Chapter 933: Inheritors

The floating hammer had a sharp radiance and made everyone tremble from a primal fear.

The great ant scowled and landed on another continent. It didn’t attack again.

The destruction at their cultivation was immense. When these top masters fought, everyone else would be dragged down with them. That wasn’t something they wanted to see. 

Thus, Eighth Lord Gu was saved and brought back to his clan’s camp.

Feiyun sighed and said: “What a shame, the guy survived.”

Their feud has reached an irreconcilable level. Only death would end it.

It seemed that this was the last group of geniuses to return. However, the races kept on waiting for something.

“The strongest legacy in the grave is still White Spider Sacred Ancestor. Who is lucky enough to get it?”

A tsunami formed again in the red ocean, surging higher and higher. Could it be that the inheritor of this legacy was about to appear?

Everyone became anxious while watching. The Everlasting Law has been famous since the immemorial era and coveted by all.

Moreover, the legacy should include the saint’s corpse as well. This corpse was more valuable than a sacred medicine. Just one strand of hair contained incredible knowledge.

“Boom!” A slender figure came out of the ocean and soared to the sky. She had white hair and oppressive demonic energy. Her radiance was beautiful and proud.

“Princess Feiyuan! She got it!” 

“The White Spider had prepared for many years. The princess is the most talented of their race and was chosen to be the inheritor. This shouldn’t be surprising.”

The humans, tiger-wolves, and giant ants thought about eliminating her. This was unavoidable due to the power of this legacy. Perhaps she could become just as strong in the future.

No one wanted to see the White Spiders having a saint!

However, two demon monarchs appeared out of nowhere. They were on the same level as the empress and started a defensive barrier.

Feiyun stared at the wondrous princess. Her cultivation soared and had reached the fifth level.

“Wait, what is she waiting for?” He wondered. 

Suddenly, another figure rushed out of the ocean. She had a holy radiance akin to that of a fairy.

She wielded an ancient sword and was just as pretty as the princess.

“That’s Aquamoon Saintess!” Many humans recognized her. They had no idea that she was down there too.

Feiyun realized that she must have used the same underwater path as him. It’s just that they didn’t meet.

Something else caused quite a stir because they saw a ruler in her hand.

It was made of white jade but didn’t have a flat surface. There were mountains, rivers, people, beasts, clouds, and seas on top.

It seemed to be an independent world encompassing everything.

“Earth’s End Ruler, a saint artifact…” A Heaven’s Emergence cultivator trembled in astonishment.

A sage of the human race known as Mo Xiaosheng said: “The White Spider Sacred Ancestor wanted nothing more than to become an immortal. In the end, he failed but still created the Earth’s End Dao. The Everlasting Law was domineering but this dao is unrestrained and focuses on the mind. It is more suitable for daoists. The meaning of its name is that though he traveled to the end of the earth and the immortal dao was an inch away, it was still not enough.”

“This means that the two girls each obtained one half of the legacy. Hmm, the princess got the Everlasting Law and the saint’s corpse while Aquamoon Saintess found the Earth’s End Dao and the ruler.”

This human knew things that even the white spiders didn’t.

“Our saint artifact cannot belong to a human!” The princess took out a sword and sealed the ocean. It floated above the water and created a domain.

She stood on top of this sword, looking unstoppable. She waved her hand and unleashed a torrent of swords towards Xuanyuan Yiyi.

Yiyi wasn’t afraid in the slightest. A sword intent materialized and easily nullified the torrent.

“I came to seek the White Spider Sacred Ancestor’s dao, not to fight against your race.” Yiyi calmly said.

“That’s not up to you. Everlasting Domain!” The princess released a second domain. Her aura became colder as the sword domain fused with the second one.

“A person with two different-affinity domains? Impossible!” Many shouted in disbelief.

“One is hers, the other is from the legacy. Her future potential is boundless.” 

Yiyi remained calm and simply pointed forward. The two domains suddenly crumbled right away. 

Yiyi’s sword intent turned into an actual sword and stopped before the princess’ neck.

Jaws nearly dropped to the ground. The saintess’ sword dao was insane. Just one finger destroyed the princess’ domains.

The princess wasn’t weak; Yiyi was just too strong. Her attainment in the sword even surpassed the Heaven’s Emergence cultivators that have trained for millennia.

However, the older humans weren’t surprised because they had sparred with Yiyi before.

“That’s the successor of Aquamoon Fairy and the representative of Aquamoon Paradise.” The human geniuses were speechless.

It seemed that Yiyi would stay calm even when the sky was falling down, eventually winning in the end.

The princess stood still for a bit before spewing a white pearl from her mouth. There was a strand of blood on it containing insane power. It was as if she was holding a star, not a pearl.

Yiyi finally revealed a serious expression.

“Boom!” A strand of soul flew out of the pearl and turned into a ship heading straight for Yiyi.

This was a soul created from the sacrifices earlier. Its power was enough to make the spectators keep a distance.

This looked like a fight between two overlords rather than two geniuses.

Yiyi used the ruler for an actual attack and repelled the soul, sending it flying for thousands of miles.

She put it away and said: “I am the winner today because my cultivation is higher. In three years, if you can defeat me, I shall return this ruler to the White Spiders.”

Having said that, she turned around to leave.

“You’re not going anywhere!” A demon monarch wanted to kill her via a spatial-crossing attack.

However, an unknown power easily decapitated him. Blood splashed all over the air.

“Daring to attack a member of Aquamoon? Looks like you White Spiders are tired of living.” A billowing voice could be heard. Though it came from billions of miles away, it still frightened all listeners.

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