Chapter 937: Deep Conflict

The vegetarian meal went quite well. Heavenly Witchcraft Goddess, Luo Yu’er, Long Luofu, Feng Qingqing, Xueshuang, Nalang Xuejian, and Feng Feiyun looked like a family.

It wasn’t hard to deal with Nalan Xuejian since she wasn’t the mastermind behind this. Just one meal was enough to appease her. She went back to cultivating the silkworm scripture.

Once they finished eating, Feiyun left Long Luofu’s place with Qingqing and Xueshuang.

“Bro, what did you tell Sister Nalan? Why did her attitude change so much?” Qingqing was curious.

“I told her that Luofu wasn’t actually pregnant. Can you guess what she said?” Feiyun smirked while walking on a path in the bamboo forest.

“She definitely didn’t believe you.”

“No, she smugly said that she knew it from the start.” He shook his head.

Qingqing and Xueshuang didn’t expect this.

“Talking to women is an art. When you tell the truth, they might not accept it. When you lie, sometimes they’ll absolutely believe you.” He smiled.

The trio entered Beastmaster Camp. They met many disciples and some beasts searching Buddhism.

“Bro, do we want to see Buddhist Supreme Wu?” Qingqing asked.

“No need, she is focusing on the dao. We shouldn’t interfere with her training.” He shook her head.

“What if she no longer wants to be a Buddhist, preferring normal life instead?” 

“She’s not like that, I understand her very well.” He asserted.

The three left Beastmaster Camp and flew northward.

After they left, an elegant figure appeared on top of a pagoda and mumbled: “Hmph, clearly don’t understand a thing about women yet act like it.”

Wu Qinghua looked a bit dejected, thinking that she should have been more active instead of hiding.

“Amitabha, once the yearning for mortal life starts, it is as fierce as a primal beast. The more one tries to suppress, the more violent it becomes. Is my Buddhist frame of mind about to be destroyed?” She closed her eyes, thinking that she was sinking deeper.


The group traveled northward to a place covered in snow and black smoke. Nether gales bit deep to the bones. 

Heavenly Kingdom was currently a high-level realm. The composition was rather unstable, especially at the outer edges. It was still growing in a dangerous manner. One could fall into the void at any second.

Feiyun stood on top of a snowy peak and stared at the field ahead: “Lil’ Qingqing, invite Yao Ji out of this ghastly glacier.”

“Bro, are we being too direct?” She could feel the cold intent coming from him.

“Rules must be upheld. If everyone acts like her and monopolizes a domain after becoming angry, only chaos will remain. If you won’t do it, Xueshuang will.” He shook his head.

“Fine, I’ll do it.” The truth was that she was eager to fight.

She summoned her ten skeletal swords and created the sword domain, instantly crushing the snowy field ahead.

“Feng Feiyun, do you think your little sister can capture me? Am I that easily bullied?” Ghastly clouds turned into a city. On top of the wall was a supreme beauty.

The light of moksha surrounded her. She summoned a bottle and tossed it in the air, intending to suck in the ten swords.

“You’re making it sound like we’re ganging up on you.” Feiyun smiled.

Yao Ji had formed a Moksha Ghost Soul at this point and could be considered a master among fourth-tribulation Ghost Kings.

The Moksha Ghost Soul was definitely a high-level one among its peers.

Feiyun hoped that this kingdom would become a paradise but Yao Ji turned this northern region into a ghost domain - the opposite of his intent. She betrayed the trust of the spirit beasts.

Thus, he intended on banishing her from this place.

While these two fought, he told Xueshuang to go get Long Cangyue.

Yao Ji had improved considerably so the fight was even. Feiyun had to join in order to capture her.

“Feiyun, you’re really punishing me?” Yao Ji’s eyes looked cute and pitiful, looking as if she was betrayed.

“Don’t pretend to be the victim here.” He didn’t buy it.

“I suppose a concubine like myself is no longer welcomed, but I’m not the only one who wants to kill Long Luofu. Will you treat your fiancee the same way?” Her eyes became moistened with tears.

He gently patted her head then stroked her hair: “Just accept that you were in the wrong. Long Luofu hasn’t done anything outside of being pregnant.”

“What did I do wrong then? I just don’t like seeing someone else with your child so I came here to sulk. Do you think I can’t feel the cold loneliness here, that I’m a heartless ghost?” She retorted.

“If you think that it is cold here, then follow me outside. I have some land, it’s not that large, only one million miles or so, enough for you to start a ghost domain. You can do whatever you want there.” He said.

“Really?” Her eyes turned bright, no longer as pitiful as before.

Feiyun nodded and waved a badge symbolizing his land ownership in front of her. Having said that, he left in a cool manner with one hand posed behind his back, the other still holding the badge.

Though Yao Ji looked like a young girl, she had enjoyed high positions before. She actually desired authority more than powerful cultivation. Thus, she was ecstatic and caught up to him, holding onto his arm like an obedient wife.

Another finished! He thought.

The two have completely forgotten about Feng Qingqing. She stood there in the cold while still holding a sword. She watched the two leave and thought that her presence was sadly unnecessary.

Feiyun brought her back to the capital of the kingdom - Heavenheart. Xueshuang has already brought Long Cangyue back.

The two obviously fought but Cangyue wasn’t strong enough at the moment.

She wore a black robe and was waiting in the main chamber.

“Master, I have captured her.” Xueshuang said while being on her knees.

“Rise, and you don’t need to kneel again.” Feiyun glanced at Long Cangyue then told the rest: “Everyone must be tired today. Go rest now.”

He was the last one to leave and closed the door behind him.

“Feng Feiyun, you’ve always protected Long Luofu. You forced my mother’s death so that she could take the throne, now, you must be wanting to make her your wife too.” Long Cangyue finally spoke, aware that he was right outside.

He didn’t respond since he didn’t have a good plan to solve the feud between the two sisters.

How frustrating! He decided to leave for now - it was best to give her time to cool down first.

There were days and nights in Heavenly Kingdom. Once night fell, he visited Beastmaster Camp without alerting anyone.

He came to Wu Qinghua’s pagoda that was lit up with special lamps. The oil was actually spirit medicine, extremely beneficial for cultivation.

He walked to the front of a golden Buddha and sat down. He pondered for a bit before asking: “Do you think Buddhists can become indifferent to worldly temptations?”

His question echoed inside the hall.

Wu Qinghua was actually on top of the pagoda. Her ground-reaching hair was tied up by ribbons. She looked down and Feiyun was only a dot on the ground.

“I don’t think so.” She said softly.

“Then do you think we should enjoy the tangible world or chase after the illusory dao? Whether it be the immortal dao or Buddhism?” He asked again.

She slightly frowned, having asked herself this question numerous times recently.

“Looks like you can’t decide. I’ll tell you then!” He appeared on top of the pagoda and walked across the golden corridor, aggressively embracing her: “You will not become a Buddha, your emotions are taking over and you’ll fall into the mortal coil.” 

“No…” She bit her red lips while gently hitting his chest.

Alas, she had no strength to resist once he kissed her lips. She let herself fall into his embrace and grabbed his neck with both hands.

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