Chapter 929: One Year And Eight Months

Only the spirit vessel could withstand the aura of a saint. Feiyun stored the coffin on the deck.

The vessel had a power capable of suppressing a saint’s aura. The dragon-horse diagram surrounded the coffin and calmed it down. The ship then returned to Feiyun’s dantian.

With that done, he finally took a look at the piece of jade. The light had receded, revealing the natural-looking jade. It looked like a blue moon with starry sparkles.

The character “di” was engraved on the surface, looking strong and imposing. If it wasn’t sealed, its power alone could kill a Heaven’s Emergence cultivator.

“The senior sealed this jade in order to give me room for training, not allowing me to rely on its power. That would be detrimental to my cultivation.” Feiyun had no intention of keeping this jade as his own.

He had made a promise and would carry it out by returning it to the senior’s descendants.

The back of the jade had carvings of mountains and rivers.

‘Is this the senior’s home?’ Feiyun memorized these geographic features.

“One year and eight months for this session.” He put away the jade then calculated the time.

This period wasn’t long for cultivators. After all, some could go into isolated training for decades.

The problem was that this was the grave of a saint. Many things could happen in a single day, let alone nearly two years.

He only wanted to find Lil’ Qingqing, not expecting to obtain such a great fortune.

He was at the fourth level right now on top of learning Tribulation Break. He could definitely take down any ancestor at the same level without putting in any effort.

He took off his dragon-phoenix armor and simply used the saints’ ashes to stop the power of the red water.

“What a strange place, the water can keep a saint’s corpse around for years. Maybe there are other treasure corpses here. I need to find the fruit since it has the knowledge of a saint. It has to know more.” Feiyun traced his way back and got out of the water.

Suddenly, he felt a strange aura and a sword energy slashing straight for his head the moment he got out.

“Whoosh!” He summoned his weapon essence and crushed the sword energy then flew out of the pond.

He looked up and coldly uttered: “Such patience, waiting here for two years.”

Lord Xueshuang stood on top of a large bone. Her black hair draped down like a waterfall; her eyes were mesmerizing.

“I knew you wouldn’t die that easily.” She smiled.

The fruit was nowhere to be found.

“Where is Mao Laoshi?” He asked.

“Talking about that strange fruit? Xuanyuan Yiyi from Aquamoon took it.” She answered.

Feiyun used his Grand Change Art for calculation. He noticed Xuanyuan Yiyi’s aura in this place. It looked like the woman wasn’t lying.

He thought that this was a terrible development. If the girl came here, then she knew about the death of these geniuses. Given her meddling nature, she would definitely try to find me.

Aquamoon considered itself to be exceptional and on the side of righteous. They would deem Little Demoness as evil due to her skeletal swords.

Would she try to eliminate “evil”? Even if she didn’t do it herself, just the news of this would cause other powers to hunt Feiyun.

He was in a rush and couldn’t eliminate the evidence. This was truly troublesome.

“The fourth level? How is your cultivation speed so fast?” Lord Xueshuang was surprised.

“Have to do so to stay alive, you know?” Feiyun chuckled.

“You’re still not my match.” Lord Xueshuang summoned her tiny sword - a ninth-ranked spirit treasure. The tip was as white as snow and exuded sharp rays.

She unleashed a vertical slash that resembled a rainbow. She was at her peak right now, no longer injured like before.

The walls of the cliff were crushed, revealing bones. This area was indeed a massive skeleton.

Feiyun wasn’t the only one improving in the last two years.

He stood by the pond without faltering. He unleashed the same type of slash to stop the sword energy.

“Have a taste of my new divine ability.” Tribulation power surged within him and appeared on his hand.

He swung his hand and released an invisible law of the Death Tribulation.

Lord Xueshuang felt something incoming like the hand of a death god. It was impossible to escape.

It couldn’t be seen and touched yet it was really there. It struck her and took away ten years of life.

At her cultivation, she could tell exactly how many years she had left.

‘What the hell is this?! A divine ability that can take away lifespan? Is this the heavenly dao?!’ 

Ten years weren’t much for someone like her. Only the significance behind it was terrifying. Once he cultivated this ability to the limit, he could kill whoever he wanted.

“What is this ability…?” She was frightened.

“Can’t you tell that this is the power of the Death Tribulation?” He attacked again with more force. A gray shadow could be seen this time.

Lord Xueshuang didn’t dare to block it this time. She became a shadow darting through the area while controlling her sword. It flew across the air like a dragon.

Feiyun retreated, not wanting to fight this demoness directly. He would be at a disadvantage in a direct confrontation.

He relied on his Swift Samsara to dodge the sword while releasing three more waves of death energy.

Lord Xueshuang dodged two but was struck by the third. Another ten years were taken away.

The problem for her was the suppression in Undying Hall. She could only use a tiny amount of her energy.

“Fight like a man, stop using that despicable ability!” She thought that she would be able to take him down easily in a fair fight.

“Despicable? Nothing is more righteous than this ability. It is in harmony with the heavenly dao.” Feiyun released another three waves.

The second struck her and removed another ten years. Her power weakened after losing thirty years of life.

He suddenly stopped and said: “Wait, I see that you’re not convinced. Very well, I shall take you bare-handed.”

She thought that she would be able to suppress Feiyun in a physical duel and had no idea that he thought the same way.

Outside of the hall when spirit energy wasn’t suppressed, she would absolutely destroy him. However, when it came to physical prowess, he was seventy percent confident in winning.

He was at the fourth level now on top of possessing the saints’ ashes, and the Myriad Beast Physique.

He thought that he would be able to contend against someone using the Everlasting Physique, as long as they were in the same cultivation realm.

She became elated to hear his challenge. ‘This half-demon is too cocky, does he not know that we demons have the strongest physiques?’

“Don’t regret it then.” Don’t be fooled by her soft and curvy body. It contained extreme power.

One swing of her hand could split a mountain. Feiyun took one step horizontally and dodged her attack.

“Bam!” Her hand struck the steel-like wall and crushed it into powders.

“Haha! Little half-demon, it’s not too late to surrender. Otherwise, I’ll eat your heart once I capture you.” She was as pretty as a fairy and as sexy as a demoness.

The fragrance from her body wafted with the winds emanating from her destructive attacks.

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