Chapter 931: Center Of The Grave

When Feiyun found Qingqing, she was floating inside a skull at the bottom of the pond.

This skull towered for three hundred meters and was filled with evil energy. The bones were as tough as divine metals. It was stripped clean without any sign of blood and flesh. The deep eye sockets exuded malefic power like two black holes, capable of devouring all similar affinities.

The mouth was two hundred meters wide with virtually no teeth left.

Qingqing had white halos circling her along with ten skeletal swords. The blades had aggressive beast souls appearing.

“That’s the skull of Skeletal God Monarch?” Feiyun could sense its power from dozens of miles away.

This monarch probably wasn’t a saint but not too far off. He was someone qualified to try and reach this realm.

The magical property of the red water here kept his skull and bones intact throughout the long years.

“Master, she actually inherited the legacy of the monarch. Will she become someone just like him?” Xueshuang found this astonishing.

“Hard to say.” Feiyun felt the evil energy expanding at a rapid rate.

“Boom!” Feng Qingqing opened her eyes, revealing their crimson shade. Her bones lit up bright enough to be visible through her skin.

She placed her palms together and created a maelstrom. The ten swords flew towards Feiyun in a line.

Evil and sword energies combined together and became stronger than before.

Feiyun’s eyes narrowed. His weapon essence turned into a saber and slashed ten times.

He also utilized Swift Samsara and moved nonstop to fight against the ten swords. These swords resembled evil white dragons. Their movements caused the water to churn.

“Thousand-hand Buddha! Break!” Feiyun became shrouded in Buddhist light as holy images appeared around him.

Thousands of hands appeared and created a Buddhist domain. The domain purified the evil energy and sent the swords flying.

Qingqing modified her mudra and recalled the swords. They floated around her and formed a sword domain.

“Bro! You’re a bully, why does your Buddhist merit law suppress my Devour Heaven Sword Dao?” Qingqing could fly underwater and landed in front of Feiyun.

“Devour Heaven? You’ve obtained the monarch’s legacy?” Feiyun recalled his Buddhist energy.

“Yes, he said that I’m born with a natural evil affinity, the best choice to learn this dao. The only thing that disappointed him was that I’m a human, not a skeletal demon.” She said: “Hmm, wait a minute, Bro, will I turn into a skeleton in the future by learning this art?”

“I don’t think so, it’s both a sword and bone dao. The skeletal demon race would be best for it but you should be fine. The only thing that might happen is your bones getting stronger and denser.” Feiyun said.

“Wait, am I going to get thicker?” She became anxious.

“Well, probably not…” Feiyun said.

“That’s good, that’s good!” Qingqing was happy since she didn’t want to become a big skeleton.

Female cultivators desired power. However, the majority wouldn’t agree to give up their beauty in exchange.

In reality, Devour Heaven Sword Dao and Immortal Phoenix Physique had similar effects. Both focused on cultivating the bones.

However, the former changed the bones into something suitable for the sword dao. As for the Immortal Phoenix Physique, it wanted to pursue the physical prowess of the immemorial phoenixes.

As for the skeletal monarch, his remnant soul disappeared after passing his legacy to Feng Qingqing.

Though he wasn’t a saint, he was still a top character capable of contending against White Spider Sacred Ancestor during their youth. Feng Qingqing’s future looked bright after gaining his legacy.

Golden Silkworm Scripture was its nemesis but only to a certain extent. If she went all out, she could still break this energy down for an even fight.

As for the skull, it still had traces of the monarch so it was more precious than a tenth-ranked spirit treasure. She stored it as a result.

Xueshuang, on the other hand, was being frozen by the red water. Feiyun placed his palm on her shoulder and shattered the layer.

“Thank you, Master.” She bowed.

The trio began moving again, wanting to see where this pond would take them. Once they got out of the water, they were stunned by the scene ahead.

This was a red ocean floating in the air. The shoreline spanned for tens of thousands of miles. There were numerous continents and islands.

Many cultivators were present too. Some kept their distance while others entered the boundary of this floating ocean.

There were humans, white spiders, and other demon races such as tiger-wolf and ant race… These demons heard the news of the grave and came running.

Monstrous auras and images could be felt everywhere. One continent had a massive ant. Just the leg alone was more than eighty meters thick. Any slight movement from its body caused earthquakes on the continent.

Another island was engulfed in demonic energy. One could faintly see a demoness sitting inside a palace. Her white hair floated in the air. Each strand resembled a white river reaching towards space itself. One of them suddenly cut a sizable island into two halves. She didn’t mean to do so. The hair was just fluttering and their innate power was immense.

Powerful humans were here too. One overlord looked around thirty years of age and possessed a tall stature protected by black armors. 

The most shocking thing about him was the badge hanging on his waist with the words, “War God.”

For the humans, ten thousand points earned someone the title of “War Monarch”. One million points were “War King”. “War God” required one hundred million points.

Thus, this man’s cultivation was unfathomable. His aura rampaged uncontrollably. A black lion lay next to him; its body seemed to be made from steel.

All of these cultivators seemed to be waiting for something.

‘This is the inner region of the grave?’ The moment Feiyun got out of the water, all eyes were on him.

“Someone is out!” 

“Which genius is it?!”

“No, he doesn’t have the legacy, it’s a half-demon.” 

The monstrous auras shifted from Feiyun to Feng Qingqing. This caused an even bigger stir.

The war god of the human race laughed boisterously as he declared: “Our human genius has obtained the legacy of Skeletal God Monarch!”

“The monarch is a mythical existence of our race, a human will not have this!” The massive ant raised its claw.

A colossal claw came down like the seal of the high heaven, wanting to annihilate Feng Qingqing.

“You dare?!” The war god exuded boundless battle spirit. It turned into a fist containing millions of fist intents and destroyed the claw.

The black lion roared and leaped into the air. Space fluctuated around its movement. It entered the ocean and took Feng Qingqing back to the War God. Feng Feiyun and Xueshuang weren’t so lucky.

The ant snorted after seeing Qingqing in the human camp and stopped attacking.

“My older brother, he’s still in the water.” Qingqing said.

“The half-demon is your older brother?” The war god asked.

“Yes, Uncle, please bring him here!” She didn’t know what was going on, only that her brother might be in danger.

“Whoosh!” A tsunami suddenly manifested in the ocean. A portal opened and an ancient hand reached forward, successfully pulling Feng Feiyun and Xueshuang inside.

“Such impudence!” Both the war god and the long-haired demoness attacked the portal at the same time, crushing the spatial fabrics around it.

Unfortunately, Feiyun and Xueshuang have been taken by an unknown expert.

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