Chapter 921: Fairy Xuanyuan

Aquamoon Saintess stood at the edge of a golden boulder with threads of mist surrounding her. Just her back alone could captivate any man just like a fairy in the mortal world.

However, Feiyun had no favorable impression of her and turned his weapon essence into a spear. He put away the statue and asked: “Mao Laoshi, didn’t I tell you to watch her, what happened?”

“This has nothing to do with me, Uncle, this woman did it, it’s all her fault, she even wants to take me to this paradise or whatever…” The fruit rolled and hid behind Feiyun, leaning into him.

“She wants to take you to a brothel?” Little Demoness seemed interested in the fruit and started rubbing it. [1]

“It’s Aquamoon Paradise.” The saintess calmly said.

“You can’t take it away.” Feiyun rubbed his chin and asserted.

Meanwhile, Xiao Xiaochan thought that Feiyun was too arrogant, daring to take out a weapon before the saintess. This was taboo and sacrilegious.

“Hey, half-demon! Do you know who you are speaking to?” She thought that he was courting death. Inciting her wrath meant the end of the half-demon alliance.

“Don’t know, don’t care.” To which he responded.

“I’ll tell you anyway, she is the saintess of Aquamoon Paradise, even your alliance lord needs to be respectful in her presence.” She thought that Feiyun would be scared and cower on the ground after hearing this, or at least he wouldn’t be this arrogant anymore.

She smiled, ready to gloat at his misery.

“So what? The saintess of Aquamoon gets to take other people’s things?”

“I will not force the issue since the fruit has a master already.” The saintess spoke.

“Then why are you still here?” Feiyun snorted. He didn’t believe that she could ignore the fruit.

“I have a question that I hope you can answer. What is your relationship with Senior Fo Canzi?” She asked. [2]

Fo Canzi was the creator of the Golden Silkworm Scripture, a cultivator from 30,000 years ago. Could he still be alive? She’s thinking that I have something to do with him, that’s why she’s not taking the fruit.

Since Feiyun had no love for Shui Yueting, he also didn’t like Xuanyuan Yiyi, always assuming the worst.

Perhaps Yiyi was telling the truth, that she was pure enough to not commit an immoral act. He still didn’t buy it.

Xiao Xiaochan thought about this name and didn’t remember anyone. Why did the saintess bring him up?

“A non-direct successor, I suppose.” Feiyun said.

The saintess turned around, revealing her elegant features - profound eyes, an exquisite nose, and snow-white skin.

Anyone looking at her for the first time would immediately think of the word, “fairy”. No one was more appropriate than her when it came to this word.

She had no jewelry or any decorative ornament, looking like a quiet and awe-inspiring lotus flower.

Her eyes pierced through Feiyun as she nodded: “Yes, you have cultivated a top Buddhist scripture. A peak historical genius too, it’s rare for a half-demon to reach this level. There’s a chance of breaking the curse.”

“Peak historical genius? That’s rather unexpected.” Xiao Xiaochan muttered to herself.

The saintess seemed indifferent to everything outside of the heavenly dao and the sword. She started leaving, no longer pursuing the fruit.

“Wait, she can’t leave.” Feiyun said with a serious tone.

“Wretched half-demon, don’t think I’m afraid of you just because you’re a peak historical genius. I was careless the two previous times but you’re no match for me if we fight again.” Xiaochan was frustrated and wanted to teach Feiyun a lesson.

The saintess stopped and said: “I can be the mediator, what is your feud?”

“Who do you think you are? Justice incarnate? The representative of a god? This is our business, you don’t need to interfere.” He had no love for those from this sect.

“I see, but I prefer to interfere.” She spoke in a calm yet imposing manner as if she was a deity: “This world lacks busybodies like me, so people become increasingly cold and detached, robbing and murdering, a total lack of morality. Old men are starving on the streets of the mortal world, good people are sent to the yellow river before their time. Don’t you wish to change it?”

“You speak as if you’re a saint who can save everyone.” Feiyun smiled.

“I’m not a saint, I only want to be a good person.” She responded.

Since he was a disciple of Fo Canzi, she wanted to lead him back to the right path.

“You can say this to me again once your paradise can give half-demons equality.” He retorted.

“This is a problem of status since antiquity. Outsiders can’t help half-demons change their status, they have to strive for it themselves. Why are half-demons considered low and wretched? Is it only because they can’t reach Heaven’s Emergence. No, I’m afraid the fundamental problem is their innate servility.”

This answer moved Feiyun. He replied: “Fine, you’ve improved your image a little bit with this answer. I’ll spare her today out of consideration for you.”

She didn’t say anything else and pulled Xiaochan upward, looking like two flying butterflies.

“Big Sis, that half-demon is too prideful. Let me cut off his tongue, how dare he talk to you like that…”

Meanwhile, Feiyun pondered for a bit before chuckling: “Shui Yueting, you’ve trained a decent successor.”

“Bro, who’s Shui Yueting?” Feng Qingqing suddenly asked. She wore a light dress so her long legs could be seen beneath.

“... An old friend.” It seemed that it wasn’t possible to chase Qingqing back into Heavenly Kingdom right now.

He took out a regalia at the Heaven’s Emergence level. Bi Ningshuai’s grandpa gave it to him as a meeting gift.

It was only one-half of the full set but was still mighty enough.

“Put it on.” He said.

She held it in her hands and could feel the monstrous energy within. She excitedly put it on and suddenly became shrouded by a bright light. 

“What is this armor? It looks quite sturdy. Thanks, Bro, I love you so much!” She raised one hand and released a palm strike, leaving a huge print on the cliff.

“This is a Heaven’s Emergence armor. If you like it, I’ll find the other half for you as well when I have the chance.” He was happy to see her smiling.

He took a ring belonging to Princess Feiyuan, a seventh-ranked spirit treasure.

“A seventh-ranked? Even Dominating Armaments are only at the fourth rank. Bro, you’re such a badass, how do you have all these treasures?” She stared at it with coveted eyes. 

However, she knew that this was a high-ranking treasure. There was no way he would give it to her regardless of how much he liked her.

“This is called Soul Sealing Loop, refine and use it.” He held her hand and wanted to put the ring on. However, he didn’t know which finger was appropriate.

Rings had a special significance. Though they were from the Feng, they were extremely distant so this could be problematic. Plus, marriages between cousins were common in cultivation clans as well.

“Bro, you’re too nice to me.” Feng Qingqing grabbed the ring and became bashful.

“It’s because you didn’t kill me when you could have. Why didn’t you?” Feiyun became interested.

He was banished from the clan and was pursued by all the big powers in Grand Southern Prefecture. Even the members of the Feng went after him. Feng Qingqing was the youngest and the strongest during that period.

She stared at him, puzzled, and pulled the ring closer to her chest: “Bro, why are you asking? Are you regretting giving it to me so you’re looking for a reason to take it back?”

“I’m not that stingy, it’s just one spirit treasure.” He glared at her.

She stared at him and gently bit her lower lip before quietly speaking: “I like you, Brother.”

“...” Feiyun didn’t expect her sudden confession.


1. Wordplay that doesn’t translate well in English. These words have similar characters in Chinese, just slightly replaced

2. She uses polite language

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