Chapter 94: Battle Against A Giant

“What is going on? Who is this brat? He was able to destroy the Fiery Reincarnation Evil Grand Palm of the Huo Tuotuo. Could he be a genius of the Grand Historical level?!”

An elder of a large immortal sect exclaimed out loud, and he was quite shocked.

The “Fiery Reincarnation Evil Grand Palm” was one of the twelve grand evil techniques of the Sen Luo Temple. Huo Tuotuo was the previous third lord of the third palace hall, and was known as the “Reincarnation King”. He cultivated the Fiery Reincarnation Evil Grand Palm to its utmost mastery.

All of the lords of the ten palace halls of the Sen Luo Temple were matchless, ferocious demons in this world. Huo Tuotuo already became a lord a few hundred years ago, so one could only imagine the height of his cultivation, today.

He was a character that, if one was below the Giant rank, they simply couldn’t handle one move from him.

But at this moment, this young man in silk clothing, with great spirit and a buddhist staff in his hand, was able to break through the proud evil technique of Huo Tuotuo. Even though it was only one move, it was more than enough to make the spectators’ blood boil.

This was a king of the younger generation opposing a Giant of the previous generation!

“This is not one of the characters in the Grand Historical Genius level. He is the traitor of the Feng Clan, son of the Evil Demon, Feng Feiyun!”

A heavenly daughter of a great clan looked at the sky. With inspired battle intent and an excited heart, her eyes were flashing.

The eighth elder of the Feng Clan was standing on top of a bronze carriage, holding an ancient book. His originally pale and refined features became livid as he was unable to remain calm.

A junior with a shallow cultivation suddenly became so powerful, and almost comparable to a Giant. Could this be the true power of the Evil Demon’s son?

Could it be that the Evil Demon Blood in his body has been awakened?

This was a slap to the face, ah!

The traitor who was chased everywhere by the Feng Clan turned out to be a peerless genius. How could the elders and ancestors of the Feng Clan handle this? They couldn’t kill him, but only made a new powerful enemy against the clan!

The expressions of the Feng disciples present were very hard to watch. Feng Feiyun’s brilliance was too bright, making them feel shameful. They only relied on their pitiful cultivations, yet they still dared to chase him before; this was only bringing disgrace upon themselves.

“Continuous flow!”

The flames continued to burst and the thunders were exploding in the sky!

Even though the fiery figure was one hundred meters high and one finger was as big as a pillar, this was not the real body of Tuotuo but only flames that condensed into a fiery figure.

No one really knew where his real body was hiding within the giant fiery figure.

“Good little brat!”

The fiery figure roared and the palm that was penetrated by Feng Feiyun was immediately repaired by fire and became intact again. The surface of the hand gained a new fiery armor, with thunders circulating through it.

Feng Feiyun was floating in the air as he condescendingly looked down.

The Invincible Buddhist Staff in his hand had thirty-six formations. They were engraved in an overlapping manner into different layers on the body. From there, thirty-six flashing layers of lights started to shine.

After taking the fourth rank ancient pill, the energy surged inside Feng Feiyun’s body. It was as if there were flames in his dantian that always provided him with an endless energy, allowing him to activate the formations within the Invincible Buddhist Staff and waking up its power.

This was the true power of the Invincible Buddhist Staff. It had the power of a spirit treasure; however, it was much more powerful than an ordinary spirit treasure.

Feng Feiyun also had the Infinite Spirit Ring, but in order to awaken the spirit awareness and the formations within a spirit treasure, it would require a huge amount of spirit energy.

Feng Feiyun’s cultivation was only at the intermediate Immortal Foundation so even if he channeled all of his energy, he could only activate the formations inside the spirit treasure for a single second, and it would only be enough to activate it for one attack.

After this one attack, his energy would dry up and he would not even have one percent of his battle strength. Plus, the activated attack would only be one-tenth or even one-hundredth of the spirit treasure’s true power.

This was why, even though Feng Feiyun had a spirit treasure in his hand, he never activated the formations on its surface before. At the very most, he would only borrow a part of its energy to increase his own battle power by one small level. This was not considered utilizing the true power of the spirit treasure.

Before, Feng Feiyun could fight against an intermediate God Base with the Invincible Buddhist Staff, but that was only borrowing a strand of its power and not activating its formations and spirit awareness. Thus, it was not the true power of the Invincible Buddhist Staff.

