Chapter 915: Void World

The fruit soared through the air with incredible speed. It eventually got out of the fog and arrived at a void world.

It stopped and said: “The aura of the saint originates from there.”

Its spiritual awareness was impeccable, allowing it to sense anything saint-related.

The group landed on a cliff. Behind them was more fog; to the front was an abyss. There were numerous floating boulders, islands, and even continents in this area.

Incredible architectures were built on the larger islands and continents. Massive bones were there too from unknown races.

They saw spirit flashes and sword glints in the distance. People have made it here before them.

“A grave of a saint is indeed unfathomable. Just the entrance alone blocked most out.” The turtle looked back and said.

They spent several months in the starting area - just the entrance. Many cultivators wouldn’t be able to make it through this path despite trying for a lifetime.

Feiyun looked through the fog and saw the main entrance. It seemed to be ten meters away yet it took more than three months of flying. If it wasn’t for the fruit, he might need decades.

“Maybe only Heaven’s Emergence experts can figure the path out.” He said.

The three entered the illusory world and landed on the next boulder. They then leaped to another island, gradually heading for the center of the grave.

“It’s best to be careful, only the big shots made it here. One finger strike from them can inflict massive destruction. We need to stay hidden.” The turtle became anxious since it felt several monstrous auras - strong enough to cause the nearby floating structure to shake.

“Indeed, prudence is the best choice.” Feiyun knew his current ability and didn’t want to compete against those paragons.

For the next several days, the three stuck to the outskirts and hid inside bones or abandoned palaces.

“Shit! These bastards took all the treasures in this palace already!” The turtle broke down a gate and saw broken formations. The treasures that have been gestating inside were taken.

Feiyun entered and smiled: “This ancestor died so long ago. Anything here would be broken, the few special ones lasting long enough are too rare and people probably took them all already.”

“I can sense a few that are still unopened, maybe there are treasures in there.” The fruit rolled in and said.

“Haha, my child, take me there already!”

This void world was massive with numerous islands and continents. They flew around for three days before finding a pristine location.

There were two floating continents spanning for several hundred miles each, completely black and tough.

In the middle was a pagoda-shaped palace made of unknown material. It didn’t have any defensive formations yet still lasted the weathering of time. Though it looked tattered and broken, it still impressed the group.

Other palaces needed the defensive formations to be around. On the other hand, this one could last an eternity.

Of course, there were many damaged places. One corner had collapsed along with jade pillars and steel walls. These pieces floated nearby.

The turtle picked up a glazed tile and started chewing. Its eyes lit up and quietly stored it in its shell.

Feiyun picked another up - it was around a foot long yet weighed more than eight thousand pounds. The surface had signs of weathering - spots and discoloration. Nonetheless, it still had a faint golden radiance.

The fact that it still existed was a testament to its special characteristic.

“I saw that. This is made from gilded water god jade.” He said.

This material was used for tenth-ranked spirit treasures, extremely rare and precious. One pound was worth more than ten thousand spirit stones. This meant that the tile in Feiyun’s hand was worth eighty million spirit stones.

While Feiyun was surprised, the turtle took more than twenty tiles without saying a word.

Feiyun regained his wits and also took sixteen. He also got a red pillar, three meters long and one meter wide. Its weight was more than three million pounds.

It had an irregular shape after being eaten by time. He wiped away the dust, revealing a fiery radiance that hurt his eyes.

“A pillar made from the bones of a firebird!”

This was a top and ancient demon race. Its bloodline was quite prestigious. Their bones could be used to refine top pills. All alchemists desired it.

“Hmm, those alchemists would go crazy after seeing this.” Feiyun was ecstatic. The treasures in this grave were insane.

He also saw a wall made out of Golden String Spirit Stones. He and the turtle pretty much took everything from the area. This was only one corner of the palace too.

“This palace is so strange. Feiyun, Laoshi, stay outside. Let me scout first.” The turtle acted courageously and raised its hand to stop Feiyun, wanting to put itself in danger first.

Feiyun obviously knew what it was up to. If he were to wait outside, everything would be gone in the next second.

“Uncle, my grandpa is so brave, a true role model. Is he going to be okay scouting the palace?” The fruit became worried.

“Yeah, he should b-” Feiyun wanted to enter as well but suddenly, a terrible and dreadful aura came from within.

An invisible hand came for him, wanting to drag him in.

“Shit, run!” A pair of crimson wings materialized behind Feiyun’s back. He summoned a white saber and slashed the air, sending out a mighty wave of energy looking like a river of fire.

He was at the third level and had ample fighting power. The energy wave struck the gate of the entrance but didn’t even cause a single ripple.

“Boom!” Something from within sent him and the fruit flying.

Feiyun parried with his saber and still flew for several miles before stabilizing.

“Why is something like that in an abandoned palace?” He had a serious expression. His hand on the saber was bleeding.

“Uncle, is my grandpa going to be okay?” The fruit asked.

Feiyun stared deeper into the entrance and didn’t see anything: “There’s something amiss here. The other paragons must have come here and noticed it, that’s why they didn’t enter.”

“What should we do? We can’t abandon my brave grandpa!” The fruit panicked.

“I’ll try again.” He tried to enter through the collapsed corner but an unknown power still attacked him. He managed to get away using his vessel.

“How come my grandpa didn’t get attacked earlier?” The fruit asked.

He pondered and couldn’t come up with an answer. However, he noticed that another party was coming. They must have noticed the commotion.

He put on his invisible cloak and dragged the fruit to hide behind a large boulder.

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