion men, one paragon too.” 

“Well, the brat there obtained Bloodhorn Half-Saint’s legacy, that should make up for the loss.”

Feiyun’s arrival caused quite a stir at the camp. Of course, it had nothing to do with him but rather, the four kingdom-toppling beauties.

“Check out this guy and his luck.”

“Maybe a genius from a medial clan here to train?”

“No, he would have an escorting army, not four beauties. This doesn’t make any sense.”

Feiyun ignored them and continued to the contribution division. A few perverts decided to follow them to get an eyeful.

The examiners were shocked to see the beauties too. Nonetheless, they were experienced and calmed down. One of them asked: “Who wants to redeem points?”

Feiyun tossed his badge forward before taking out a spatial stone to release the demon corpses. More than one hundred thousand piled up in the field right away.

The examiners were even more shocked this time. They thought that he must be a genius from a medial clan.

However, one of them caught the badge and became speechless.

“You’re… a half-demon?” His eyes nearly left their sockets.

“Contributor to the human race, half-demon, Feng Feiyun. It’s written right there.” He nodded.

All eyes were on Feng Feiyun right away.

“Goddamn! A half-demon with four beauties? Is the heaven blind?!”

“How did he kill so many demons?” 

Everyone became lost in disbelief. A few had greed and violence in their eyes, thinking that they could take the four beauties as their own.

Despite their thoughts, no one said anything because this was still the army camp.

The examiner counted the corpses and eventually announced: “A total of 672.543 points.”

This was a large number. Keep in mind that the medial geniuses with their armies might not be able to earn so much in one trip.

“Okay.” Feiyun said before taking out a second spirit stone with more than 200,000 corpses.

“What the hell?! There’s more?!” The crowd rubbed their eyes, thinking that they were seeing things.

Even a medial genius would cause quite a stir by revealing this number of corpses, let alone a half-demon.

Nonetheless, due to the grave event in recent years, it became less astonishing because numerous demons have died.

“A total of 1,024.671 points added to the 672.543 on top of your existing 266.543 points. You have 1,963.757 points now. Congratulations, you are a Grand Contributor now. You may get a new badge.” The examiner said.

Contributor, Grand Contributor, War Monarch… these were all titles. The owners would gain considerable privilege after going back to the human dynasties.

“Not yet.” Feiyun smiled and took out two spirit stones this time, creating two separate mountains of corpses.

One side had 130,000 while the other had more than 300,000. These were minor corpses that he got while following the army of the white spiders.

The quality was low but the quantity made up for it. Feiyun had a total of 3,567.891 points now.

“Do you still have more …” The examiner’s hand was getting tired from writing while feeling quite shocked.

“Of course.” Feiyun took out another spirit stone. This time around, it only had 300 corpses.

However, the auras stemming from them were monstrous. Some still had remnant souls left within.

The majority were at the fourth level of Nirvana.

A third-level demon corpse could be redeemed for one point. A fourth-level could go for thirty to fifty points.

The examiner’s fingers trembled after he finished counting: “9,766.6 points, just 23.4 more from the War Monarch level, what a shame.”

Others heaved a sigh of relief. It would be insane if this half-demon could become a War Monarch.

The greedy ones thought that they would have zero chance of seizing the four beauties then, at least not publicly.

“It’s fine, I have a demon prisoner too for points.” Feiyun smiled.

Xue Shuang kneeled before Feiyun, still wearing a red dress to cover her snow-white skin: “Master.”

“She is a fifth-level white spider, a member of the royal clan. How many points?” He asked.

This astounded the crowd.

If he got lucky and grabbed all of those previous corpses, what about this demon? How did he subdue a fifth-level demon?

Was he a big shot? A supreme genius of the half-demons?

The crowd clamored loudly. Their conversations spread to the rest of the camp so more people rushed over.

“I heard a half-demon captured a fifth-level demoness, a royal member of the white spiders.” 

“Impossible, half-demons are just slaves.”

Cultivators gathered around in astonishment.

A few of them included geniuses from the top powers along with ancestors. No one believed this story.

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