Chapter 925: Death Of A Genius

Feng Feiyun took out a Heaven’s Emergence talisman. Energy coursed through his hand and turned into a white glove, allowing him to crush the sword energy.

“Boom!” The remnant energy from the punch struck Xiao Tianyue’s chest, breaking a layer of the ice and caving his chest in.

Xiao Tianyue’s sword energies became chaotic and rampaged in the air. The layer of ice was being cut down and half of his body was revealed.

He was about to escape!

Feiyun naturally wouldn’t allow for this to happen. He turned his weapon essence into thousands of swords, wanting to make mincemeat out of the guy.

“You’re courting death, I am the young lord of Firmaments! A half-demon like you can’t kill me!” Tianyue’s pendant in the shape of a sword became larger and repelled the mini swords.

This was only an embryo of the city’s divine sword but it was strong enough to be the defining treasure of an ancient clan.

Its aura engulfed the area. Tianyue wanted to use it in order to break free from the ice.

Feiyun, on the other hand, summoned his stone coffin. The power of death emerged; its pressure made several human cultivators vomit blood.

“A tenth-ranked spirit treasure, he actually has one!” The son of Crimsonwood Domain Lord shouted in astonishment.

Only ancestors had access to these weapons yet a half-demon had one.

Xiao Tianyue was strong and the sword embryo was comparable to the coffin. However, he was injured and spent too much energy on melting the ice. 

“Everyone, we need to kill this half-demon or it’ll be the end of us!” He also vomited blood after being struck by a strand of energy from the coffin. His chest was nearly penetrated.

He had plenty of authority and the other geniuses relied on Firmament City. Thus, they followed his order.

The ones with their head freed from the ice began attacking Feng Feiyun.

“I got your back, Bro!” Feng Qingqing has been itching for a fight ever since she got the skeletal swords. This was the perfect opportunity.

Four groups of evil forces circled around her then the skeletal swords finally came out. They began attacking the human cultivators.

“Whoosh!” One pierced through the throat of a Domain Lord’s successor, turning his skin black. His flesh then turned into pus, leaving behind a skeleton still sealed in the ice.

The skeletal sword’s aura became stronger than before.

“It’s those evil swords, she can use them!” Both the human geniuses and the demons became afraid.

Some of their allies have fallen to these swords before. Being pierced meant certain death.

Meanwhile, Feiyun and Tianyue continued their fierce battle. The latter’s body was in pieces with numerous broken bones and lacerations.

“Boom!” Tianyue finally broke out of the ice. He leaped in the air and unleashed a vertical slash with both hands. His power was returning.

Feiyun wasn’t afraid at all. He put on his dragon-phoenix armor and smashed Tianyue’s head with the coffin as if it was a concrete brick.

“Bam!” Poor Tianyue was still weakened. His head got smashed in and he got sent flying into the red pond.

Alas, it wasn’t that easy to kill him due to his high cultivation and vitality.

Feiyun gave chase and used the coffin to push Tianyue deeper into the pond.

“Whoosh!” Red bubbles and ripples formed on the surface.

An evil power turned into a ray and repelled Feiyun into a skeletal wall. As for Tianyue, his flesh was being eaten by something unknown until there were only bones left.

Nonetheless, he was still alive. His jade-like skeleton wanted to get out of the pond but the evil pond crushed him. His skeleton became dust and disappeared into the water.

Feiyun was seriously injured as well since he was shot by the ray earlier. The armor kept him alive or he would be nothing like Tianyue right now.

As for the rest of the human geniuses, Feng Qingqing killed all of them. Their bodies were devoured by the skeletal swords.

There were heirs, beauties, and even a wisdom master among them. All were mere bones now, no different from mortals.

It didn’t matter how prestigious one used to be when they were alive. Once dead, no one would think twice about them once the bones rotted away.

For example, Xiao Tianyue had more than a hundred wives. Some were historical geniuses too. None of them expected him to die so soon.

This was the cultivation path - dangerous and cruel. Very few would make it to the end and become a saint after ten thousand years.

“You’re too murderous.” Feiyun coughed and told Qingqing.

“So? I follow my instinct and will kill anyone who dares to harm you or me.” She replied. The four skeletal swords were still absorbing blood from their victims in a creepy manner.

Feiyun walked over to Lord Xueshuang, staring at her exquisite face. The ice was down to her chest right now.

He turned his weapon essence into a saber and pointed at her ample breasts. Ice and water wetted her red dress, causing it to latch onto her figure and display its curves. He could even see the pink dots in the middle.

“The times have changed. You were my prey just a few days ago and here we are now.” Lord Xueshuang sighed while trying to act sexy.

“It’s a shame to kill a beauty like you.” Feiyun smiled.

“Don’t kill me or you’ll lose out on unimaginable pleasure.” Her dimples were showing as she smiled sexily. Her breasts also moved up and down like waves.

Feiyun’s eyes turned cold and swung his saber, decapitating her. The head fell into the pond and was reduced to dust.

“Boom!” Lord Xueshuang’s headless body shook violently and got out of the ice. It then turned into a white spider that furiously said: “Wretched human, decapitation isn’t enough to kill me!”

It then attacked him with its leg, treating it like a white blade.

“Your life source is not in the head, the head is only another body part condensed from demonic energy.” Feiyun retreated.

The most important things for a demon were its demonic jewel and demonic soul.

Of course, cutting down their body also worked when the damage was significant enough.

“You figured it out too late.” Lord Xueshuang turned into her human shape again, looking exactly like before.

He took out his coffin to stop her incoming palm seal.

“I’m sure that wasted a considerable amount of energy, you’re becoming weaker. Let’s see how many times you can grow it back.” He smiled and spewed out phoenix sinflame, completely surrounding the area.

The two remaining demons stuck in the ice screamed in pain, being ravaged by the flame.

“Pluff! Pluff!” Skeletal swords pierced their body and the screamings stopped.

“So noisy.” Qingqing put away her swords and said: “Laoshi, store the corpses for me. Big Sis will give you two points.”

“Big Sis? I don’t think that’s right.” The fruit said.

“Click! Click!” Qingqing knocked on the fruit with her skeletal sword. It became obedient right away.

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