Chapter 936: Women

Deeper into the bamboo thicket was a grove with beautiful clouds. A sky-blotting tree with plenty of leaves was there, brimming with spirituality and releasing particles.

This was the Heavenly Witchcraft Tree. The goddess was sitting below it. She had the same white dress and looked rather ethereal. A transcending aura could be seen around her - natural and in tune with the heavenly dao.

Feiyun stopped to look at her while reflecting on his feelings. Meeting her was a great and memorable event in his life - akin to a beautiful dream. Any man with this experience would occasionally recall it in fondness. Having a companion like her could make a king give up his throne.

She slowly opened her eyes and stared calmly at him.

“Your cultivation has improved.” He didn’t know what to say since ultimately, they rarely interacted with each other.

She recalled the tree back into her body and stood up; her long hair fluttered to the wind: “But not as fast as yours. Are you here to see Miss Luofu?”

He knew that it was foolish to talk about another woman and said: “You are at the peak of the third level right now. I have a Nirvana Pill, eat it when you try to reach the fourth.” 

The colors in her eyes were well-defined and innocent like that of a baby. She accepted the pill while staring at him.

“Mmm, right, you cultivate witchcraft. Here is a sacred root, maybe you can give it life again.” He gave her the withered root from the True Sacred Fruit.

It had a strand of aura remaining from the previous tree. A cultivator versed in the dao of the wood might be able to give it life again.

Having such a tree like this in Heavenly Kingdom would be extremely precious. The cultivation speed here might increase several times.

She seemed rather interested in the root, far more interested than she was in Feiyun.

She touched the root and lights emanated from her fingertips. They fused with the tree and gave it life. The root started growing again and one bud could be seen.

He found this surprising because it should take several decades. How could a bud appear so quickly?

There was finally an emotion on her face - joy. She said: “Such dense wood energy, this is absolutely the root of a sacred tree. It’s very helpful to my cultivation, may I incubate it?” She asked.

He was a bit amazed by her beautiful smile.

“Why are you staring at me like that?”

“Your smile is wonderful.” He answered sincerely, resisting the urge to embrace her.

Her smile became frozen after recalling what happened back at the ice palace.

The atmosphere became rather awkward.

“Master, Master! Nalan Xuejian! She did it again!” Luo Yu’er ran over and saw the duo. She could sense the weird atmosphere too and stammered: “I, I’m just passing by…”

She started running away afterward.

“Luo Yu’er!” He called out for her.

She stopped, twirled her hair, and bit her lower lip, not daring to look straight at him.

He came over and patted her shoulder before gently squeezing her nose: “What did Nalan do?”

“Nalan wants to teach Sister Luofu a lesson. Nalan, she’s very mean now…” She has always been afraid of Feiyun due to their past. Moreover, she also felt something inexplicable for him.

“She hit you?” Feiyun asked.

“No… but she made me help with the poisoning or she would have shaved my head.” Yu’er nearly cried.

“Poison? Who?” His expression soured.

“Sister Luofu, but Monk Jiu Rou stopped her. She was probably just saying things, don’t scold her.” 

“Why are you still helping her when she wants to shave your head?” He smiled.

“It wasn’t her idea… Buddhist Supreme Wu was the one who made the suggestion.” She said.

“Who gave her the idea of poisoning Luofu then?” 

“I don’t know…” She put on a forced smile.

“Fine, I’ll shave your head and turn you into a nun right now.”

“Wait! Sister Luofu’s little sister is the one who gave her the idea.

“Long Cangyue…” He murmured.

He and Long Cangyue were engaged. She also considered Long Luofu a rival. Long Cangyue would have been Feiyun’s wife but Luofu came out of nowhere with the pregnancy.

Long Cangyue grew up in the Ji Clan and didn’t enjoy the same love as Long Luofu in the palace.

Long Luofu stole her throne on top of her man. Given Cangyue’ personality, poisoning was actually quite merciful. She would mince Luofu to pieces given the opportunity.

Feiyun had a headache from this mess. It wasn’t easy getting these two sisters to get along. He thought that he was too indecisive and naive when it came to romance. That might be the reason why Shui Yueting got the best of him in his previous life.

Alas, he needed to deal with Nalan Xuejian right now. He took out a defensive and thunder talisman then handed it to Luo Yu’er: “I’ll go talk to Nalan later but keep this in case she keeps on bullying you. Go make a meal for me, we’re eating together today.”

Luo Yu’er held the two talismans while her heart was beating like a drum. She still stood still after Feiyun was long gone. Who knows what she was thinking?

When Feiyun got to Luofu’s pavilion, he saw them in a confrontation. 

Luofu cut down a bamboo branch and used it to make a flute. She wore a golden dress, still possessing a good figure.

Though it has been two years, she didn’t look like a pregnant woman at all.

“Making a flute?” He came out of the forest and asked.

She ignored him and continued on carving the flute with a dagger, peeling one layer off after another.

Suddenly, her eyes became sharp and she threw her dagger into the air.

“Boom!” A Buddhist seal reduced the dagger into dust.

“Long Luofu, what the hell kind of pregnancy are you having? It has been two years. You must be lying. That idiot Feng Feiyun never saw a pregnant woman before so he might believe you. Not me, I will reveal the truth today!” Nalan Xuejian rode a lotus and had a halo on top of her head.

She unleashed another finger strike at Luofu.

Luofu stood proudly with her chest arched forward. Her eyes had an air of disdain. She resembled an indomitable empress and simply let Xuejian do whatever she wanted.

Xuejian’s finger stopped before hitting Luofu. The former said: “Hmph, I have another important matter to take care of, I’ll spare you today.”

Having said that, she leaped up into the air in order to escape after noticing someone.

Feiyun shot out two crimson rays and shackled Nalan, forcing her to come back down.

“Xuejian, stay for a meal. I told Yu’er to prepare one already.” Feiyun smiled.

Xuejian lost several strands of hair due to the ray. She was furious but still acquiesced: “Fine!”

Meanwhile, Luofu took out another dagger and continued carving her flute, looking as calm as can be.

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