Chapter 910: Tree Root

The massive tree withered and seemingly evaporated from thin air, leaving behind a deep pit. The soil nearby collapsed and covered half of the pit.

Feiyun saw a black lump with a strange shape sticking out of the soil. It looked like a thick root with black, shimmering scales.

He took it out and found that it was two meters long. Nonetheless, it weighed more than a thousand pounds.

He sensed a collosal energy of life within, surging like a river.

“Hmm, a leftover root?” The Sacred True Fruit was a gift of nature, impossible to seek without enough luck.

Though all of its essences have entered the fruit, the remaining forces most likely turned into this root.

Maybe years later, it would sprout and become another tree. This was more than enough for the trip even if he couldn’t get anything else from the grave.

He suddenly heard footsteps beyond the fog again along with demonic energy.

‘They caught up? It’s impossible to lose them.’ He calmed down and put away the roots.

His eyes flashed murderously as he put on his invisible robe and took out a purple talisman.

He spent one million spirit stones buying this talisman. Its name was Firmament, refined by a fifth-level Nirvana Cultivator.

However, its corner was damaged. Otherwise, its value would be far more than just one million.

Lord Xueshuang led the demons to the tree area. She looked at the pit and slightly pulled up her dress to crouch down. She picked up the soil and sniffed it. Her bright eyes glanced upward and said: “His presence. He was here not long ago.”

Suddenly, a purple talisman emerged out of nowhere. It released a destructive radiance.

“Watch it!” The demons leaped backward but some weren’t as fast as the explosion.

More than ten were instantly killed. Their corpses fell on the ground with smoke coming out.

A few dozens were grievously injured with their armor broken. 

After several exchanges, Lord Xueshuang knew that this human had a stealth treasure. He could hide his aura but not the spatial ripples of the air.

Xueshuang knew where he was after he threw the talisman and unleashed a palm strike.

Feiyun knew how strong he was so he instantly ran after tossing out the talisman. He used his phoenix wings and soared upward, disappearing into the fog.

He didn’t summon the spirit vessel due to its conspicuous aura. It would be a bigger target for his opponent.

“Whoosh!” She unleashed another one up in the air.

Feiyun swung his sleeve and released ten defensive talismans, creating ten barriers to stop the palm strike. He increased his speed in order to escape her attack radius.

“Damn it, he got away again.” Murderous intent flashed in her eyes.

“Keep on searching!” She ordered. The survivors gathered again to chase after the faint aura left behind by Feiyun.

Meanwhile, Feiyun used his fiery wings to flee. He coughed out several drops of blood, ‘this woman is too strong, even ten couldn’t stop the attack completely.’

His phoenix wings technique was actually faster than Swift Samsara. However, it was a straightforward movement technique while Swift Samsara was hard to predict.

The wings were suitable for traveling while Swift Samsara worked better for close combat.

‘I need to get to the third level. The wings will be far faster afterward, she won’t be able to catch up then.’ He was under immense pressure and wanted to break through.

He knew that he was very close already but performing the third life-death process could be dangerous given the circumstances.

This land was strange and boundless. On the seven days, he saw other humans and demons. He kept a distance and didn’t want to interact with them.

‘Many have entered now, powerful humans too.’ Another two days passed. As he was traveling across a mountain range, he noticed human footsteps.

He calculated and found the auras to be familiar. He followed them and eventually saw Eight Lord Gu in a valley. More than ten old men from the Gu accompanied him.

There were two more prodigies from medial clans - Murong Jiankang and Huang Yuesheng. They brought their own experts as well.

They were the top prodigies in Crimson Leaf, strong enough to intimidate the ancestors from the ancient clans.

They wanted to find treasures and legacies in this grave as well. They were resting in this valley right now after preparing stealth and defensive formations. They naturally understood the danger in this place.

The Gu was tricked by Feiyun and suffered great losses. Even one paragon has fallen and their army annihilated.

Eight Lord Gu looked angry as he sat on top of a jade platform to recover energy. They clearly fought a bloody battle earlier and managed to get out.

Feiyun was on top of the cliff nearby and looked down. A smirk formed on his face.

‘Eighth, this is what you get for trying to kill me.’ Feiyun put on the invisible robe again and disappeared.

An hour later, Lord Xueshuang and several hundred demons surrounded the valley.

“That human’s aura disappeared here, he must be inside.” Lord Xueshuang said: “There are stealth formations… hmm, they’re not erected by him. It’s another group inside. Did he lead us here on purpose to be killed by the ones inside?”

“Keke, his little scheme can’t trick you, Lord Xueshuang.”

“The humans inside are relatively strong but they're no match for us. My Lord, should we kill them?”

“Seems that he wants to use us to kill the humans in the valley. I rather not help him out. Let’s continue searching for his presence.” Lord Xueshuang smiled beautifully.

The demons didn’t fall for Feiyun’s ploy. However, the humans inside the valley had a different idea.

They noticed the demons right away. The three prodigies became alarmed.

Remember, Eighth Lord Gu was brilliant and smart. Unfortunately, he had one weakness - lust for half-demon girls.

Since he liked half-demons so much, he naturally liked actual demons even more.

“Fluttering silver hair, gorgeous figure, elegant like a dancer.” His eyes flashed as he stared at the demoness in red.

“Eighth Lord, this demoness is extremely strong, this will be difficult.” An old man spoke softly.

“Don’t worry, I brought a soul-suppression treasure from the clan, it should be enough to stop her.” Murong Jiankang smiled.

“What are we waiting for, let’s go!” Huang Yuesheng took out a one-meter-long talisman, seemingly made from jade. Lightning bolts surged on the surface; inside was a monstrous energy.

Lord Xueshuang’s group wanted to pursue Feng Feiyun and didn’t think much of the humans due to their cultivation.

However, they didn’t expect these humans to have such a high-level talisman. The talisman descended from above and unleashed lightning bolts everywhere.

Each looked like a lightning dragon empowered with a Heaven’s Emergence aura, enough to kill a powerful demon.

It only took five seconds before more than two hundred demons were burnt to a crisp. Lightning and embers sparked on the corpses.

The formations around the valley deactivated and the humans walked out.

“Brother Huang, I can’t believe you have a top offensive talisman refined by a paragon. I am in awe.” Eighth Lord Gu happily chatted.

“This will be a lot of contribution points. This trip is worth it even if we don’t get any legacy.” Murong Jiankang nodded in agreement.

“Your clan’s army was sacrificed by the demons, we’re helping you get payback.” Huang Yuesheng added.

Lord Xueshuang was furious as she walked out of the lightning waves and scattered dust. Demonic energy surrounded her so she was completely unscathed. She uttered coldly: “Weaklings, I showed mercy by not killing you all. How dare you offend me?”

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