Chapter 923: Skeletal Swords

“Bro, I sense movements in the cliff. What about you?” Feng Qingqing followed right behind Feiyun while scouting the surrounding area.

He naturally sensed it as well. The cliff seemed to be alive and was staring back at them.

“It’s like we’re in a monster’s stomach.” She grabbed his shirt and was creeped out.

“I can let you back into Heavenly Kingdom if you’re afraid.” He felt that something was wrong and agreed with her assessment.

“No, not at all!” She let go of his shirt and tried to act cool.

“Boom!” A bloody cloud suddenly attacked them with howls coming from within. Inside the cloud were flesh and bones.

Due to the powerful momentum, these pieces became sharp like weapons, destroying the walls to the side. Debris flew everywhere.

He had to use the coffin for a second time to stop the attack.

“Boom! Boom!” The pieces slammed onto the coffin and issued loud clunks.

Both Qingqing and the fruit hid behind him. Otherwise, they would have been blown away.

He was still pushed back ten meters or so before stabilizing despite using the coffin.

“Hmm, human and demon corpses. What did they meet?” He moved ahead and saw marks everywhere from the explosion just now. They were white, looking like bones buried beneath.

“We’re really walking on top of a skeleton?” He said.

They made it through the narrow paths and entered a larger area. However, the same lack of visibility remained.

They could only see white bones laying on the ground, looking like paved roads leading to an abyss. Faint, pink lights could be seen below.

“Bro, there’s a corpse over here.” Qingqing carried the corpse over, feeling excited instead of being afraid. 

She touched the eye twice and smiled: “Whoa, his eye is bright, it must be a treasure.”

She took out a bronze dagger and gouged the eye out, holding it like a white jewel.

“That’s his demonic jewel, he imprinted it into his eye.” Feiyun answered.

There was a skeletal sword still pinned on the corpse. It nearly cut the cultivator into two halves - the reason for his death.

He pulled it out and felt a chilling aura nearly freezing his arm.

“Hmm, a weapon refined from the bone of a cultivator versed in the dark arts. A malefic force seeped deep inside. Normal people would turn evil after touching it right away.” He activated his Golden Silkworm Scripture and tried to refine this malefic force into nothingness.

Alas, this force was quite powerful and nearly became an evil soul. His current attainment in Buddhism wasn’t enough to purify it.

“Malefic force? Let’s see which of us is eviler.” She seemed interested in the skeletal sword.

Feng Qingqing was also a cultivator of the dark arts but this skeletal sword was dangerous. He didn’t want her to be so reckless.

“Bro, let me play with it, okay?” Her eyes brimmed with evil energy and her hand had dark runes around it as she reached for the sword.

It felt her evil presence and started vibrating. The soul inside manifested into the image of a fierce devil.

He released more Buddhist energy in the form of a cocoon in order to seal the soul. Meanwhile, Feng Qingqing grabbed the hilt.

The malefic force from the sword began spreading into her hand. Her jade skin suddenly turned into the same shade as the sword.

The two became one and the soul cut through the cocoon then entered her hand.

“Oh?” An evil aura surrounded her. Her dress and hair started fluttering and her eyes turned blue, looking like two ghastly flames.

She casually swung the sword and unleashed an impressive energy slash containing skulls, corpses, and internal organs. It looked gruesome like hell.

He summoned the coffin again and opened the vid. Vitality surged out and turned into a cloud of blood, stopping the sword slash.

“Qingqing, drop the sword.” He said sternly, thinking that she might have been invaded by the evil force.

“Why should I? This sword is quite powerful, why don’t we spar?” She smiled while holding it, looking clear-headed and in control.

This perplexed Feiyun. Her evil energy was stronger than the sword?

“She’s crazy, right?” The fruit was afraid of her current state.

“Clack, clack!” She tapped the fruit with the sword twice and said: “You’re the one crazy.”

“Ah! Malefic force is attacking me!” The fruit panicked and rolled on the ground. After a few seconds, it realized that nothing was happening.

Feiyun grabbed Qingqing’s wrist, wanting to examine her body. He sent one strand of Buddhist energy inside but it was instantly crushed by a violent malefic force.

“Bro, do you think I’m crazy too?” She frowned while looking at the sword: “If you don’t like it, I’ll throw it away.”

He let go of her wrist and shook his head: “No need, I think that your innate evil energy is fusing with the sword. It should be under control.”

“Mmm, so no need to throw it away?” She became excited, feeling the urge to kiss his cheek.

He nodded in response: “For now. It might be good for you, granting you entry to the abyss below. The path is in front of you, your choice.”

That slash earlier was comparable to the full power of a first-level Nirvana cultivator. It was quite impressive coming from such a young girl.

“I’m brimming with power now, do you want to fight?” She recalled the aura and asked.

“This place is bizarre, it’s best to be careful. The skeletal sword doesn’t belong to the humans or demons, where did it come from?” Feiyun refused: “Moreover, the seal from Undying Hall is weakening the farther we go, what other power is at work here?”

“Rumor has it that the sacred ancestor was powerful, killing and sealing many experts. The master of this sword could be one of them?” The fruit interjected.

“That’s one possibility. But weren’t you just born a few days ago, how do you know about this sacred ancestor?” He replied.

“I… don’t know, how strange… Uncle, do you know why?”

He rolled his eyes, thinking that he didn’t have a single normal companion. Even this fruit was weird.

“Bro, there’s another corpse here!” Qingqing had rushed ahead while playing with her sword. She found another corpse.

This one was a human. The lower half has been consumed. There was another skeletal sword pinned in the heart area.

“Oooh!” She didn’t care for the corpse and grabbed the sword with her other hand.

Evil energy entered her body again. The two waves rotated in her dantian and turned into a maelstrom. It started absorbing spirit energy in the vicinity.

It happened too fast and he couldn’t stop her in time.

“The two forces are breaking her dantian, they want to create an evil ocean.” His expression darkened.

A dantian and evil ocean served as storage for spirit energy. However, the majority of evil cultivators couldn’t create an evil ocean.

Only the top lords could break their dantian and replace it with an evil ocean.

Feng Qingqing was undergoing the process right now.

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