Chapter 924: Open Mind

It was too late to try and stop her from condensing that evil ocean at this point. They could only assist in the process.

It required a massive amount of spirit energy on top of numerous preparations. They haven’t heard of a heretical lord trying under these careless circumstances.

“Boom!” Feiyun opened the path to Heavenly Kingdom and channeled Buddhist essences outward.

A golden river spanning thousands of meters also came out. It sent three thousand drops of essences towards her.

They seeped into her body and the evil ocean became increasingly solid. However, this wasn’t enough.

“Just how much does it need?!” He sent the river straight at her this time.

Her evil ocean resembled a bottomless abyss. It started sucking strands instead of just drops. Each strand consisted of a thousand drops or so.

Eventually, the two evil forces in her body finally calmed down. The evil aura converged into the ocean in her body.

He recalled the yellow river and noticed that it was several meters shorter. Fortunately, the process was a success.

“Bro, I feel like I died several times just now but you saved me each time.” Feng Qingqing stood on top of the skeletal path; her hair draped down like a waterfall.

The evil aura around her illuminated the surroundings. Two skeletal swords floated around her continuously.

Ghost flames could be seen on the blades along with their souls.

“Condensing an evil ocean is extremely dangerous. Because the evil energy in the swords was too great, you actually just had three rebirths in a row. This should be impossible yet you did it. I don’t know if it’s a good or bad thing.” He spoke.

“I know… I know…” The fruit murmured.


“I know the background of the swords. Back in the immemorial era, White Spider Sacred Ancestor had a mighty rival. Their talents were similar and competed from Heaven’s Mandate to Nirvana and Heaven’s Emergence. Neither had an upper hand.” 

A rival of a saint could absolutely become a saint as well.

“This rival’s weapons seemed to be skeletal swords refined from the fingers. Each possessed an incredible malefic force.”

Feiyun stared at the two floating swords and said: “I’ve heard of this legend, only a little though. I didn’t know that the fingers were refined into swords.”

“I’m absolutely certain, the name of this rival is Skeletal God Monarch. Unfortunately, White Spider Sacred Ancestor became a saint first so he was subjected to being a stepping stone.”

“You’re saying that this area might be the grave of this Skeletal God Monarch?” 

“That’s possible, this entire cliff might be the body. Since too much time has passed, the bones are covered in dust and dirt. More and more piled up, taking the form of this cliff.” The fruit said.

“Bro, I feel something summoning me.” Feng Qingqing suddenly interjected.

A few top masters’ will would remain long after their death. Could it be the god monarch calling her?

“From which direction?” Feiyun asked.

“Below!” Feng Qingqing leaped forward and jumped onto a skeletal bone before moving downward.

He activated his phoenix wings and lifted the fruit up to give chase.

This seemed like a bottomless abyss. They saw two more demon corpses along the way, also pinned by a skeletal sword. She took both and had four right now.

Once they made it to the bottom, they finally met survivors. They couldn’t move, seemingly restrained by an unknown power.

Even Xiao Tianyue and Lord Xueshuang were trapped by red ice. Only their heads were exposed.

There were two more demons - they have reverted back to their original form.

Humans were luckier - twelve survivors.

Though they were trapped, they could still have their senses. They heard footsteps and looked up.

Their expression soured after seeing Feng Feiyun. He focused on the red pond first. It looked like a heart and issued rhythmic ripples. Something seemed to be in there.

The humans and demons were imprisoned right next to it. They clearly came here recklessly and didn’t expect any danger.

“Haha, isn’t this the famous young lord of Firmament Immortal City? What a coincidence.” Feiyun summoned his weapon essence and tried to find Xuanyuan Yiyi and Xiao Xiaochan. 

They didn’t seem to be here.

“It’s you, half-demon, it seems like the road is narrow for enemies.” Xiao Tianyue didn’t panic at all. He laughed and said: “That girl is a royal member of the White Spider. They can’t move right now so if you kill them, there'll be plenty of contribution points.”

Lord Xueshuang’s pretty face soured. She secretly channeled more energy to melt the red ice.

Feiyun naturally noticed that they were all trying to break free. Xiao Tianyue and Lord Xueshuang were the strongest so they were more exposed.

“Boom!” Another female human managed to free her head, revealing her exquisite features.

It was none other than the seventh-ranked wisdom master - Nie Shuangshuang. She was the third strongest cultivator present.

Feiyun smiled and said: “I naturally want contribution points but I’m sure you have grudges for when I took your concubine away. The first thing you’ll do after breaking out is to try and kill me. Should I take care of this potential problem first?”

Xiao Tianyue’s expression remained the same. He smiled in response: “Meng Lingyan wasn’t loyal and didn’t love me, I don’t need a woman like her. In fact, you did me a favor by taking her away so I have nothing but gratitude, let alone harboring a grudge.”

“You’re that open-minded?” Feiyun chuckled.

“That’s how men should…” 

“Bam!” Feiyun slapped Xiao Tianyue on the cheek, issuing a loud noise and leaving behind a red print.

Nie Shuangshuang couldn’t believe it. Xiao Tianyue was the young lord of Firmaments on top of being one of the six grand geniuses in the twelve southwest territories. As long as he remained alive, he would become a top dog in the future.

Now, he was slapped by a half-demon.

Feiyun rubbed his palms and asked: “Still open-minded?”

Xiao Tianyue spat out a mouthful of blood. Something flashed in his eyes but he restrained himself and smiled: “It’s deserved…”

Feiyun slapped the other cheek even harder, causing it to be swollen. Blood kept on flowing out of Tianyue’s mouth.

“I’m in admiration of your magnanimity and open-mindedness.” Feiyun praised. He had seen too many people like Xiao Tianyue before who say one thing but mean another.

Even if Feiyun didn’t slap him just now, he would still try and kill Feng Feiyun later. This was Feiyun’s assessment of him ever since he tried to capture Liu Suzi - a man who would do anything to reach his goal.



A few more managed to free their head from the ice. They saw Xiao Tianyue’s swollen face and couldn’t believe it.

However, they stopped being surprised when they saw that it was Feiyun. This half-demon even stole Xiao Tianyue’s concubine. Slapping him a few times wasn’t a big deal in comparison.

Feiyun then turned his weapon essence into a short sword while becoming murderous. This was an irreconcilable feud.

“Spare me and I will give you anything you want.” Xiao Tianyue could see that Feiyun was a merciless person and didn’t care about his status.

“Even if I want your wives?” Feiyun smiled.

“Any of them.” 

“Sigh, unfortunately, I’m not interested in widows.” Feiyun remarked before thrusting the sword towards Tianyue’s forehead.

Two yin-yang sword energies flew out of Tianyue’s eyes. They turned into a vortex and stopped the sword.

“Enough of this, impudent half-demon.” Xiao Tianyue no longer hid his murderous intent. Red clouds emerged above him and turned into a sword slash.

He was indeed impressive, capable of releasing incredible sword energy despite being trapped in the ice.

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