Chapter 91: Six Giants

The Grand Southern Prefecture was one of the eight grand prefectures of the Jin Dynasty. Even though it was located in the southern desolate border, it was vast and had great riches. The great powers, like the Feng Clan, numbered no less than a dozen. To be considered a great power, normally, there would be an ancestor of the Giant level presiding within. There could be one, or two, or even multiple Giants.

The strength of these great powers was directly related to how many Giants they had. This was the paramount influence of the Giant rank.

Outside of these top ranking great powers, there were also immortal sects and big clans.

These sects and clans’ numbers exceeded one hundred. This was the middle power of the cultivation world at this prefecture, and they had the ability to rule over one county.

To be able to rule over one county was quite incredible. They were not lacking in experts, and each of them had more than ten thousand disciples and clan members.

To be able to be considered a big clan, the sect or clan would need at least ten characters of the elder ranking at the God Base realm, or enough to scare away the little bandits and become a county overlord. The more powerful sects and clans would have more than ten characters of the elder ranking and could even have a half Giant. These groups would only need one more step before becoming a great power.

There were also countless little sects and clans below the big powers. They occupied an ancient city or a town. There were too many of them and they couldn’t be fully accounted for.

This arrangement was the overall pattern of power in the Grand Southern Prefecture’s cultivation world.

So, there must be a Giant presiding to be considered a great power. However, at the moment, there were several Giants inside the Mortal Life Cavern. They were old monsters that had lived for hundreds of years. If they exerted their entire power, then they could shatter the entire Jing Huan Mountain into pieces in just one day.

There were conflicting interests between the great powers, such as the Feng and Qin Clans, and these conflicts have lasted for more than eight hundred years. But at this moment, the Feng ancestor and Qin ancestor had set aside their hatred and joined forces to attack the woman corpse on top of the yellow well.

In front of benefits, hatred could temporarily be set aside.

All of the six Giants rushed forward together. They came from different great powers and all of them had ferocious auras along with heaven-defying techniques.

They originally didn’t want to fight together because that would be a degradation to their reputations, but this godly temple was truly strange and that woman corpse was too terrifying. If they didn’t fight together, they essentially couldn’t shake her.

This scene was truly shocking. It had been a long time since several Giants had to fight together. The entire Jing Huan Mountain began to shake as if there was a godly beast, from the high ancient era, emerging from the mountain.

The brave cultivators that initially stayed behind had all ran away. This was a stage for Giants to compete on. A character that was not at the Giant rank didn’t have the qualifications to stand in this place. Plus, even if they stayed behind, they would surely be rendered to dust by the fierce battle aura.

Of course, the Feng experts who wanted to trap Feng Feiyun also all retreated. To have a weak cultivation — like Feng Feiyun — yet to still dare to trespass into the forbidden temple… Everyone who did this had died inside the temple, and no one believed that he could survive.

“Haha! Great Monk, look. There are people taking action instead of us. These are six experts of the Giant rank. With their combined power, it will be more than enough to suppress a corpse that has not come back to life.”

Feng Feiyun opened the window of the buddhist pagoda and stared towards the yellow well in the far distance. He felt that there were many chaotic shadows. With one thousand spirit powers all striking at once — this was too overwhelming and mighty.

If there was not an ancient formation protecting the buddhist pagoda, as well as Monk Jiu Rou’s cultivation, then this buddhist pagoda would have been crushed into a land of rubble.

Monk Jiu Rou shook his head and sighed:

“Useless! The yellow well contained the cultivation of the abbot’s entire life and was created by the refinement of his body. The six Giants simply cannot break through it.”

The Mortal Life Temple’s abbot, when he was still alive, was the bright light of the buddhist faith. His cultivation pierced through the heavens! Even that generation’s Jin Emperor wanted to call him his buddhist master. From this, one could see how powerful he was.

Even though the six Giants were extraordinary characters, they absolutely couldn’t compare to a celestial being like the abbot. The abbot used his life energy and body to create the yellow ancient well, so it contained great power. With the six Giants’ strength, it would be very difficult to break through it.

“Are you kidding me? The abbot might be powerful, but he had died for more than one thousand eight hundred years. The power of the yellow ancient well must have decreased over time. With the power of the supreme Giants, at the longest, it would be an hour before they break through that glowing light.”

Feng Feiyun voiced out his analysis.

In fact, the only reason Feng Feiyun said this was because he didn’t want to oppose Xiao Nuolan. The dying exhortations of the abbot remained lingering in his mind.

The grief of the red spider lilies, along with the death of a beauty, gave people an empathizing sadness.

On top of that, Feng Feiyun had also died once, so he was very sympathetic towards Xiao Nuolan. He felt that they were of the same type of people.

