Chapter 912: Aqua Moon Saintess, Xuanyuan Yiyi

The girl floated in the air while holding her sword. Her body harmonized with heaven and earth. Each of her curves brimmed with beauty and perfection. She looked like a painting scroll hanging in the air.

“How could such a sword technique exist?” Lord Xueshuang got up from the ground with a perplexed expression.

The entire region seemed peaceful; even the air currents had stopped and rotated around the girl.

She put down her finger in an elegant manner and said: “The world of swords is real, hence its ability to break the myriad laws. The world of hearts is illusory, thus a sword technique can be as untraceable as the winds. When combined together, their fusion makes everything possible.”

Of course, fusing these two affinities was easier said than done.

Lord Xueshuan seemed to be enlightened and stared at the girl: “So young yet so wise, who are you?”

“Xuanyuan Yiyi of Aqua Moon.” The girl had black hair draping down like a waterfall. She looked to be out of this world, unstained from any impurity.

“I will remember your name. Let’s go.” Lord Xueshuang took the spiders and disappeared into the white fog.

Eighth Lord Gu and Huang Yuesheng were grievously injured. Nonetheless, they still got on one knee and bowed: “Thank you for saving us, Saintess. We are truly grateful.”

When they got up, they exchanged glances because she was nowhere to be found.

“The saintess is like a phantom, we can’t ever catch up.” Huang Yuesheng said.

“Even the elders are respectful towards her, she’s on the same level as the paragons. It is our fortune to meet her.” Eighth Lord Gu said.

“Unfortunately, even the successor of Aqua Moon won’t be able to save you two from me.” Feiyun said menacingly while standing in the fog.

“Who is it?!” Eighth Lord Gu noticed the direction of the voice and immediately summoned a defensive treasure.

“Me.” Feiyun walked forward and finally got out of the fog once he was within ten meters of the young lord.

“Haha, it’s you, half-demon. Can’t believe you’re still alive. Looks like A’ying didn’t kill you yet.” Eighth Lord Gu laughed.

“The fact that I’m alive means they’re dead.” Feiyun casually responded.

Eighth Lord Gu’s expression became serious. Normally, he wouldn’t be afraid of Feng Feiyun. Alas, he and Huang Yuesheng had grave injuries. They wouldn’t be able to exert even ten percent of their strength.

If this half-demon was able to kill A’ying’s group, it meant that he was an actual threat.

Of course, the young lord wasn’t afraid of trouble either. He snorted and became resplendent. This was his domain named Skyreach Ocean.

The flames had a blue shade and consisted of numerous shapes - beasts, runes, mountains… meteors…

Feiyun put on his dragon-phoenix armor and had a strong bloodthirst. He lunged forward for a claw attack.

“Phoenix Incineration!” The claw was a fifty-sixfold attack.

“Skyreach Firmaments!” The young lord raised both hands in the air and utilized his domain. The flames formed nine layers to retaliate against Feiyun.

The explosion from the collision chased the fog away.

“Myriad Beasts Force!” The beasts inside Feiyun’s body roared. The ashen remains of the saints also lent him their power, culminating in an impressive punch.

“Scarlet Kun Avatar!” The young lord used one of his clan’s best techniques. A massive Kun appeared behind him, spanning for who knows how many miles.

The crimson creature had a fish body and two wings. It inhaled and exhaled clouds and fog. Its eyes were like two suns, exerting immense pressure.

The beasts fought against the Kun, painting a primordial picture.

The former roared while the Kun showed off its boundless strength. If it fell into an ocean, it would cause an unending tsunami.

Meanwhile, the young lord couldn't believe how strong this half-demon was - able to stop his clan’s attack. How could a half-demon be a top genius?

His murderous intent surged since he believed in one particular creed - always remove a tree and its roots to prevent further complication.

He wanted to kill Feiyun now despite his injuries, not later. Plus, he would never retreat before a half-demon.

He then took out a stone talisman the size of a fist. It was created from an ancient rock carrying a trace of time. It recorded an event in the past and was at the Heaven’s Ascension level.

His hand turned into stone while he was holding the talisman. The hand obtained a terra affinity, borrowing the power of the land.

Feiyun took out his own talisman, looking like an unpolished piece of jade. A warm light engulfed his hand.

The two attacked at the same time. The talismans in their hand caused the air to twist chaotically. Shockwaves made the recovering Huang Yuesheng back off.

“Boom!” Cracks appeared on Feiyun’s talisman.

“Wretched half-demon, your talisman is too low level, probably got it for cheap from the shop, right? Haha, that shit can’t compare to a talisman refined by our paragon!”

The young lord released a mountainous fist strike, creating another crack on Feiyun’s talisman.

Huang Yuesheng decided to join the battle and ambushed Feiyun from behind. They wanted to win as fast as possible.

“Rumble!” Both were top geniuses from medial clans and could take down ancestors from the ancient clans. The only thing holding them back was their injuries.

Feiyun decided to go all out. He summoned his stone coffin and threw it towards the duo. The lid opened and iron chains came out from within.

A dreadful aura and the wails of specters manifested. He sent all of his Buddhist energy into the coffin and activated one strand of its power.

“Boom!” The young lord used his talisman to strike the coffin’s wall. Blood from the wall suddenly oozed out to attack the talisman, resulting in a crack.

“What? A tenth-ranked spirit treasure?!” He became alarmed. Just one strand alone cracked his powerful talisman.

Feiyun didn’t respond and activated more of the coffin’s power, destroying the domains of the duo.

Both were sent flying, becoming more injured than before. They had cracks and gashes all over, on the verge of breaking down.

“This half-demon really has a tenth-ranked spirit treasure.”

“We need to leave now. We’ll heal up and kill him for that treasure later.”

Feiyun gave chase, holding the coffin in one hand and the weapon essence with the other. He coldly uttered: “You two think you can leave this place alive?”

“Wretched half-demon, just one finger of ours is enough to take you down if it wasn’t for our injuries.” Huang Yuesheng looked down on half-demons.

A net made of special metal flew out from his sleeve and covered his retreat path.

Eighth Lord Gu also released a shuttle-like treasure, as sharp as can be. It traveled through a hole in the net and aimed for Feiyun’s forehead.

These two top geniuses had no lack of treasures. Even their jewelry and clothes were spirit treasures.

“Boom!” Feiyun easily sent them back with his weapon essence. The shuttle struck Yuesheng’s back, resulting in a bloody hole. The youth let out a painful shriek.

Feiyun then swung his saber again, cutting through the net.

“That weapon can cut through anything!” Eighth Lord Gu was furious and frustrated. He never thought that a half-demon would be able to drive him to the edge.

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