Chapter 932: Trickster Grandma

Chaotic flows existed in the void and contained immense destructive capabilities.

They eventually left the void and entered a secret location. Feng Feiyun and Xueshuang fell to the ground.

“Not bad, finding a shortcut to the center, very capable.” A hunchback grandma with gray hair and wrinkly skin came out. She was missing many teeth.

She saved Feng Feiyun and Xueshuang from the red ocean earlier.

He stared at her and smiled: “So it’s you, Senior, I didn’t expect you to be so powerful.”

In reality, he was cursing her in his mind for running around tricking people when she’s so strong already. Of course, he would never actually say this out loud.

She was clearly a badass for being able to take them away in the presence of a War God and a lord of the White Spider.

She ignored his flattery and took out six leather agreements. She waved them in front of him and said: “Time to pay, pay up.”

“It’s just 4,800,000 stones. I’ll give them to you once we’re outta here. Stop always talking about money and money at your age, it’s distasteful.” He complained.

“Not 4,800,000. It’s 480,000,000.” She corrected him.

“Grandma, aren’t you overdoing it, how the hell did it increase so much?” He said.

“Take a look for yourself.”

She handed the six agreements over to him. The number used to be 800,000 each but now, it has become 80,000,000 in Feiyun’s handwriting and aura.

He knew that she must have done something with the agreements after he wrote them. He learned a lesson from this - to be wary even towards a grandma with one foot in the grave.

She grabbed the agreements back and carefully put them away. She then smiled: “Young man, do you know how much time has passed? Two years, yet you still have yet to pay me. We have to take inflation into account too, so if I don’t increase the amount, I’ll starve to death.”

As if you can starve to death. Feiyun lamented. This was a huge amount but he could still handle it.

He had no choice but to accept this mess since she was stronger. Prudence next time was absolutely necessary. No, he thought that he should never make a deal with her again.

His current location was a floating island, only a few thousand miles away from the red ocean earlier.

The old woman had prepared a formation to hide their presence. Others would only see a regular floating island.

He worried about Feng Qingqing and activated his heavenly gaze in order to take a look.

“Don’t worry, brat, that girl’s luck is strong. The old geezers of the human race will compete for her, she’ll be fine.” The old woman knew what he was thinking.

“So others received legacies from that ocean?” He asked.

She nodded in response: “All the top geniuses from the various races.”

White Spider Sacred Ancestor was a top saint during the immemorial era. He even defeated a phoenix saint before. His domination lasted for many generations.

He killed numerous experts and threw their corpses into this red ocean. The strange water could allow for their intents and obsessions to live on across the years.

However, since this was way in the future, most have been destroyed. Only a few legacies remained for the lucky ones.

Feiyun obtained Di Zhong’s legacy - Tribulation Break. This should be stronger than the rest. Even the legacy of White Spider Sacred Ancestor might not be as strong.

He didn’t know why the other big shots didn’t notice this but it was good news for him.

The ocean shook again - a sign of another genius obtaining a legacy.

This was a youth from the tiger-wolf race. Other experts tried to kill him but he was protected and taken away by a sage of his race.

Feiyun saw Feng Qingqing standing behind the War God. Numerous old men surrounded her, seemingly having a heated discussion.

He wondered if they would try to steal her legacy…

“Brat, you’re still worrying?” She laughed.

“Greed knows no bounds, no one can be sure. They might be trying to curry favor with her right now but after leaving this place, they’ll seize it.” He nodded.

“What is your relationship with her?”

“My lil’ sister.” 

“Then can you make decisions about her future?” 

“That should be fine.” He didn’t know what she was talking about.

“So if my old bones can bring her here, can you make her accept me as her master?”

He narrowed his eyes and hesitated. He knew very little about the old woman. Given her eccentric style, she shouldn’t be from an orthodox branch. 

“What are you planning?” He asked.

“I’m up there in age and will probably return to the earth in two years. I just want a disciple to inherit my legacy.” She coughed and said.

You’re just gonna teach her to be a swindler. He thought and didn’t see how she was near death given her dragon-like vigor and speed.

“We’ll talk after you save her.” He bought time.

“Now’s not the time. See the man wearing the War God badge? That’s a noble from Sixth Central, no one can take the girl away when she’s there.” 

He could sense the power from that War God and agreed: “Who are you, Senior?”

“Just a nobody.” The old woman smiled: “Oh, another person returning with a legacy.”

As time passed, more geniuses surfaced. Some were happy while others looked sad.

They were greeted by the seniors. About ten or so have received a legacy. Among them, four were humans.

One more figure flew out of the ocean with the image of a red beast behind him.

“Another human, that’s Bloodhorn Half-Saint’s legacy.” 

“The half-saint is a monster. This legacy is only second to the Skeletal God Monarch’s so far.”

“That’s Eighth from our clan!” An ancestor from a medial clan appeared and laughed.

The legacy winner was none other than the eighth young lord of the Gu.

“Perish.” The giant ant suddenly attacked again by unleashing dozens of slashes, turning the sky dark.

The empress of the White Spiders took action as well. A white ray shot out of her mouth and crossed the air like a meteor.

Human experts reacted right away in order to protect Eighth. As for the War God, he handled the incoming ray by himself.

“Ugh…” Many old humans vomited blood.

The ant was immensely powerful. One wave of remnant energy broke through the defense and struck Eighth Lord Gu.

Just this wave alone nearly pulverized the youth, destroying his chest and causing him to vomit blood.

Nonetheless, his legacy was strong so his wounds closed right away. His body became resplendent like a qilin coming back to life.

The ant attacked again and spewed out demonic clouds. Its mosntrous aura forced the young lord to crawl on the ground. His flesh and bones were being crushed.

“Enough!” The War God swung his hammer and crushed the clouds.

The continent beneath the ant also collapsed from the attack.

“Who wants a war? We don’t mind at all! Killing one genius is nothing! I will slaughter your race! Men, follow me to battle!” His voice caused the grave to tremble.

The badge hanging on his waist also lit up. This was a symbol of his murderous conquest, having killed countless demons before.


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