Chapter 935: Out Of The Grave

“Catch that turtle, don’t let it escape!”

“Capture it alive!”

The experts from all races sent out spatial seals but the turtle evaded every time.

“Get the hell out of my way or die!” The turtle rode the fruit and shouted.

Cultivators tried to catch up but the fruit was just too fast.

A few overlords performed spatial steps in order to get in front of it. However, once they moved to the next area, it was already on the other side.

“They can’t catch up, the turtle is actually riding a True Sacred Fruit. What a shame.” The old woman sighed while staring in the turtle’s direction.

Feiyun was laughing inside about the crazy turtle. He said: “Senior, this is the best opportunity to grab her.”

“Aren’t you from the Di? Just show them the sacred badge and they’ll have to give you face.” She smiled, still skeptical about his identity.

“There’s a reason why I can’t let others know. If you don’t dare to do it, I’ll go find someone else.” Feiyun pretended to be mysterious.

“Wait, I’ll do it right now, no one can stop me, haha!” She glared towards the humans thousands of miles away and stretched one hand forward.

A watery door appeared before her and her hand disappeared through it.


“This grave is breaking, we need to return to the camp right now.” Old human cultivators wanted to evacuate. Recruiting disciples could wait until then.

Feng Qingqing looked around, wanting to find Feiyun.

Suddenly, a withered hand appeared behind her and pulled her into the void.

“Who?!” An old man holding a jade staff was the first to react. He swung his staff towards the void and crushed it like a mirror.

The other old men also attacked, wanting to cut off the woman’s hand.

“They found us, run!” The woman opened a spatial hole and all of them escaped out of Crimson Cliff.

The other side of the mortal was the army camp in Wood Spirit.

“Boom!” Other portals opened and the top human experts were on their tail.

“Did you see an old woman and a young girl?!” One of them asked the patrolling soldiers.

These soldiers were horrified by his aura and trembled uncontrollably: “S-sir… Sir… No…”

“Hmph! She actually dared to kidnap someone right before me!” The old man was a lieutenant general in the army.

Unfortunately for them, using divine intent was forbidden in the army camps. Thus, it became impossible to find anyone here.

A different human started calculating. Alas, the old woman was even better at this and had cut off all traces. He couldn’t calculate a damn thing.

“Start a blockade for this camp, do not let anyone out. We’ll find her even if we have to search one man at a time.”

Feng Qingqing had knowledge of the Skeletal Monarch’s legacy. These human cultivators must find her at all costs.

“You don’t have the authority to do so. This is the Myriad-race Battlefield. Only a War King and up can make this order.” A War Monarch appeared.

One old man took out a badge and said: “am a War King!”

The War Monarch became frightened and got down on one knee: “Greetings, My Lord.”

What the hell happened, why is a War King here?

The soldiers felt the same way. War Monarchs were already rare yet there was a legendary War King here?

Feiyun quietly got into one tent and said: “They’re sealing the camp off to search everyone.”

“Bro, what should we do then?” Feng Qingqing asked. Her eyes had an evil aura to them.

“If they can seal space, I’m sure they’ll be able to use divine intent as well. We’ll be found soon.” The old woman had a strange smirk on her face.

All eyes turned towards Feiyun. 

She purposely brought them to the camp in order to force Feiyun out. She didn’t believe that he was from the Di but couldn’t take the risk. Thus, she relied on others to find out his identity.

He was aware of this and pretended to think for a while before speaking: “I have an idea but Senior, please come outside for a bit. I have an important business and need a moment with my sister alone.”

Her brows furrowed since this could be a plot. However, he had no chance of escaping from the camp anyway. Not even spatial stones would work in this instance.

“Okay, I’ll be waiting outside, don’t take too long.”

“I won’t.” 

The moment she left, Feiyun opened the pathway to Heavenly Kingdom and sent both the girls inside.

He then used his transformation technique and suppressed his demonic energy, turning into a different person.

The old woman waited for a while and didn’t hear anything inside. Her eyes widened as she murmured: “Little trickster!”

She entered the tent again but there was no one inside.

Suddenly, someone shouted: “The old woman is in this tent!”

“Whoosh! Whoosh! Whoosh!” Powerful auras landed and surrounded the tent.

The old man with the jade staff released his pressure and said: “It’s her! Take her down now!”

The old woman’s expression darkened, realizing that she had fallen into Feiyun’s trap.

Meanwhile, Feiyun was already gone from the camp using his stealth technique. He looked back at the camp and saw a dust storm from a fight, grinning.

He wasn’t in a rush to return to Sixth Central. He chose to find an intermediate-level realm to hide for now while waiting for everything to die down.

This particular realm was also a previous battlefield in Wood Spirit - a continent spanning for several hundred thousand miles.

There weren’t that many demons hiding here so the danger level was relatively low.

He made a hiding spot underground and erected dozens of formations, wanting to stay here for a bit to reach the peak fourth level. This would allow him to create his own domain.

Of course, he needed to visit Heavenly Kingdom before this cultivation session.

The first thing he did was not dealing with those crazy women. Rather, he took Feng Qingqing and Xueshuang to a Buddhist city.

This city was a place where Fo Canzi used to preach his dao. It resided in a floating continent with palaces, pagodas, statues, and bells everywhere.

Its name was Heavenheart. It has been sealed after Fo Canzi’s departure for thirty thousand years.

Feiyun could only open a corner due to his limited dimension, less than one-tenth of the entire thing.

The spirit beasts heard of his return and the opening of the holy city. They came to offer their respect.

Of course, some came to complain as well. For example, the ancestral fish and Bi’an. They thought that a few people were causing disastrous problems and beseeched Feiyun to restore the peace.

Feiyun guaranteed that he would take care of it and they left happily.

Feng Qingqing was extremely excited. She asked: “Bro, how are you gonna punish them? Who first? Do you need my help?” 

Feiyun pondered for a bit before answering: “Who says I’m going to punish them? Let’s go to Beastmaster first and see how Luofu is doing.”

He appeared outside the main branch of Beastmaster. A beautiful disciple came inside and told them of his arrival.

A bit later, she came out again and invited him inside.

Feiyun walked behind her and smiled: “Chi Yao, I heard Buddhist Supreme Wu has been cultivating harder recently. She’s getting closer to enlightenment, how enviable.”

Chi Yao wore a black Buddhist dress with her long hair tied up. She was at the seventh level of Heaven’s Mandate: “Master is not here. She spent the last several years preaching Buddhism all over the continents.”

“Oh, so my information is wrong. I thought she was in isolated cultivation.” Feiyun chuckled: “Then who did you go to report my arrival earlier?”

Chi Yao stopped and slightly pulled her sleeve: “Well, there are other seniors present too.”

She brought Feiyun to Long Luofu’s place - a mountain behind Beastmaster Camp.

The smell of bamboo was strong in the thicket. A path paved with white pebbles coiled along a stream, reaching deeper into the thicket.

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