Chapter 930: Demoness Slave

Lord Xueshuang’s physical ability was impressive indeed and surprised Feng Feiyun. He thought that she must be cultivating a top physique law.

This should have been expected considering she was a royal member of the White Spider.

“I’m afraid you have zero shot of winning.” Feiyun’s phoenix bones lit up like flames. The saints’ ashes vibrated and channeled power into his hand for a slash.

It left behind a deep cut on her back. Demonic blood flowed down her snow-white skin. The red ribbon holding her dress together was cut, leaving behind exposed skin - especially the front.

Her breasts shook like the waves and exuded a mesmerizing fragrance. They seemed eager to break out of her clothes.

‘So strong.’ The wound on her back closed automatically and disappeared without a trace.

Feiyun unleashed another palm strike with the images of dragons. They wanted to coil around her arm.

She spun and evaded his grasp while wanting to grab his left hand. The two of them resorted to grappling techniques while moving at high speed.

Eventually, her red dress was reduced to little pieces and fell to the ground like butterflies. She stood naked in front of the pond - possessing eyes like the bright moon, a slender neck, and firm breasts. The valley between her breasts was enchanting.

There was not a single ounce of unnecessary fat on her waist - truly immaculate and tempting.

“Stare enough yet?” She gazed straight back at him.

Feiyun’s hands crossed in front of his chest as he smiled: “There are things that can’t be fully examined by just observing.”

Most men would be rushing over after seeing such a perfect figure, unable to contain their lust. This would result in a swift death from being careless.

Feiyun was a man as well. He naturally felt a deep desire after seeing her body but he had experience in controlling his lust.

Men need to know when to go for it. Otherwise, another would take their place. However, caution was necessary.

Lord Xueshuang could see the lust in his eyes but unfortunately, he didn’t lose his patience and reason.

He stood there, seemingly appreciating her body. This made her uncomfortable after a while.

The moment he noticed the lapse of attention, he immediately took one step forward and appeared in front of her. His fingers aimed to seal her various meridians.

‘Shit!’ Once she retaliated, eighty-six of her meridians had been sealed so her power waned considerably.

Her hand moved like a snake; her fingers were sharper than swords. Their target was Feiyun’s dantian.

Unfortunately, Feiyun was even faster. He grabbed her wrist while sealing another thirty-four meridians.

Her power decreased for the second time. 

She attempted to kick him. Though her toes were tiny, the kick was still quite powerful.

He floated upward and grabbed her feet then raised it up in the air, all the way up to her neck. 

He then sealed dozens of meridians then threw her forward, slamming her onto a skeletal wall.

“Bam!” She then fell to the ground.

He landed in front of her and looked down: “Give up?”

“No!” She channeled demonic energy and her dantian became resplendent with immense energy. She wanted to use her soulbound artifact to break the seals on her meridians.

“Can’t trust a woman, you said to have a physical contest and now, you’re using energy? I can’t show mercy then.” He unleashed five death waves and took off fifty years of life.

She twitched as if she had just been struck by a hammer. She felt pain all over as she gritted her teeth: “I yield…”


Yes…” She said but then shot out two rays from her eyes.

He was prepared and turned his hand into a phoenix claw, pushing away her soulbound artifact. He then gripped her neck and raised her up in the air, adding more force.

“I yield, really, I yield, please forgive me, Master…” She felt her throat being crushed.

Her eyes moistened with tears. She could tell that he was interested in her but on the other hand, he also had no hesitation in killing her. This was the most dangerous type of man.

“Please spare me… Master…” Blood streamed down her mouth and neck.

The color of blood and her skin was a striking contrast.

“Who are you now?” He asked.

“I am your lowly… and wretched slave…” Her body twitched violently due to his merciless grip.

“Bam!” He threw her on the ground and said: “I’ll give you a chance to be a good slave, do not disappoint me.”

She struggled for air; her chest heaved up and down. Nonetheless, she crawled over and grabbed his foot: “Thank you for sparing me, Master, I will not disappoint you.”

“Good, hand over a strand of soul.” He commanded.

She shuddered as her eyes shifted back and forth. Giving him a strand of soul meant never being able to turn the tides.

He saw her hesitation and snorted: “I don’t mind killing you right now as payback for what you did during the pursuit. The only reason why I’m sparing you is because of your beauty. Others aren’t as lucky.”

Demons used demonic energy to assume a human form. However, they couldn’t pick the actual appearance without resorting to some illusory technique. Therefore, there weren’t that many pretty female demons.

Moreover, she had a royal bloodline as well. Few in Sixth Central would have such a high-class slave.

“I am willing to hand over a soul strand.” She had no choice but to give up.

He imprisoned it in his Ascension Platform and assumed total control over her. He knew all of her actions. The moment she harbored any treacherous thought, he could kill her right away.

He then worried about Feng Qingqing and didn’t have time to play with Xueshuang. But, he couldn’t send her to Heavenly Kingdom either.

It was a mess in there and sending her would only fan the fire. He removed her seal and was surprised: “Hmm, peak fifth-level Nirvana, only a bit away from the sixth level.”

Their cultivation gap was immense. If they were outside, he almost had no chance of winning.

She put on another red dress and hid her perfect body. This didn’t diminish her sexiness and only added a mysterious charm. A demoness like her could be sold for a sky-high price in Sixth Central.

He grabbed her hand and added some saint power. They then jumped into the pond again to look for Feng Qingqing.

Moreover, he was curious to see where this pond would lead.

The coldness here was unbearable even for her. Nonetheless, his power stopped her from freezing completely.

The bottom of the pond didn’t have anything. It looked like a red ocean. They only occasionally saw some broken tiles and things that have been corroded beyond recognition.

Eventually, he sensed Feng Qingqing’s presence. He calculated with his Grand Change Art and knew that she was under a special state.

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