Chapter 913: Turtle’s Grandson

“Stop running!” Eighth Lord Gu stopped, unable to handle the indignation of being pursued by a half-demon. He wanted to go all out and kill Feng Feiyun.

Huang Yuesheng stopped as well.

“Not running anymore?” Feiyun stepped out of the fog while being cautious.

The young lord snorted and released violet energy from his dantian. In this radiance was an old man wearing a trigram robe. His face was still young and had a white moon on his forehead.

Feiyun stopped after seeing a Heaven’s Emergence aura and laws circulating around him.

Yue Huangsheng was surprised as well. Why was there someone in Eighth’s dantian?

“Lowly half-demon, you should feel proud for forcing me to use my ace card.” Eighth Lord Gu’s expression turned cold and murderous. He created a sword mudra with two fingers and suddenly pierced Huang Yuesheng’s forehead.

“Wh-why…” Yuesheng’s eyes were wide open with shock as his life slowly passed away.

“Pluff!” The young lord pulled his hand back and a force within caused Yuesheng’s skull to crack.

“Sorry, Brother Huang, no one can live after seeing my secret.” He said before adding another horizontal slash, severing Yuesheng’s body into two halves. 

He then stared at Feiyun and said: “Your turn.” 

Feiyun started wondering about the figure in the dantian. A soul? Was this the real master of this body? 

He didn’t have an answer but wasn’t afraid either. He activated the power of the stone coffin. It released a billowing blood torrent with a corrosive nature, looking like a blood fiend rushing forward.

“Boom!” Blood slammed into the violet energy, akin to the collision of two skies.

The old man in the violet energy suddenly released a violent energy, akin to a star explosion.

He opened his eyes that looked like two black holes. They shot out two rays and broke through the coffin’s defense, striking Feiyun in the chest.

“Ugh!” His sternum and several ribs broke. Blood splashed everywhere and his dantian received considerable damage.

“Coffin!” He gritted his teeth and summoned the coffin back with the last of his strength, wanting to release another blow.

This meditating old man was strong but there was something off about his physical form. He wasn’t unbeatable.

If he were a paragon at the Heaven’s Emergence level, he would only need one move to kill Feiyun. Thus, the fact that Feiyun was alive showed that he could be beaten.

He seemed to be surviving while relying on Eighth’s dantian. Killing the guy meant killing the old man as well. This was the only thing Feiyun could come up with for victory.

However, the moment he activated more of the coffin’s power, the old man stretched out his palm. The five fingers pressed down with a cosmic force.

The coffin fell and slammed on Feiyun. The consolidation of energy crumbled.

Both him and the coffin got sent to the ground, creating a huge pit.

Eighth Lord Gu smirked and gave chase, releasing a vertical slash.

Suddenly, a black ray from the ground shot upward while carrying Feng Feiyun. Its speed was unreal, instantly disappearing from sight.

“What the hell?!” The young lord wanted to give chase. However, when he channeled energy, he coughed out blood and felt as if he was being pricked by thousands of needles.

His injuries were quite serious. The only thing keeping him going was his mental fortitude.

“Don’t chase, you can’t catch up anyway.” The old man in his dantian said.

The young lord got down to the ground and meditated. He started glowing to heal his injuries while speaking: “You can kill a fourth-level with one move. He’s only at the second level and got hit twice, I’m sure his soul is finished.”

“You’re underestimating him. That coffin should have a frightening background, maybe he has a capable master behind him.” The old man’s lips never moved despite words coming out.

“Just a half-demon, no big deal.” The young lord said: “But, he does know about your existence. We can’t let him go back to Crimson Leaf. He has to stay here forever, dead or alive.”

“That’s the right mindset for success, always deal with things down to the roots.” Violet energy engulfed the old man and receded back into the young lord’s dantian.


This perilous situation was a conscious choice on Feiyun’s part. The moment he noticed the old man’s terrifying cultivation, he came up with two plans.

The first was to run away using the spirit vessel. The second was to give it a shot.

The first only had a fifty percent chance of success. The vessel’s speed was fast but the old man might be able to bring him down even across a long distance. Feiyun wasn’t confident that the mysterious power of the vessel would help him again.

The second choice had an even lower chance of success. In the case of success, he would take down the young lord and the old man. As for losing, he would be able to reach a desperate state and stimulate his potential, perhaps finishing the third rebirth.

He fell into the boundless darkness again. His life force was nearly depleted, only his soul remained.

He was being carried by a black fruit through the ground with an unknown technique. After a long trek, it drilled out of the ground and tossed him down.

“Good job, Grandson. You brought him back.” A white turtle jumped down from a boulder, walking on two legs with a wooden stick. It wore a big leaf on its head like a hat, looking like an old man.

The black fruit seemed to be made of metal and had numerous thorns. A metallic glow covered it as it rolled next to the turtle, looking like an excited kid playing with his grandpa.

The turtle gently patted it before looking at Feiyun’s cold, broken body. 

“This scourge is finally dead.” It sighed.

“Who is he, Grandpa?” The fruit had an innocent voice.

The turtle fixed its leaf, seemingly falling into remembrance. After a while, it spoke with a serious expression: “A bastard.”

“Oh? Then why did you tell me to save him, Grandpa?” The fruit asked.

“Saving a life is better than building seven pagodas. We need to have a heart of compassion.” The turtle said: “Haven’t I taught you before? A minor act of kindness is still worth doing while refraining from committing immoral acts regardless of how trivial they are.”

“But, Grandpa, didn’t we only meet today…?” The fruit thought that this scolding was undeserved.

The turtle froze for a moment before putting on a pained expression: “Are you actually suspecting that your father isn’t my own flesh and blood? Child, you’re hurting my feelings!”

“No, of course not, how can I ever doubt your words, Grandpa.” The fruit said.

Tears streamed down the turtle’s face as it glanced at the coffin: “Look, he probably thought that this would be his last day and even prepared a coffin. Child, you need to learn this from him. Opportunities come to those who are prepared. If he didn’t have this coffin, we would need to bury him in the wild. Come, let’s give him a proper burial.” 

“Poof!” Feiyun’s body suddenly became engulfed in fire. It came from within.

This was a fire of life, not destruction.

The turtle and the fruit hugged each other and got away.

“Grandpa, is he a zombie?” The fruit asked.

“Nonsense and ignorant too, this is a rebirth process. The bastard is like a cockroach.” The turtle said.


Feiyun’s wounds were healing at a visible rate. The fifteen phoenix bones ignited into flames; a faint shadow of a phoenix rushed out from each.

The fifteen shadows hovered around Feiyun, looking like fifteen wisps of flames.

Laws of life and death began to gather in the area, akin to small rivers entering the ocean. They seeped into his flesh, bones, hair, and blood. More and more power accumulated in his body.

His skin became resplendent and translucent while brimming with a golden Buddhist glow and crimson flames.

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