Chapter 938: Three Domains

Feiyun left the pagoda early on the second day. He took a deep breath and took in the refreshing air, tidied his robe while looking rejuvenated. He left Beastmaster Camp for Heavenheart.

Long Cangyue was still standing in the main chamber since her cultivation was sealed.

He opened the door and came closer, tapping on her shoulder to remove the seal. However, she kept on standing there and glaring at him.

“Your mother told me to take care of you during her last moments so I will not mistreat you. Since you cultivate the evil arts and drain others’ powers to grow stronger, this place is not suitable for you. Follow me outside.” He said.

She walked towards the door before stopping and said: “I want to cultivate by myself when we’re outside.”

“It’s your choice.” He said.

He wasn’t worried about it after she left and started cultivating instead.

A yellow river of energy coursed across above the building. It poured down enough rays to illuminate the entire city. These were Buddhist essences, one of the purest energy sources in existence.

Feng Qingqing, Xueshuang, and Yao Ji naturally didn’t miss this great opportunity and began cultivating.

Each drop of energy entered Feiyun’s body, akin to rain hitting a parched land. His cultivation and power grew continuously.

He was at the early fourth level right now. His goal wasn’t only to reach the last stage but also to refine his own domains this time.

Domains were actually the embryos of worlds. However, they were formed by the power of cultivators.

Why did cultivators need to be at the fourth level of Nirvana before reaching Heaven’s Emergence? Because domains were the foundation of Heaven’s Emergence.

Thus, one might be at the fourth level and couldn’t break through if they didn’t have domains.

Domains also had different powers. For example, Princess Feiyuan’s sword domain was quite powerful. As for the Everlasting Domain inherited from the ancestor, it was a top-level domain.

She was at the fifth level but due to her two domains, she should be unbeatable in the same realm and could even kill those above.

This was the power of the domains. A stronger one could easily suppress a weaker one.

For ordinary cultivators, one would need several hundred or even thousands of years before creating a domain. Not all would be successful.

As for the geniuses, they would need decades to do so. This wasn’t the case for Feng Feiyun because he had a strong understanding of the laws and principles already. 

“Poof!” Flames surrounded him completely in the shape of red feathers. They eventually turned into phoenix feathers. Next, the feathers gathered together to form a burning phoenix.

The bird screeched sharply with enough force to quake heaven itself. A second then a third fiery phoenix materialized. Finally, the fourth appeared to finish the domain.

They looked extremely divine and surrounded the four directions.

“Phoenix God Domain.” Feiyun chanted. The birds then turned into four blazing mountains. This domain consisted of fire and phoenix images, turning the sky into an inferno.

The girls deep in their cultivation became alarmed. They had no choice but to leave Heavenheart due to the pressure.

“Wow, Master’s domain is one of the very best. Only phoenixes can create it.” Xueshuang was shocked to see this.

“Is it that strong?” Qingqing asked.

“Phoenixes are considered divine birds, this domain represents the apex of the fire dao, capable of incinerating skies and oceans.” Xueshuang responded.

Feiyun didn’t stop there and continued to meditate. The flames returned to his body and golden waves came out.

He turned into a radiant Buddha sitting on a platform. A great halo appeared behind him; Buddhist hymns echoed as well. Three thousand images of various Buddhas also emerged.

All the Buddhists in Heavenly Kingdom including the beasts prostrated and bowed in his direction as a result.

“Golden Silkworm Domain.” The three strongest beast ancestors of the kingdom prostrated as well and chanted. There was nothing but reverence in their eyes.

“Boom!” The Buddha images suddenly collapsed into a total of 108,000 pieces. Each piece was a silkworm in a different pose. Some looked up at the sky; others stared at the ground. A few were meditating while others simply wiggled around…

These silkworms formed a Buddhist domain - extremely powerful and brimming with holy Buddhist affinity.

“Two domains… both are so powerful…” Xueshuang was shocked for the second time. Her fear of him only increased with knowledge.

He recalled the Buddhist energy back into his body but this wasn’t the end of his session.

A while later, ten thousand beast souls rushed out of his body. They were ferocious and wild - the inhabitants of a primordial world.

This had a clear contrast to the Golden Silkworm Domain since it was filled with bloodthirst. These beast souls have grown stronger after being empowered by the Buddhist essences; all have reached the millennium level.

More essences entered the souls and continued to strengthen them.

“Raa!” Some time passed and one finally reached the two-thousand-year level, then a second and a third…

They were comparable to the first three levels of Nirvana cultivators.

The speed of absorption increased; the river was losing ten thousand drops or so every second.

Forty-two beasts eventually reached the three-thousand-year level. They were comparable to a fourth-level Nirvana cultivator. Some special species could even take on fifth or sixth-level cultivators. However, they were limited due to Feiyun’s current cultivation.

Unfortunately, the rest were stuck at the two-thousand-year level and couldn’t improve any longer.

Three-thousand-year was a difficult threshold. Only those with an immemorial bloodline could reach this point.

For example, these forty-two beasts had the right bloodlines. Though it was extremely thin, this allowed them to surpass their peers.

“Looks like I have to phase out some beast souls. Hmm, buy immemorial-bloodline beast souls back in Sixth Central.” Feiyun thought.

Currently, the Myriad Beast Domain was the weakest out of his three. It seemed impressive with all the beasts but actually wasn’t much since it was limited to a forty-twofold attack.

For example, a fourth-level cultivator using a seventh-ranked spirit treasure could unleash a fifty-sixfold attack. This was already stronger than the beast domain.

Thus, he needed to exchange his beast souls for those capable of reaching the three-thousand-year level.

If he had one hundred beasts, it would result in a one-hundredfold attack and so on…

With ten thousand beasts, he would be able to deliver a truly devastating attack. It should be more than enough to even kill a genius at the fifth level.

Of course, let’s not forget about his phoenix and Buddhist domain.

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