Chapter 939: Saint Domain

Those with knowledge of domains were completely shocked by Feiyun’s cultivation.

One person possessing three domains? This was enough to scare any young genius into tears.

He sat in the chamber like an enlightened monk. The beast souls returned to his body.

Eventually, a world law began circling around him. The power of heaven and earth nearby became harmonizing with him.

“Ano-another domain…?” Xueshuang couldn’t take this anymore.

Having two domains meant being the best of their race. For example, Princess Feiyuan of the White Spider.

Now, Feiyun defeated all odds and created three domains at the same time. He seemed to be creating a fourth as well.

His body turned into a world with numerous laws - maturity then destruction - the cycles of changes.

He fused the numbers of the Grand Change internally in order to use this world to create Tribulation Break.

The outside world was affected by this new creation and started changing. The spatial fabrics condensed into a “Grand Change Domain”.

Feiyun’s body served as the foundation arranged by the numbers. The embryonic domain materialized.

“Impossible… only saints can have four domains, and only the top saints can actually create them…” He was trying to break the limit.

In his previous life, he had only gotten two domains - the phoenix and the myriad beast.

Moreover, this fourth domain was exceedingly difficult due to its inscrutability and intangible nature. He had to communicate with the laws of the heaven and earth.

“I have to do it. Once successful, I’ll be able to create a tribulation force inside my body and even control the tribulation force in the outside world.”

His current Tribulation Break stemmed from internal power. However, this was quite limited. The domain would serve as a link, allowing him to use the tribulation power of the outside world as well. This was an endless amount.

“Boom!” The laws crumbled but he didn’t give up and began creating them once more.

Failures ensued until the fifty-eighth attempt where he successfully formed the domain. The power and laws of heaven and earth circulated around him in a continuous manner.

He laughed and pointed outside: “Earth Tribulation!”

A river of lava surged out of the ground and soared to the sky, looking like a fire dragon. More rivers came out next and incinerated the sun, painting it red.

He then stopped and commanded the rivers to return to the earth. He still wanted to test the power of the Death Tribulation. However, there were no candidates in Heavenly Kingdom.

“Wait a minute…” He suddenly felt something still changing within his body.

The remnant power of a domain was still there. “What’s going on?”

One body and four domains were a limit. Only a few powerful saints during their youth could obtain this.

He continued to reflect and searched internally to find the power of this particular domain. Eventually, he came across something frightening.

Remember, domains were external. Even the Grand Change Domain was external and was merely linked with the numerical world created within him.

However, this power was within his body and connected to the ashes of the saints. They appeared during his cultivation session with the third domain.

These ashes looked like the stars of a galaxy and began channeling around the vessel in his dantian.

He started controlling this power. The light of the ashes intensified as a result.

From a distance, he looked like a celestial being made up of countless light particles. He exuded the faint aura of a saint. Just this one strand alone made all living beings in the kingdom tremble in fear.

“It can’t be… did he just create the legendary saint domain?” Xueshuang murmured.

“Saint domain?” Feng Qingqing asked.

“I don’t know much about it, I’m just guessing. I once read an ancient scroll in a royal hall briefly describing this domain. It’s all the way back before the shattering of the nine continents, even older than the Immemorial Era. It says that the saint domain is formed by the wills of countless saints. It doesn’t exist in the mortal world, only in the immortal world. Of course, these are all legends because no one had seen it before. Maybe it’s just hearsay passed down for eras.”

Feiyun himself had no clue what was going on and was taking it step-by-step. He didn’t believe in this legend either.

Creating an internal domain was far more dangerous.

“Boom!” His chest exploded and blood splashed out.

“Boom” The same with his leg.

“Boom!” A portion of his skull erupted as well and was reduced to dust.

This process was exceedingly difficult. Fortunately, his Buddhist energy continued to heal his injuries. Otherwise, he would be a puddle on the ground right now.

The spectators became worried, not wanting him to die to create this fifth domain.

After all, Nirvana was a dangerous realm. Numerous geniuses capable of becoming saints faltered here.

No one could stop this right now because of the activated strand of energy. He could only rely on himself.

His body kept on exploding and the healing process started again.

“Boom!” Eventually, a domain inside was created from the saints’ wills connecting together.

Of course, his body was far from being comparable to a saint’s body. It could only be considered a tiny embryo with a chance of reaching the higher realm compared to others.

This was similar to the Yang Soul Holy Embryo. It improved one’s talents and gave them a better chance of becoming a saint.

Thus, his physical constitution and innate talents increased tenfold afterward. However, he still remained at the peak level of historical genius, unable to reach the mythical level.

Of course, there were differences among those in the peak level. The basic requirement was summoning fourteen lava rivers during their Earth Tribulation.

To push this to the next step was quite difficult. Few in history have done it before. Most mythical geniuses already had this gift from birth. For example, Xuanyuan Yiyi.

Feiyun was a hybrid so his innate talent was the worst already. If it wasn’t for the Immortal Phoenix Physique, he might still be a young master back in Jin. Perhaps he would be stricken with illness right now from being too debaucherous and needing medicines to survive.

His current achievements were due to his prior knowledge and effort. 

Some said that in order to become an expert, one required one percent talent and ninety-nine percent effort. Unfortunately, the one percent talent was more important.

When sects taught their disciples, they would only say the first line and omit the second.

“I suppose you can be called a saint domain since you’re the embodiment of numerous wills.” He said.

“I’m extremely close to the mythical level now. Other historical geniuses can’t touch me.” He then hid the sacred strand.

This became his most important ace card. When used correctly, he could kill the weaker Heaven’s Emergence experts. Of course, he was limited to just one attack.

Furthermore, it could only be used when absolutely necessary. If others were to know about his saint domain, they would try to eliminate him as soon as possible.

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