Chapter 92: Two Buddhist Treasures’ Origin

The air in Jing Huan Mountain after a rainfall was especially fresh. Blessed with a rainbow spanning across the sky, it was like a scenery painted on a white misty palette, similar to an immortal bridge.

Outside of the mountain, countless flying creatures with strange figures had gathered. There were bronze carriages dragged by ancient beasts that stopped on the road, and thousands of cultivators standing in the midst of the wilderness, overlooking the mountain ranges.

This was a bustling scene. Countless disciples of the immortal sects congregated with many beautiful men and women. All of them were well dressed and had a spiritual aura, like a party of immortals.

In the far distance, Jing Huan Mountain was violently quaking and a fissure extended to the far distance. It was only two meters wide but it was still continuously expanding as if the entire mountain would eventually collapse.


The Giants’ attacks were indeed too powerful. A sword energy pierced through the mountain and aimed straight for the blue sky.

“It seems like it will be impossible to fish in this troubled water; picking up a few treasures is an impossibility. With the Giants here, we small characters can only watch the fun.”

A disciple sighed and said.

“We should probably stand further back. All of the Giants moving together could destroy Jing Huan Mountain; the power could render cultivators lower than Immortal Foundation to several pieces.”

A middle-aged man was visibly worried. The moment he finished speaking, there was a series of loud explosions from the far distance. It seemed as if the earth was shattering apart.


Six amazing powers rushed out from the ground. There were sword energies, fiery clouds, gigantic fists, and the combined power of the five elements. These powers erupted simultaneously, sundering the ground into even more cracks.


The high mountain collapsed with countless rocks and debris that rolled down, causing the surrounding dozen miles to be buried. Some cultivators couldn’t escape in time and were crushed alive by giant boulders.

This scene was too shocking! A collapsed mountain had left a giant pit and created a man-made valley.

This valley was hundreds of meters deep and had a dense black fog below. Countless paths were interwoven and filled with the sounds of battle like the drums of the gods resounding.

The Mortal Life Temple appeared on the ground. From the far distant mountains, one could see the buddhist pagodas and the halls inside the godly temple.

These buildings that were underground for more than one thousand years had finally resurfaced in the mortal world. However, the majesty from the past has long been lost and only misery and dilapidation remained.

The old magnificent brilliant temples were now palely dimmed and harbored many cracks. The golden buddhist statues were covered in dust and dirt as if they were made with mud.

The originally venerable monks were now decomposed corpses that underwent Corpse Transformation. Some were still chanting buddhist scriptures inside the chambers while others were ferociously screaming against the heavens, wanting to rush outside in order to feast on human flesh.

However, at this moment, these corpses were not the main focus. Everyone’s gazes were locked on the yellow ancient well where a shocking battle was taking place.

The six Giants were on the offensive together. Countless energies swept the sky!

No one could clearly discern the shadows of these Giants; they were truly too swift, only shadows filled the sky. It was as if there weren't only six people, but six hundred figures that surrounded the yellow ancient well.

“What a beautiful woman!”

Young Noble Flawless, who stood on a distant peak, gazed intensely at Xiao Nuolan’s figure.

A female corpse that had not yet come back to life, but her beauty was already astonishing. This beauty of a whole generation was under siege by the six Giants, so many people lamented the inequality.

However, some cultivators knew the terrifying truth of the female corpse. Inside of her was an endless killing intent. Once she came back to life, it would absolutely be dozens of times worse than a murderous demon.

This was not a beauty, but a devil.

“Why is it so powerful? The six Giants can’t break through that light. Plus, there are some wounded by that female corpse and almost died from her counterattack.”

Dongfang Jingshui was very worried as he watched from the far distance. He also wanted to rush in to join the battle, but reason told him that he shouldn’t join a battle of this level.

Even though he was strong, there was still quite a considerable gap between him and a Giant!

Dongfang Jingshui originally wanted to find Feng Feiyun to settle things, but he went around the mountain several times and couldn’t even find Feng Feiyun’s shadow. Could it be that the little brat had already escaped?

Dongfang Jingyue was also standing at his side, beautiful and tranquil like a fairy.

There was a strange feeling in her heart. She felt that Feng Feiyun was hiding in the godly temple, so from beginning to end, her sight was searching the buddhist pagodas in order to find the bastard.

“This old man suddenly appeared here. It must be that he is coveting the two supreme buddhist treasures inside the Mortal Life Temple.”

Second Grandpa, with an unfathomable cultivation, was a grand character of the Yin Gou Clan. All of the heaven-defying talents of the Feng Clan called him the wise sage. The truth was that he was an existence of the ancient monster ranking, and he knew a few secrets of the Mortal Life Cavern.

He was still sitting on his goat and smoking his pipe. From time to time, he hit the pipe on the goat’s horn and flicked the ashes to the ground.

The goat was skinny. With only bones left and no spirit nor power, it was as if it could collapse at any moment from the weight of the old man.

“Which two buddhist treasures?”

Dongfang Jingyue curiously asked.

“The Na Lan Buddhist Robe and Buddhist Jade Bead.”

“How miraculous must these two treasures be to be able to draw six Giants here, together?”

