Chapter 922: Following The Trail Of Blood

“Haha, just kidding!” Feng Qingqing smiled so beautifully that even the flowers would wither in shame. Her hair fluttered while her eyes glimmered.

Feiyun’s expression relaxed and said: “Don’t kid around like this again.”

“Mmm…” She suddenly stopped smiling and frowned while twirling her hair, muttering: “Is it wrong for me to like you, Bro?”

“It’s fine!” The fruit suddenly interjected.

Her eyes lit up as she got over to the fruit and asked: “You think so?”

“Of course! I like my grandpa, so it’s fine for a sister to like her brother too.”

“Then why was he angry at me? Does he still hold a grudge for when I beat him up when I was younger?” She thought she solved the puzzle.

“Maybe. It’s embarrassing for a man to get beaten up by a lil' sis, they’ll remember it forever.” The fruit pondered before answering.

“What should I do then? Should I let him beat me up?” She found a solution to this problem.

“No need for that, a big bro can never hurt his lil' sis no matter how mischievous she is.” The fruit said.

Meanwhile, Feiyun ignored their conversation. One was an immature demoness while the other was silly at birth. It would be strange if they could come up with anything resembling common sense.

He activated his phoenix wings and carried the two up the cliff. By this point, the demon experts have crossed by the ridge. Only faint auras remained.

The bridge was shaking to the wind, being covered in rust.

“If that Xuanyuan Yiyi is involved, then those demons are done for.” He smiled and crossed the bridge, noticing a shell mark on the wall along the way.

“Blood, both humans’ and demons’, looks like a fight.” He placed his palm on the blood pools and calculated for a bit.

“Hmm, the demons got ambushed and lost heavily.” He smirked. His calculation resulted in the path of the demons. 

They weren’t far from here so this was his chance. He would gain contribution points and remove future complications.

Moreover, that Lord Xueshuang had pursued him for days and left him with serious injuries. It was time for payback; no better time to hunt than when the preys are weakened.

He quickly made it to a red ravine and saw a human body hanging on the cliff. It was wrapped in spider silks and covered in blood. The heart has been removed so there was a hole still bleeding in the chest.

This corpse belonged to a descendant of a domain lord. Feiyun recognized him since he followed Xiao Tianyue.

“Wait outside.” He smelled a thick stench of blood along with auras from humans, demons, and some unknown entities.

This ravine was dark and open. When he got deeper inside, a blood ray suddenly flashed before him.

He thrust his spear and pierced through it. “Pluff!” He clearly penetrated someone’s body.

“Despicable humans! Die!” The demon victim decided to self-explode. A massive blast came towards Feiyun.

He summoned the stone coffin to the front, stopping the blast. The coffin was pushed seven meters back while issuing grinding noises. He put it away once the blast dissipated.

He then activated his phoenix gaze and could barely see ten meters ahead. There were pieces of flesh and broken armors. The stench of blood was palpable.

This place was truly strange. Divine intents didn’t work here which was why the demons chose it.

He saw another shell mark. It looked like the old turtle came here as well. His crawling speed was something else.

He looked up and saw no end in sight. There were creepy wails ahead, sounding just like lingering spirits.

He picked up the broken armors on the ground and wondered if he should keep going. Suddenly, he heard soft footsteps from behind along with a sweet fragrance.

He raised his spear for another thrust before realizing something and stopping. He uttered coldly: “I told you to wait outside. Why didn’t you listen?”

Qingqing heaved a sigh of relief after hearing Feiyun’s voice. She noticed the sharp blade in front of her and took one step back. She smiled and said: “Mao Laoshi went in first.”

“You did! Don’t blame me for this…” The fruit said innocently.

“Shut up. This is not the place to mess around. Hide your auras and stay behind me.” Feiyun scolded and the two kept their mouth shut right away.

He glanced at Feng Qingqing and sniffed the air. There was a sweet fragrance coming from her skin, truly difficult to hide.

He took out a talisman and handed it to her: “Put this on, it’ll hide your scent.”

They moved forward and saw chaotic footsteps along with battle marks on the cliff. Blood covered the ground, still warm.

“Bro, who are we chasing?” Qingqing couldn’t help herself.

He didn’t respond and suddenly turned his spear into thousands of white swords, sending them towards the cliff ahead.

“Boom!” The cliff broke down, revealing a male and female human cultivator.

They were holding talismans and prepared an ambush for the demon Feiyun killed earlier. They didn’t expect to be spotted by someone.

“Bam!” These two were extremely strong and stopped the flying swords. They leaped forward and launched an offense.

The male was around twenty years of age and had a cold expression with sharp eyes. His weapon of choice was a red whip with nine links.

Feiyun turned the swords into the spear again and slammed the whip. The remnant force coursed through the whip and struck the man’s hand, tearing his palm and forcing him to drop the weapon.

Feiyun could only see ten meters ahead and didn’t know much about the current situation. Alas, it was time to fight, not think.

He unleashed another thrust only to be stopped by a floating shield. A loud blast came from the impact.

A girl wearing black armor stopped him from killing the male. Her other hand unleashed a palm strike towards Feiyun’s chest.

His hand turned into a phoenix claw, easily forcing her back.

“It’s the half-demon that the young city lord wants to kill.” Her voice came from the darkness.

“He’s strong, use a Firmament Talisman against him.” The man threw a talisman towards Feiyun.

He heard their conversation and calculated their position. He let out a thrust and easily pieced the male’s arm, severing the bones.

The male cultivator let out a shrill scream and dropped the talisman.

Feiyun picked it up and glared at him: “Where’s Xiao Tianyue?”

The girl followed his voice and leaped up to the sky, smashing her shield downward.

“Pluff!” Feiyun threw his spear and crucified her to the cliff. The spear pierced her neck, causing blood to spill from every orifice. 

The male became afraid and endured the pain, he acquiesced: “The you-young city lord is pursuing the royal spider…”

“Thanks for letting me know.” Feiyun said before crushing the guy’s head. It exploded like a watermelon.

Mercy wasn’t allowed here because there was a chance they would attack him the moment he turned his back.

Feng Qingqing tried her best to scavenge the battlefield, taking the treasures from the corpses. She found numerous talismans, spirit treasures, and pills. She also took the nine-section whip and the shield as well.

As for Feiyun, he only took the demon corpses in their spatial pouches. He did a quick calculation and thought that he could get about two hundred points or so. This wasn’t bad at all.

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