Chapter 916: Undying Hall

“Damn! The walls are made from Golden String Spirit Stones!” A male voice could be heard from a distance. The guy rode a purple cloud and landed outside.

He was around twenty years of age or so, protected by a set of white armor. He looked heroic and gallant - a historical-level genius.

“Brother Mo, it’s best to exercise caution. I sensed ripples earlier, there might be hidden masters.” The young lord of Firmaments Immortal City, Xiao Tianyue, left behind lotus flowers as he walked in the air.

This was a group of twenty or so geniuses. Even the lowest status ones were descendants of domain lords.

The top consisted of geniuses from immortal cities and sacred palaces - the stars above worshipped by all.

This was especially true for Xiao Tianyue. He was considered one of the six prodigies in the southwest twelve territories.

They followed their seniors into their void world. The seniors have moved ahead to find the actual grave while they decided to train on the outskirts. 

His cultivation was impressive. He had halos floating around him and radiance in his eyes. He performed an observation technique to scout the area but didn’t notice anything.

“I sense humans, they have entered that palace.” A female genius had impeccable spiritual awareness.

“Don’t be hasty, that palace has an extremely dangerous presence.” Xiao Tianyue became serious.

“Really? I don’t sense anything.” A man with messy hair draping down rushed forward, striking his golden staff at the top of the palace. He wanted the precious tiles since they were perfect for blacksmithing.

“Boom!” An invisible force erupted from within.

The man became alarmed, pulling his staff back for defensive purposes. However, he couldn’t stop this force.

He lost his grip on the staff so it was sent flying. Next, the force dismembered him into numerous pieces.

A top genius died just like that.

“How strange, let’s back off.” A blue-haired female genius took out a defensive talisman to stop the remnant shockwaves. 

The rest didn’t dare to be reckless. Treasures were cool but not worth losing their lives over.

A rather reticent woman finally spoke: “I believe this palace might be the mythical place where the sacred ancestor comprehends the dao during his late days. Its name is Undying Hall.” 

Her hair was quite long; the black and white in her eyes were clearly divided. Her eyelashes were long and curvy.

Her name was Nie Shuangshuang, an erudite cultivator and the direct disciple of Sir Canghai. She was also a seventh-ranked wisdom master.

Her focus was on the mysteries of the ancient ages, geography and astronomy, the five elements, and the trigram. She did her research before coming into this grave.

The paragons came by and noticed how peculiar it was, not daring to enter. They didn’t know that this was Undying Hall.

“If this is the case, maybe it’ll have a version of the Myriad-tribulation Immortal Law?!” The son of a domain lord started shaking from excitement.

Xiao Tianyue and the others had a similar reaction. Any version of this merit law, even an incomplete one, would be incredible.

“Haha, humans, you must be tired of living for wanting our saint’s merit law.” Billowing demonic clouds came over.

Ten or so figures were in there - both male and female. They had long, white hair and were quite young as well.

These were the top geniuses of the White Spider Race. Lord Xueshuang was among them as well, looking sexy in her red dress. 

She was Princess Feiyuan’s aunt so she was part of the royal clan, still relatively young in the grand scheme of things.

Feiyun was hiding behind a boulder, more than happy to see a fight between these two groups.

“Let’s kill these demons first then figure out how to get in afterward.” Xiao Tianyue decided.

All twenty humans started attacking right away.

“Fearless fools.” Lord Xueshuang waved her hand and unleashed a white slash of energy, sending one of the geniuses away.

Her fingers became longer, stretching forward in order to pierce this genius.

“Whoosh!” Xiao Tianyue took out a divine sword and unleashed a thunderous slash in retaliation.

Lord Xueshuang was forced back by this sword energy. She smiled, spewing out white silks and using them like beams.

Xiao Tianyue was a top genius for a reason. He activated the divine sword and covered several thousand miles of area with energy. It turned into a sword domain, successfully cutting the spider web.

“Hmm, the humans do have some capable geniuses.” She became more interested in this genius and decided to go all out. Demonic energy came out of her pores, turning into a demonic domain.

The other nine demons were capable. All had their own domain after reaching the fourth level.

The humans had several powerful combatants. For example, Mo Taijun - the son of Crimson Wood Domain Lord, Nie Shuangshuang, and the blue-haired girl. They could fight evenly against ancestors from ancient clans.

As the battle waged on, Feiyun was thinking about how to get into the palace.

Why did the turtle not get attacked by that mysterious force? Was it because it hid all of its aura and power?

He then thought about the genius who was killed earlier. He attacked the palace and faced retaliation.

When he first tried to come in, that force simply tried to pull him in. When he tried to resist, that’s when it became violent.

Maybe when I show aggression, the retaliating force will be doubled. So if I show zero aggression, it won’t attack me. Feiyun thought that this hypothesis was worth pursuing.

“Boom!” A human prodigy suddenly struck and crushed Feiyun’s boulder. His bottom also hit the fruit.

“Ow! What hit me!?” The fruit screamed and got out of the invisible robe.

As for the human prodigy, he screamed even louder. His buttocks were mangled from the fruit’s thorns with blood gushing out.

“What the fuck, that hurts so much!” He grabbed hit butts and saw the blood.

However, his attention suddenly shifted from the pain to the screaming fruit.

Feiyun had no choice but to knock the youth unconscious and said: “Mao Laoshi, follow me, we’re looking for your grandpa.”

He didn’t dare to put on his dragon-phoenix armor because there was a top wisdom master present. She might be able to recognize too much.

Anything related to dragons and phoenixes was considered peerless treasures. If this news were to spread, the humans or even members of these two races would come after him. He would have nowhere to go then.

He turned his weapon essence into a spear and flew towards Undying Hall. The fruit followed right behind him.

The first to notice him wasn’t Lord Xueshuang but Xiao Tianyue. The guy humiliated him on his wedding day, taking his concubine away.

Feiyun used his spear against him during the ambush so he still remembered its aura. Since the second young noble from War Camp told him to drop this, he stopped trying to seek revenge. Nonetheless, this was still unforgivable.

“Haha, you again!” Lord Xueshuang saw him too and shot out an arrow-like spider string.

“His life is mine!” Xiao Tianyue slashed and destroyed the arrow before coming after Feiyun.

“Bullshit, my life is mine!” The saints’ ashes in his body erupted, allowing his spear thrust to nullify the incoming slash. He then focused on entering the palace instead.

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