Chapter 911: Mythic Genius

More than three hundred demons were left. Their eyes had a white glow as they took out their sword, eager to fight.

“Haha! Sexy indeed. Brother Gu, she’s far superior compared to the half-demonesses you were with before.” Murong Jiankang laughed.

“Daring to compare me to half-demons? You’re courting death.” Lord Xueshuang was furious.

She slowly raised her snow-white hand. Heavenly runes circled around her arm just like demonic serpents.

The three crafty youths have been deliberately mocking her to make her lose her guard. However, they didn’t expect her to be so strong.

The entire area felt the pressure coming from her attack. She swung her hand down and demonic clouds descended.

The old men from the three clans summoned their soulbound treasures. Several dozens flew up to stop her attack.

“Boom!” The clouds crushed and turned them into scrap metals, falling all over the ground.

The old men became grievously injured from the loss of their soulbound treasures and were sent flying.

The three youths became alarmed and had a bad feeling about this.

“Soul Suppression Robe!” Murong Jiankang summoned a tattered gray robe. It looked ordinary but once belonged to a Buddhist paragon. Since it listened to his chantings for years, it gained a Buddhist affinity and some of his auras as well.

Later on, the Huang experts refined it into a suppressive treasure. It gradually became massive while floating in the air, eventually sucking Lord Xueshuang inside.

“Haha! We got her. This will be a lot of contribution points. Two birds with one stone.” Murong Jiankang was confident in this treasure.

“Summon it back.” Eighth Lord Gu was still anxious.

Murong Jiankang read a Buddhist mantra in order to recall the robe. However, it started shaking violently and kept on growing in size.

“What the hell is happening?! The robe can’t suppress her demon soul?!” He vomited blood and sent it towards the robe. 

The blood started burning right away. He wanted to use his blood in order to empower the robe.

A sword ray cut through the robe and its energy soared upward. Lord Xueshuang flew out of the gap.

Her red robe fluttered like a beautiful rose as she wielded a glowing sword. She thrust it through Jiankang’s mouth, piecing all the way to the back of his neck.

Sword energy erupted on the blade and reduced his head into fleshy bits.

“You underestimate me, this paragon’s robe alone can’t suppress me.” Lord Xueshuang looked dignified and intimidating. Her skin had spider runes forming a strange diagram.

“A royal member! Eighth Young Lord, Young Lord Yuesheng, run now! I’ll stop them!” An old servant shouted!

These two were smart enough and had already started running the moment they saw her breaking through the robe.

The remaining old men from the medial clans rushed forward to attack the demons. Unfortunately, they were mere moths rushing towards the flames and were quickly put down.

“Chase those two humans!” The demons began their pursuit.

The valley was crushed by their battle. The ground had cracks all over along with corpses from both races.

Ripples appeared in the air and turned into a door. Feiyun came out and flipped Murong Jiankang’s corpse up. He shook his head and said: “What a shame, Eighth got away.”

He gathered the two hundred demon corpses. This should be plenty of points.

He also got spirit stones from them that contained numerous treasures, pills, and materials. There were talismans and badges as well. Murong Jiankang had plenty of good stuff. Even his decorative rings and jade bracelets were spirit treasures.

A top talent from a medial clan was rich indeed.

“You’ve killed too many.” He suddenly heard a girl’s voice from behind.

His expression soured. He had no time to think about how pleasant the voice was and instantly summoned his weapon essence, thrusting behind with haste.

His spirit awareness was impressive yet she could appear behind him without notice. Her cultivation was absolutely monstrous. He needed to take the initiative in order to stay alive.

A white figure darted through the air and dodged his attack. He couldn’t see her clearly even with his heavenly gaze.

“There’s too much blood on your hands.” Her voice came from behind again.

He calmed down and realized that she didn’t wish to kill him. He said: “I didn’t kill them. The demons did.”

She was shrouded in auspicious fog and clouds. She looked around a bit before agreeing: “I see.”

Her voice was pleasant as the sounds of water dripping in an immortal spring, truly unforgettable once heard.

“Who are you?” His voice became serious.

No one answered him. He looked around and she was already long gone.

“So powerful!” He then pursued the duo again, following the auras and blood stench in the air.

Just a bit later, he felt powerful demonic energies clearly from Lord Xueshuang and the demons. They have caught up to the two but couldn’t do anything yet.

That one girl alone stopped them!

“You have done enough. Leave now and I’ll spare your life.” She was transcending with an immaculate physical appearance. She spoke without any pride and arrogance.

She had a sword behind her but it wasn’t tied to her back. It merely floated as if there was an invisible domain there. It looked like a part of her.

Lord Xueshuang snorted: “How dare a brat like you boast in front of me?”

She waved her hand and two armored demons rushed forward. They were at the fourth level and had cultivated their own domain.

The two domains appeared - one was a glacier world and the other was filled with bones.

The girl sighed. The sword behind her left its scabbard and exuded a spiritual radiance. An illusory world of swords manifested. There seemed to be countless immortal swords floating in there.

“Whoosh!” The sword returned to the scabbard.

Lord Xueshuang’s complexion turned white as some of her hair fell to the ground.

“Rumble!” The demonic jewels of the experts around her exploded, causing them to turn back into white spiders. They have lost their cultivation.

Just one sword crippled more than three hundred demons. This was harder than just outright killing them.

Lord Xueshuang stared at the girl and said: “Sword Heart World! How can a young girl like you reach this state?!”

“Swords have their world and so does the heart. Overlap the two to reach this state.” She replied.

“We’ll see how strong you actually are!” Lord Xueshuang was a member of the white spider’s royal clan. She decided to go all out and turned into a red phantom.

The girl stood still until Lord Xueshuang’s sword thrust was before her. She then raised one finger. It was flawless, seemingly carved from jade - slender, soft, and elegant.

A righteous sword energy gathered at the fingertip. Worlds manifested and pushed forward, easily pushing the demoness back.

It looked as if she was blown away by a gust and fell to the ground. She didn’t yell at all since it wasn’t a violent technique.

That finger technique served as a sword but it wasn’t meant to kill. It could repel the strongest attacks by using the power of the winds.

Feiyun took a deep breath while watching from a distance. He stared at the girl and murmured, “a mythic genius!”

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