Monk Jiu Rou continued:

“You are wrong. That year, the abbot chose this location for the Reversed Life and Death Grand Formation for a reason.”

“Is there something special about Jing Huan Mountain?”

Feng Feiyun asked.

“There are so many spirit stone mines in Jing Huan Mountain, how could it not be special?”

Monk Jiu Rou replied.

“Bah, even though spirit stone mines are rare, this is not something unique to Jing Huan Mountain.”

Feng Feiyun naturally didn’t trust that the abbot chose this place just because it had many spirit stone mines. This explanation was a bit too forced.

“However, there are more than ten spirit stone mines in this mountain, each have great chances to give birth to spirit stones. The mountain contains enough resources for a great power to use for several hundred years. This amount of spirit stones, do you think they were just naturally created by the world?”

Monk Jiu Rou asked.

Spirit stones were the condensation of the world’s essence, like the spine of the world and the spirit marrow of the earth. To be able to obtain one spirit stone was already a great fortune, let alone so many spirit stone mines. This was indeed a bit unusual.

Feng Feiyun suddenly recalled the valley right outside the Mortal Life Cavern. Inside the valley was a vast amount of spirit energy, flowing like the lava. It was much richer compared to the regular spirit energy in the air by several times.

He suspected that there was a spirit vein, but, because he didn’t personally go down, he wasn’t sure. However, after hearing Monk Jiu Rou’s words, it almost confirmed his suspicion.

“Could it be that there is a spirit vein beneath Jing Huan Mountain? And the abbot used the yellow ancient well as the location to gather from the spirit vein and use its inexhaustible source of energy to breed Xiao Nuolan’s body? To reverse life and death into a supreme spirit physique?”

Feng Feiyun asked.

Monk Jiu Rou didn’t think that Feng Feiyun would correctly guess the spirit vein’s existence, so he nodded his head and sighed:

“At this moment, one-third of the spirit vein’s energy has already been absorbed by the yellow ancient well. Oh how great this energy is, it’s nearly endless. How could these Giants have enough power to destroy it?”

“So in the end, you only want us to go to our deaths.”

Feng Feiyun didn’t want to be the second fool, and he definitely didn’t want to desperately struggle against that evil woman.

“Not to die, but to save all living existences. You are at your youthful peak and should uphold the responsibility of destroying evil and protecting the dao. In the future, your reputation will be immortal…”

Monk Jiu Rou started to chatter endlessly again.

“Enough, enough, I am not interested in ordinary living beings. I am simply agreeing with you because of… Jianxue…”

Feng Feiyun bent down and picked up the Invincible Buddhist Staff. He was getting ready to leave the buddhist pagoda.

“Young Benefactor, I really did not misjudge you. Keke, didn’t I give you a fourth rank ancient pill, before? This is the time for it to be put to use. After you eat it, your power will greatly increase and be enough to fight against a half Giant. Together with the Invincible Buddhist Staff, you would naturally be able to suppress the evil woman and grant her salvation.”

Monk Jiu Rou smiled for the first time. With such a crafty smile, it was as if he had waited for this moment the whole time.

Mother! It seemed like this old bald donkey had already schemed all of this beforehand. He gave the fourth rank ancient pill to Feng Feiyun just so that he would use it at this moment.

Sigh, Feng Feiyun was in a lot of pain. He was saving this for a moment of life and death, but it seemed like he couldn’t wait any longer.

“How long does this effect last for?”

Feng Feiyun gritted his teeth and asked.

“One hour!”

Monk Jiu Rou also gritted his teeth.

“What!? Motherfucker, a fourth rank ancient pill only lasting for one hour? So if I can’t suppress that evil woman in one hour, won't I surely die once the effect runs out?”

Feng Feiyun really wanted to take off his shoes and throw them at Monk Jiu Rou’s face.

However, the power of a Giant was truly too great. Not to mention an hour, even one minute was enough to accomplish many things.

To be able to maintain the power of a half Giant for an hour, this pill was indeed worthy to be a fourth rank ancient pill.

Monk Jiu Rou carefully added:

“It can maintain a surge of power like this, but it will also leave behind a side effect. After an hour, when the medicinal effect of the pill is gone, you will directly collapse into unconsciousness. If it is light, then you will sleep for three days before recovering, but if it is severe… You will lie down for three months.”


Feng Feiyun had just eaten the fourth rank ancient pill. Then, he heard what Monk Jiu Rou said next and almost fainted from anger. However, he really didn’t faint. He simply kicked the shiny bald head of Monk Jiu Rou twice and immediately left the buddhist pagoda. With Feng Jianxue, he rushed towards the yellow ancient well.

There was only an hour’s worth of time so every second was very precious and couldn’t afford to be wasted.

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