Giants rarely appeared in this world. Most of them were in isolated cultivation in order to find the profound truths of the Immortal Dao. Without a supreme treasure, they wouldn’t take action.

“This is an unfathomable matter. One thousand eight hundred years ago, the Mortal Life Temple was the number one buddhist holy land. Its historical heritage is even older than the Jin Dynasty. Before the inception of the dynasty, the Mortal Life Temple was already there.”

“Each of the abbots of the Mortal Life Temple was a great sage of the buddhist faith. In the Jin Dynasty, their cultivations reached the level of understanding the Heavens and Mortals. They were all stronger than Giants. Since the Na Lan Buddhist Robe was the monastic robe of the abbots, it carried the buddhist aura and fortunes of all of the abbots, so it was no longer an ordinary robe. Each day, it listened to the high monks chant buddhist scriptures, so it became spiritual and formed its own conscience. The legends had it that, in one night, a storm suddenly appeared. The Na Lan Buddhist Robe flew out of the Mortal Life Temple and underwent a tribulation in the thunderous storms.”

“What!? A monastic robe undergoing a tribulation? This is too hard to believe!”

Hearing this, Dongfang Jingshui couldn’t contain his astonishment and exclaimed.

This had gone beyond common sense, and people didn’t dare to believe it.

“But this was the truth. After it successfully underwent the heavenly tribulation, it became even more godly. When adorned with this godly robe, even spirit treasures wouldn’t be able to harm even one hair on the wearer. Plus, this monastic robe can assist the wearer in the enlightenment of the dao, and the cultivation speed would become much faster compared to even eating spirit grass.”

When the second grandpa was speaking, even his heart felt admiration. This robe was truly too amazing. Each of its effects was enough to drive a Giant crazy.

“There is such a wonderful treasure in this world. No wonder why these Giants are all so frantic to snatch it.”

Dongfang Jingyue gazed towards the godly temple with disdain. She also wanted to see this supreme buddhist treasure to satiate her curiosity.

However, she didn’t know that she had seen it before. At that moment, it was on Feng Feiyun’s body.

“Although the Na Lan Buddhist Robe is truly magical, but amidst all of the treasures in this world, rumors say that it was still one level lower compared to the Buddhist Jade Bead.”

Second Grandpa said.

“There is a buddhist treasure that is even more magical than the Na Lan Buddhist Robe?”

“Indeed, the Buddhist Jade Bead. A long, long time ago, rumors had it that there was a young monk who drank water next to a stream. At that moment, a crane flew down from the clouds and was also drinking the water. The young monk had never seen such a big giant immortal crane, so he thought he was seeing a miracle from Bodhisattva. He quickly kneeled down on the ground and respectfully kowtowed. Low and behold, the immortal crane was indeed a transformed female Bodhisattva. She sat on a lotus formation and had buddhist brilliances on top of her head. Her body was illuminated with a golden aura — very magical.”

“She gave the Buddhist Jade Bead to that little monk?”

Dongfang Jingyue couldn’t help but ask.

“Of course it was not so simple. The female Bodhisattva didn’t say a single word and only stayed by that stream for nine days. And, the young monk also kneeled down for nine whole days. When the sun came down on the ninth day, the female Bodhisattva finally spoke. She only said one phrase: ‘The path of cultivation in this life, the path of Buddhism in the next. When this life is over, the next life will be a Buddha. This is the causality of reincarnation, everlasting for all generations.’

“Finished speaking, the Bodhisattva’s body was ignited in fire. Her buddhist body burned for nine days before the flames finally extinguished. Finally, there was a lotus seed on the lotus formation. The young monk picked up this lotus seed and it turned into the Buddhist Jade Bead.”

Second Grandpa retold the ancient legends of the past. After finishing, he asked:

“Who do you think this young monk was?”

“Could it be a monk from the Mortal Life Temple?”

Dongfang Jingyue answered.

“You’re half right. This young monk was the Patriarch of the Mortal Life Temple, the first abbot. Legends had it that after he reached nirvana and became a Buddha, he disappeared in this world.”

Second Grandpa said.

After a moment of silence, Dongfang Jingyue said:

“Second Grandpa’s telling of this tale is just like the stories you told us when we were little!”

“This is not an ancient tale, this is a true existence. There were many documentations from the Buddhist faith; otherwise, do you think those old monsters would still be battling that female corpse, and not afraid of dying? The truth is that they all want the treasure of the Bodhisattva in the legends. Some say that the Buddhist Jade Bead is actually the prolonged life essence of the Bodhisattva. The next reincarnation of the Bodhisattva might come from the Buddhist Jade Bead. Once one meditates with the buddhist profound truths of the Bodhisattva inside, that person could understand the Immortal Dao and become a supreme dao celestial.”

Second Grandpa sincerely said.

“Quickly, take a look… who is that?”

The tiger eyes of Dongfang Jingshui suddenly exuded two evil lights. He almost jumped up as his finger pointed towards the godly temple.

There was a person leaving the godly temple from a buddhist pagoda. Many people who saw this scene were surprised.

There was a living person inside the godly temple!

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