Chapter 934: Crystal Ghost Vessel

Mo Xiaosheng became serious and said: “That’s one of the four guardians of Aquamoon Paradise - Cosmic Sword Emperor.”

Human cultivators were aghast to hear this title; the same for the demons. 

Why did humans dare to extend their territory in the last ten thousand years without being afraid of the immemorial demon races? It was due to the existence of the paradise.

This sword emperor wasn’t here in person but just his voice alone intimidated the crowd: “Let the young ones fight each other. If any older-gen cultivator dares to attack our disciple, we will kill you regardless of your background. Dragons breaking the rules? Dead dragons. Phoenixes foregoing the pacts? Dead phoenixes.”

The listeners trembled and broke out in cold sweat.

Meanwhile, Feiyun clenched his fists and gritted his teeth before starting to laugh maniacally. Others would have heard him if it wasn’t for the old woman’s barrier.

“What are you laughing at, brat?” She asked.

“I’m talking about how this paradise is claiming to kill dragons and phoenixes.” Feiyun said.

“Is it that funny? Aquamoon Fairy killed a phoenix ten thousand years ago.” She said.

“Haha!” Feiyun laughed even louder: “They’ll get what they deserve soon enough.”

“Don’t tell me you want to oppose Aquamoon Paradise?” She took two steps backward to stay away from Feiyun.

“Of course not. I don’t have the guts to go against dragon-and-phoenix killers.” He replied.

“Good, good.”

Many have died on this trip to the grave. Nonetheless, a few were fortunate enough to change their future. Cultivators began to leave.

“Boom!” However, the floating ocean quaked violently and released a blinding light. This prompted them to stop.

“Another extraordinary treasure?”

“The saint artifact has been taken by Aquamoon, the ancestor’s legacy and corpse are taken by the white spiders. What else is left?”

Feiyun’s Infinite Spirit Ring suddenly pulsed brightly. Something wanted to fly out.

He knew what this represented - perhaps another vessel?

The diagram dancing this time was the Hundred Ghosts Banquet.

The ring had a total of seven diagrams - “Dragon-horse River Diagram”, “Eight Trigrams Mysterious Language”, “Four Yang Ancient Cauldron”, “Netherworld Spirit Pagoda”, “Heavenly Flying King”, “Hundred Ghosts Banquet”, and “Ten Thousand Lights”.

Feiyun’s bronze vessel has paired with the dragon-horse diagram.

Dongfang Jingyue’s jade vessel paired with Ten Thousand Lights.

Now, the banquet diagram lit up. Another ship might be on the way.

These ships were at the saint level, at the very least. They were absolutely more precious than Xuanyuan Yiyi’s Earth’s End Ruler.

So this red ocean was hiding another ship?

Many experts felt a monstrous aura and knew that something insane was coming out. They couldn’t stay calm and started flying towards the ocean.

“Rumble!” Skirmishes began and many were killed. Corpses and blood rained.

The overlords had a hard time keeping control of the situation. They had no choice but to join as well in order to seize the incoming treasure.

The red ocean started condensing and became solid in the form of a ship. It was absurdly gigantic and redder than blood.

The crowd was frightened by this transformation along with the boat’s aura.

‘No wonder why those corpses were preserved until now. That red ocean was the ship itself! Its power preserved them.’ His ring quaked violently.

The ghosts in the diagram seemed to be coming back to life and issued howls.

The old woman noticed this and her eyes narrowed. She laughed: “Brat, I like that ring of yours. You should pawn it and I won’t make you pay right away, keke.”

“In your dream! Don’t you know that debt is a great tool to build wealth?” Feiyun naturally wouldn’t give her the ring.

Unfortunately, he lost control of the diagram. It flew out and turned into ghastly clouds before fusing with the ship.

“Boom!” The ship became resplendent and exuded life force.

Skeletons and ghosts started dancing on deck. Nether cities sprung up out of nowhere along with rivers of corpses.

The area surrounding the ship became engulfed in bloody clouds. Those touched by the clouds immediately turned into blood.

The lucky survivors became frozen from fear.

“Brat, what is that ship?!” Even the old woman became emotional.

“How the hell do I know?” He replied.

“That diagram clearly came from your ring!” She wanted to take the ring from him.

He immediately took out the sacred badge and showed it to her: “Do you recognize this symbol?”

Its aura was sealed so she didn’t know that it was a pseudo saint artifact. Nonetheless, the character “Di” written on it was the real thing - the writing of a saint.

She should be able to recognize it given her power and long lifespan. He wanted to see if it would be enough to stop the woman from attacking him.

“The sacred badge of the Di! Brat, you’re part of this clan? No, impossible, a half-demon can’t be from the Di!” She was indeed frightened at first but eventually found this implausible.

From this, he realized that she knew about the clan and it might still be around! He wanted to ask her where it was located. Alas, the situation didn’t permit this.

He put the badge away and arched his chest forward: “It’s up to you whether to believe it or not. Come take the ring then, offend the Di and see what will happen.”

The woman started calculating with her fingers. Her eyes flashed repeatedly before she frowned, unable to come up with an answer.

Her expression suddenly changed into that of a kind senior as she smiled: “Young man, I’m not a greedy person. As if I would ever try to rob you.”

‘My ass, you even forged the debt notes.’ He thought but refrained from responding.

Meanwhile, the bloody clouds around the ship began to converse. The ship was becoming smaller.

“The sacred item is weakening, a bloody battle is coming next. The overlords will want it.”

“This is absolutely a supreme treasure. There should be records of it from the immemorial era.” Mo Xiaosheng said with certainty.

Everyone became excited. It might be comparable to a saint treasure.

By this point, the ship was only around the size of a building. It was still growing smaller.

Due to having better visibility, an old man saw something strange: “There’s a turtle on the deck, is it alive?”

“Impossible, the space around it was sealed. No living being could have gotten there. The only explanation is that it has been inside the ship the entire time!”

Everyone saw the turtle at this point - long legs and neck, looking more like a duck. It walked on two legs while holding a wooden stick.

Behind the turtle was a strange fruit. The two were engaged in conversation.

The boat was now the size of a fist and had a gentle glow.

“Now! Go for it!” A demon monarch leaped forward.

The next development caught everyone by surprise. The turtle put the boat on its head as if it was a hat. Then it jumped on top of the fruit.

“Whoosh!” The fruit flew towards the horizon and disappeared from sight. The demon monarch couldn’t stop it at all.

The furious spectators could only watch the turtle fly away with their treasure while having the urge to vomit blood.

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