But at this moment, the situation was completely different. With the power of the ancient pill, Feng Feiyun’s cultivation had reached the half Giant realm, and he could completely activate the formations of the staff and utilize its true power.

It was even more powerful than a regular spirit treasure!

The thirty-six formations on the Invincible Buddhist Staff were simultaneously activated, like thirty-six wheels rotating at the same time. They emitted a loud sound, like the chanting of thirty-six buddhist high monks.

“Whoever blocks me will die!”

Feng Feiyun unleashed a glow from his mouth. He combined the Invincible Buddhist Staff with his own power and borrowed the world’s lightning and wind to attack the outrageously large fiery figure.

The fiery figure was the external body of Huo Tuotuo, as well as his representative image. If a junior like Feng Feiyun could break it, then, in the future, Huo Tuotuo didn’t need to hang around the cultivation world any longer. He should then just directly go back to the godly capital prison and spend his life there, awaiting death in shame.

The Fiery Reincarnation Evil Grand Palm condensed once again. This time, the palm was even more realistic and had even more violent flames. Even though it was just a wave of fire, it could still melt steel from dozens of meters away into molten liquid, not to mention the flesh of humans.

The high temperature was only a small matter. What was even more frightening was the thunders within the palm when it traversed through the air. They were like chains that connected the fingers, not allowing anything to destroy it.

“First Palm Repression!”

The huge fiery palm from the sky came crashing down onto Feng Feiyun’s head and forced him deep into the ground. It created a huge crater in the ground, creating large waves of dust and rendered the ground into multiple parts.


Feng Feiyun was swallowed by the palm. He was possibly pressed into meat paste.

This palm was the true power of Huo Tuotuo, and also the true power of the Fiery Reincarnation Evil Grand Palm. A youth from the younger generation couldn’t possibly block it.

This simple palm was shocking to many people. Feng Feiyun was only a traitor of the Feng Clan. To be able to die under the supreme evil technique of Huo Tuotuo, this was truly a great honor and would be written down in the historical annals to be read by future generations.

Many people saw Feng Feiyun dying under the Fiery Reincarnation Evil Grand Palm without the power to resist. Not even his corpse was left.

“Indeed worthy of being the Reincarnation King of the Sen Luo Temple. Even though he was suppressed in the godly capital prison for several hundred years, his evil presence didn’t decrease and his cultivation is just as strong as before.”

“Those who dare to oppose Giants are bound to die in their hands with one blow. Even geniuses of the Grand Historical level are no exception. Plus, the Evil Demon Blood running through the body of Feng Feiyun had not awakened and he could only be considered a nobody, how could he block that palm?”

“Even though he died, it was a glorious death. I noticed that Huo Tuotuo exerted his full strength, and that was the Fiery Reincarnation Evil Grand Palm at it maximum potential.”

*** ***

Everyone was talking about the duel from earlier, and they felt that Feng Feiyun had died a heroic death under the Fiery Reincarnation Evil Grand Palm. Not long from now, someone will carve a tombstone for him — a fitting end for a king of the younger generation.


A golden light suddenly flew out from the already-scorched ground. It swept through the sky like a bright golden cloud and immediately struck the fiery figure, penetrating its huge right eye.

A golden shadow flew out from the neck of the fiery figure and flew upward towards the sky. It was wielding a golden staff and exuded a golden light. Then, it came down like a flooding waterfall from the horizon above.


The giant head of the fiery figure suddenly exploded, and even the fiery armor protecting it had collapsed at the same time.

The very mighty fiery figure — in a flash — became headless. If there wasn’t a great source of mighty energy controlling it from inside, then the fiery figure would have been crushed.

The golden shadow stood on top of a buddhist pagoda after his powerful attack. He was holding the Invincible Buddhist Staff. With slightly disheveled hair, he coldly glared at the fiery figure. Burning flames shined brightly in his eyes, like two dancing phoenixes.

It was indeed Feng Feiyun!

How could one Fiery Reincarnation Evil Grand Palm kill him? His long hair draped over his shoulders while he stood up straight, exuding powerful aura.

The Dragon Horse River Diagram!

Like a godly river hovering over the sky, the dragon horse breathed in the essence of the moon and temporarily ruled over a corner of the sky. It changed the color of the sky itself. At this moment, Feng Feiyun was not a person, but an incarnation of the heavens and earth. He was able to change the energy aura of the mountains and rivers.

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