Chapter 93: Killing with a Borrowed Knife

“It is Feng Feiyun!”

Dong Feng Jingshui gently whispered while his crimson cloak fluttered in the wind.

In the far distance, illuminated by a buddhist lamp, the front door of the buddhist pagoda was opened and issued a creaking sound. Feng Feiyun went out from inside the pagoda.

Feng Feiyun, with his sharp eyebrows, was seemingly very heroic. His clothes were neat and clean, and he was handsome with a hidden charm of depth. Covered with an unprecedented powerful aura, it was as if he had become one with the dao of the heaven and earth.

Each of his movements had its own law, like a Giant that had cultivated for several hundred years.

Many people had never seen Feng Feiyun so they subtly guessed the identity of the youth that came out from the buddhist pagoda. As for the ones who knew Feng Feiyun, they were extremely surprised and alarmed by his sudden change.

This person was only a junior who was chased around the entire Violet Firmament Ancient City by the Feng experts, so how did his body suddenly contain such a soaring monstrous power? It was as if he will turn the heavens upside down, today.

Feng Jianxue followed right behind Feng Feiyun’s back. The Na Lan Buddhist Robe on her body flashed out a blue buddhist brilliance, encompassing her entire body. The six Heavenly Buddhist Essences inside her body were also active and exuded a holy light outward.

As her body was covered with holy buddhist light, she was stepping on a lotus formation with nine layers, like a female bodhisattva. However, her figure was slender, like an innocent girl. She stood next to Feng Feiyun, using his shoulder to hide her stunning beauty.

It was as if she didn’t want to be recognized by some other people!

“Could this girl be a fairy? No, a female Bodhisattva?”

Some felt the holy presence from her body, and their souls were affected by the Na Lan Buddhist Robe. They almost kneeled down to kowtow and worship her!

Dongfang Jingyue naturally also saw this scene. Her expression under her veil became pale, and her gaze was focused on Feng Jianxue. She judged every part of Jianxue’s body, not even sparing a single strand of her hair.

She was very meticulous, but she didn’t look at Feng Feiyun at all. All of her focus was on Feng Jianxue. Just who was this girl?

“I can’t believe this little brat Feng Feiyun dares to hide concubines in his golden pavilion. No, it is hiding concubines in his broken temple! Truly disgusting. Little Sister, you don’t need a man like this. I will go in your stead and punish him for you.”

The evil killing intent on Dongfang Jingshui’s body started to rise. His armor trembled, creating the sounds of steel colliding with each other.

Second Grandpa put away his tobacco pipe and his eyes suddenly shone with two bright lights. He gently placed one hand on Dongfang Jingshui’s shoulder and shook his head:

“There is something strange about this brat, don’t be rash.”

“Second Grandpa, this brat dares to like another woman, how can we let him live?”

Dongfang Jingshui, with his unparalleled presence, still wanted to make a move.

“Hmph, a man toying with our Little Yue’s heart, of course he deserves to die. However, Little Yue hasn’t even said anything, why are you — as a man — so blindly excited?”

Second Grandpa sternly glared at him.

Dongfang Jingshui was a king of the younger generation, but there was someone in the world who dared to scold him like this. Only his Second Grandpa was able to do so. Even the clan master of the Yin Gou Clan would mind his words.

Dongfang Jingshui lovingly smiled and glanced at his little sister’s eyes. However, she was still silently standing there. Her white robe gently fluttered in the wind as she carried her red lute. She was gentle and elegant like nothing had happened.

It was truly like this matter had nothing to do with her. This impressed Dongfang Jingshui because he didn’t expect for her to remain so calm; this control of her emotions was indeed worthy of her cultivation.

Dongfang Jingyue’s eyes gradually narrowed. She laughed like a bright crescent moon!

'I can’t believe she is still smiling!'

Dongfang Jingshui couldn’t help but sigh. The heart of a woman was truly too hard to understand.

Dongfang Jingyue suddenly opened her mouth. With her clear and gentle voice, she murmured:

“The girl behind Feng Feiyun is wearing the Na Lan Buddhist Robe. This is the supreme treasure of the buddhist faith. Anyone who wears it can understand the buddhist scriptures and will become impervious to spirit treasures. It truly is a priceless buddhist treasure.”

She deliberately didn’t suppress her voice. Even though it seemed like she was muttering to herself, many cultivators nearby had heard her. They had heard of the legends regarding the Na Lan Buddhist Robe before. Reminded by Dongfang Jingyue, they all became excited.

