Chapter 919: A Special Weapon

There existed a waterfall once. Now, it was only a dried cliff after the withering of time. A small path coiled from the bottom to the top.

It had no sign of life left. All the vegetation and trees have turned to dust and returned to the earth.

Feng Feiyun followed the fruit up the path to find the source of this saint’s grave.

“Are you sure that the source of the palace is at the peak of this cliff? I feel like we’re heading deeper into the grave.” Feiyun could sense weak spatial ripples around him.

“Space is chaotic here, an inch can be an entire world.” The fruit said while continuing to jump up the steps.

Feiyun suddenly stopped after noticing a symbol on the wall - a turtle shell. This was newly engraved since there was stone dust on the ground.

“The turtle left this behind, looks like it climbed up too.” Feiyun smiled.

“Ah!” Suddenly, the fruit in front let out a scream so he hurriedly gave chase, reaching an iron bridge built on the ridge.

The fruit got behind him and trembled in fear: “She hit my head and even yelled at me!”

There was a delicate figure standing on the bridge - snow-white skin and immaculate features. She held a sword and stopped them from walking over.

Her aura turned cold after seeing Feng Feiyun. It was none other than Xiao Tianyue’s niece.

“What are you doing? Why did you scold and hit a child? What if he turns stupid? Laoshi, what did she say to you?” He unhappily complained.

“She shouted, ‘what is this black thing!’ I was so afraid.” The fruit said.

“Crazy woman.” Feiyun shook his head.

“Who are you calling crazy, wretched half-demon!” Xiao Xiaochan barked back. [1]

“I wasn’t talking to you but it looks like you know yourself very well.” Feiyun smiled: “Have you been guarding this place? Xiao Tianyue got through already?”

He thought that the other geniuses have moved on to reach the source of this area. They must have a wisdom master in the group.

“I stayed to teach you a lesson.” She had eight jade talismans attached to her body, adding a resplendent glow.

One swing from her sent out a sword slash spanning for dozens of meters.

Feiyun activated his power as well, looking cool and gallant. His robe gently puffed up as he floated upward while gripping the spear with both hands. He used it as a rod and crushed the sword slash.

“I don’t think you can.” He rushed forward in retaliation, swinging his spear vertically.

She didn’t expect him to be so strong. The guy’s physical prowess exceeded hers despite having a weaker cultivation. This was a beast in a man’s body, not a half-demon!

“Boom!” She threw out a fire jewel. It turned into a six-meter tall Qilin, roaring and attacking Feiyun.

He easily pierced its head and destroyed it. At the same time, he spewed out phoenix sinflame, knocking her off the bridge and down the bottomless abyss.

This hall forbade flying so she couldn’t use any movement technique. If she were lucky enough to survive, serious injuries were unavoidable.

“Uncle, the demon experts are going to the peak too.” The fruit said.

Feiyun looked down the winding path and sure enough, the demons were catching up.

Humans at the front, demons at the back. There was no way to go now.

“Jump down!” Feiyun made up his mind and kicked the fruit off the bridge before jumping down into the clouds.

A bit below, Xiao Xiaochan had a pair of wings made out of light. She used a flying talisman created by a Heaven’s Emergence cultivator instead of her own power to fly.

“Damn you, half-demon. Wait till we’re outside, I will mince you to pieces when I see you again, what’s that noise…”

“Bam!” Feiyun fell straight on her head, causing her to see stars.

“You’re still alive?” Feiyun had a pair of fiery wings too. The feathers had the hue of blood.

“You won’t be for long!” She rubbed her forehead before unleashing a palm strike.

He easily avoided and got behind her to rip off the flying talisman on her back.

“Noooo-” The light wings disappeared and she started falling down.

He took a look at the talisman and put it away. He then thought of something and decided to fly down to catch her.

He embraced her soft body while she held onto him with both hands and legs: “Wretched half-demon, if something happens to me, your alliance will get it.”

“Silly girl, of course I won’t let anything happen to you.” Feiyun smirked: “I still need to use you as a hostage against your uncle.”

“I’m not that easily bullied.” She smiled, revealing her perfect teeth while aiming one finger at his dantian.

Her finger was as sharp as a sword.

“Boom!” However, she hit a hard object instead of his dantian.

“This lowly half-demon has a hidden weapon!” She decided to remove it. She grabbed it and felt something wrong - this long and thick weapon seemed to be a part of his body.

She pulled several times and couldn’t get it out: “A special weapon that’s fused with him?”

“Are you an idiot or just feigning innocence?” Once they landed on the ground, he pulled her hand out of his pants and glared at her.

What an unlucky day, I got molested by Xiao Tianyue’s niece. This must be karma for taking his concubine, sigh!

“You’re lucky that your hidden weapon blocked your dantian earlier but you’re still dead for touching me. If I don’t kill you, my reputation will be tainted.” She glared at the spot beneath his dantian and summoned a sword.

She immediately attacked right away, thrusting her sword towards his forehead.

He didn’t want to waste time and unleashed an inferno of sinflame, destroying all the talismans. He then used Swift Samsara to get closer in order to grab her neck.

She opened her fair mouth and spewed out a tiny white sword. It was too close for him to dodge.

“Bam!” It slammed into his left eye but couldn’t pierce through it. Sparks splashed everywhere.

His left eye was a phoenix eye now, a regular sword couldn’t damage it.

She became astounded and in the next second, he grabbed her neck and sealed her meridians then tied her with iron chains.

“Let me go, lowly half-demon!” She shouted and panicked, having never experienced this situation before.

She made it to the fourth level due to her talents and the love of the seniors. They always taught her and gave her the best pills. She was rather young compared to her peers, lacking the same mental fortitude.

Ever since her birth, the seniors have always protected her. They weren’t here now.

Feiyun picked up the sword and removed her aura from it. He then waved it in front of her: “Keep your mouth shut or I’ll cut your tongue off.”

She turned pale and followed his order.

He then tossed the sword over to the fruit and said: “Watch her, if she dares to speak again, add a pretty line to her face. I will be breaking through to the peak level right now.”

1. The xiao here are different characters. Her last name means firmament while the second Xiao means small

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