Chapter 914: Mao Laoshi

Spirit energy and laws continuously entered Feiyun’s body. They refined each drop of blood and instilled strength into the bloodstream.

Each drop of blood could easily crush a Heaven’s Mandate cultivator.

“Boom!” A bone around his left leg started changing. It became red and resplendent just like a divine bone.

A faint image of a phoenix flew out. The aura of the bird was present as well.

This was the sixteenth bone. The more he got, the better his talents and constitution.

“Boom!” The seventeenth appeared on his right thigh.

An ocean of energy was rampaging inside his dantian. The azure vessel floated in this turbulent water. More ashes from the saints fell into his dantian and traveled to the rest of his body, looking like stars.

Thirty million specks became thirty million stars. Some fused into his bones, teeth, bloodstream, internal organs…

The laws within them wrapped within him. If people could see the specks, they would see lights shining inside Feiyun. Each speck represented a single truth of the dao.

The third diagram of the Golden Silkworm Scripture emerged in his mind. It released 3,600,000 variations into the rest of his body. Each silkworm had a different pose and action.

The specks of the saints and the diagrams were stacked on top of each other.

He wanted to use the intent of these saints to help him learn the scripture. It would accelerate his comprehension speed numerous times. Moreover, he didn’t need to do it himself either. This would be an automatic process.

“Strange, why do I sense ancient wills emanating from him? Does he have an ancient treasure?” The turtle stared treacherously at Feng Feiyun, seemingly wanting to break a bone off for a look.

“Grandpa, me too, but I think they’re saint wills.” The fruit said.

“What?!” The turtle jumped from astonishment.

“Saint wills.” The fruit repeated.

The turtle lost its patience and ran over. It picked up Feiyun’s finger and opened its mouth for a bite.

“Boom!” However, a monstrous power erupted and sent it flying.

“Sigh, Grandpa, I know you’re emotional right now but you shouldn’t be trying to kiss him.” The fruit said.

It thought that it understood the turtle since their meeting was exactly the same.


On that day, it was running away underground but was caught up by the turtle. The turtle became very excited and grabbed it for a bite. However, it ended with the turtle losing one tooth due to the fruit’s hard shell.

The fruit was rightfully furious and wanted to curse the turtle for the unprovoked attack.

However, after a long conversation, it realized that it was a misunderstanding. The turtle wanted to kiss it, not bite it.

It turned out that the turtle was actually its grandpa.

“I’m really your grandpa, I swear to heaven, if I’m uttering a single lie, let tribulation bolts rain down upon me!” Back then, the turtle looked extremely emotional with tears streaming down. It hugged the fruit and asserted.

That’s how the two of them met.


“Are you okay, Grandpa?” The fruit came over to help the turtle up.

“Cough, it’s okay, my waist just hurts a little.” The turtle said.

“But you don’t have a waist…”

“Pop!” The turtle knocked the fruit’s head and said: “I can’t be displaying my waist for everyone to see, right?”


Feiyun got up at this point; his skin was smooth and soft like a baby. The pores pulsed radiantly.

Though his robe was covered in blood and tattered; his body brimmed with power.

“Third level.” Feiyun chuckled and stretched out one hand. Waves of power gathered into the form of dragons. “What a lucky breakthrough.”

“Lucky?” The turtle walked over with the leaf hat and the stick again, acting cool and wise: “If I didn’t save your life, you would be registering in hell right now.”

“So I should be thankful?” Feiyun was in a good mood.

“No need for that, just let your child accept me as a god grandpa.” The turtle then said: “Here, he’s my grandchild, his name is Mao Laoshi. Say hi to your uncle.”

Mao Laoshi? [1]

“Nice to meet you, Uncle.” The fruit said.

Feiyun glanced at the black fruit and recognized that it was the sacred true fruit earlier.

“I’m not your uncle.” He responded.

“What are you talking about? Your son is my adopted grandson so he has to call you uncle, obviously.” The turtle said.

Feiyun didn’t care for any of this. He gazed at the fruit and thought about how eating it would grant him the knowledge of a saint.

The fruit didn’t recognize Feiyun at all. Perhaps when it fell to the ground, it wasn’t fully sentient.

This is the sacred fruit? It seems a bit stupid. The turtle must be up to something.

“What are you doing, going around accepting grandkids everywhere.” He resisted the urge of breaking the fruit down.

“No, he’s my real grandson, my flesh and blood.” The turtle said indignantly.

Feiyun naturally didn’t buy it. Nonetheless, he was impressed that the turtle managed to trick the fruit. I feel like I’ll become dumber after eating this fruit, not smarter.

“Well, let’s go, my grandson knows how to travel around this grave.” The turtle said.

“Really?” Feiyun stared at the fruit in astonishment.

“Yes, Uncle.” The surface of the fruit glowed and created an illusory image of a child’s face.

Feiyun then placed the coffin on top of the fruit. He and the turtle sat on the coffin.

“Whoosh!” The fruit flew with extreme speed.

“There’s a saint aura here but given my speed, it would take me three months.” He spoke.

“It should be a saint artifact in the legends - Earth’s End Ruler.” The turtle said.

“Hmm, if that artifact is really here, it’ll cause quite a stir.” Feiyun became excited.

Saint artifacts all had incredible powers. Not all saints were strong enough to refine them either. It required saint-level materials, not just cultivation.

For example, a piece of metal needed intelligence. It cultivated by itself and reached the saint level. This was the requirement for it to be a saint-level material.

Of course, a common piece of metal couldn’t do so. The base needed to be incredible, similar to the saint root that Feiyun obtained earlier. There was a chance that it would grow up to be a saint tree.

The problem here was - since these materials were strong enough to become saints themselves, why would they let other saints refine them?

That’s why actual saint artifacts were exceedingly rare. Feiyun’s spirit vessel might be a saint artifact.

Unfortunately, he lacked control over it and couldn’t even enter the internal area. The only function available to him was flying.

‘How come I’ve never seen a saint artifact before in my previous life? The paragons and sages of the phoenix race should have left some behind…’ He rubbed his forehead, thinking that he was a failure of a clan master. He never had any contact with anything relating to saints.

According to the legends, this Earth’s End Ruler created by White Spider Sacred Ancestor could measure anything.


1. Laoshi means naive and overly honest

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