All of their gazes locked onto Feng Jianxue. They were no longer gazes of sincere worship, but the eyes of desire. They wished that they could take off the buddhist robe from her body as soon as possible.

“The girl that looks like a Bodhisattva behind Feng Feiyun is wearing the Na Lan Buddhist Robe!”

“This is the supreme treasure in the legends of the buddhist faith!”

“Everyone, look! She has a jade bead in her hand, could this be the Buddhist Jade Bead?”

*** ***

Numerous monks were moved. From one mouth to another, this news was suddenly spread to everyone. They were all attracted by the supreme treasure and were no longer afraid of death. They slowly headed towards the direction of the godly temple.

Killing people to steal treasures — a truly lucrative venture, and definitely worthy of risking their lives.

Dongfang Jingyue was still silently standing there, like the bright moon in the sky, elegant and beautiful. She was still giving off a beautiful smile.

Dongfang Jingshui and Second Grandpa looked at each other and felt a cold chill. They lamented:

“The heart of this girl is too cold-blooded. We cannot mess with her, definitely cannot mess with her.”

“What are you two saying?”

Dongfang Jingyue was not aware that something was wrong.

“Nothing, nothing. Very excellent, ah! Very smart!”

“Such an amazing application of using a borrowed knife to kill!”


Feng Feiyun and Feng Jianxue rushed like the wind towards the yellow ancient well. They planned to use the Buddhist Jade Bead to suppress Xiao Nuolan and completely destroy the seal of life in her body.

“Monk Jiu Rou said that only the person wearing the Na Lan Buddhist Robe could enter that light. I will help you open a hole. After going in, you have to be careful. Even though the bead can suppress Xiao Nuolan, you have to be wary of the yellow ancient well’s power.”

Feng Feiyun reminded.

“You can rest assured. If I don’t come out in an hour from the light, then you should leave this place and not worry about me.”

Feng Jianxue knew that the power of the ancient pill only lasted for an hour. After an hour, Feng Feiyun’s power would decrease to the lowest level possible. At that moment, he must escape to a desolate place; otherwise, he would die for sure.

Feng Feiyun stopped and firmly said:

“If you don’t come out from the light, I will absolutely not leave this place.”

Feng Jianxue was a bit surprised. She stared at the tall figure of Feng Feiyun, who was holding the Invincible Buddhist Staff, and couldn’t help but quiver. She cried out:

“Feng… Feiyun!”


Feng Feiyun originally wanted to rush towards the yellow ancient well with his staff. He didn’t want to waste his time, but he still stopped and turned around to ask.

“My real name really isn’t Feng Jianxue!”

“You have already told me this.”

Feng Feiyun said.

“My real name is… Nalan Xuejian. That Monk Jiu Rou is actually…”

She seemed to want to say something else, but there was a roar that came from above her and a thunder struck down. If the Na Lan Buddhist Robe didn’t stop part of the impact, then she would have been dead at this moment.

“So the Na Lan Buddhist Robe is on your body… Hurry and hand it to me.”

From the sky, fiery clouds were intertwining with thunders. Countless thunderous lights encompassed this world along with the flames.

This was not the sky, but only a palm. However, this palm was too huge! The two felt as if the entire sky had become fire and thunder.

The Third Lord of the Sen Luo Temple recognized the presence of the Na Lan Buddhist Robe, so he gave up on attacking the yellow ancient well and headed over here instead.

A Giant’s strike was truly not a joke. This palm gave others the feeling of an endless killing intent.

Feng Jianxue had never witnessed such a scene before. The buddhist light on her body was burned away by the flames as if it wanted to directly melt her into a pool of blood.


The Invincible Buddhist Staff rapidly moved and unleashed a blinding light. With the staff in his hand, he suddenly emitted an endless battle prowess and headed straight for the sky.


He yelled out.

With his killing intent, Feng Feiyun was unstoppable like a death god. His Invincible Buddhist Staff directly pierced through the palm of Huo Tuotuo and carried an endless power all the way to the real body of Huo Tuotuo.

This was wanting to defy the heavens. A younger generation junior dared to make a move against a demon that was famous for many hundred years!


This scene shocked everyone. They were too appalled to say a word.

Today wouldn’t be an ordinary day. Many things that would shock the world had now just begun.

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