Chapter 909: Sacred True Fruit

Entering the grave was akin to entering an internal world. A path reaching heaven emerged and stretched for an eternity.

This world was white. As he moved on, the path became narrower and colder - leading to the unknown.

The old woman was faster than a rabbit and was nowhere in sight.

Though there was nothing here, Feiyun could still sense something dangerous and took out his weapon essence. His weapon of choice was a spear. He utilized his Swift Samsara to traverse this path.

His speed was immaculate, moving several hundred miles in the blink of an eye. Alas, it has been three months and he still didn’t reach the end.

‘This might be an illusion or a trapping formation?’ He thought. 

Regular vision could be useless here. The impossible could happen in a saint’s grave.

He stopped and activated the heavenly gaze in order to obtain a better understanding of the situation. Alas, he saw the exact same thing. There were no illusions and formations.

‘That’s a saint’s grave for you, even entering is difficult.’ His intuition told him that something was wrong. Otherwise, it wouldn’t take this long given his speed.

Suddenly, he heard wind noises from behind. Many experts were catching up.

The leader was a demoness in red with silver hair. She led several hundred demons on the path chasing after Feiyun.

“The demons.” He used his gaze and saw their figures in the distance.

They also spotted him as well.

“Finally got him after three months.” Lord Xueshuang’s speed increased tenfold as she rushed forward, unleashing a finger strike. A beam shot through the air.

This demoness was mighty; the beam contained enough power to make space tremble.

The power of laws was embedded in this beam in the form of lightning arcs.

“Phoenix Incineration!” He became ablaze. Red feathers appeared on his hand before it turned into a phoenix claw. This allowed him to use a fifty-sixfold attack to destroy the beam.

“So strong!” He hurriedly backed off since his hand was bleeding.

This demoness was absolutely above the third level of Nirvana. She was faster than him too. It was only a matter of time before she caught up.

He glanced at the sides of the path. They were shrouded in fog so it was unclear. Alas, he could tell that only dangers awaited.

“Boom!” Another sword beam with a radius of one meter came from behind, aiming for his back.

He gritted his teeth, shifting to the left then jumping off the dao path into the fog.

“Boom!” The attack exploded and caused the fog nearby to disperse. Alas, it quickly appeared again.

A moment later, Lord Xueshuang landed on Feiyun’s previous position. She stared at the fog and wondered if she should give chase.

“Lord Xueshuang, is he a human or a demon?” The other demons got there and got on one knee. They all had a black mask hiding their face.

Her red dress didn’t cover her sexy shoulders. She smiled and said: “Definitely a human but he has some unknown methods to make his aura demonic.”

“There’s no end to this path and dangers await to the sides, what should we do?”

She contemplated for a bit before answering: “This is something left behind by the sacred ancestor to stop others from disturbing his slumber. We can’t get to the end, only a Heaven’s Emergence expert can do something like this. The grave isn’t meant for us, let’s keep on pursuing him.”

Having said that, she stepped into the fog and followed Feiyun’s traces. The other demons were right behind her.

Meanwhile, Feiyun had no idea where he was. His vision was limited to a radius of ten meters due to the ever-present fog. Even his divine intents didn’t work.

He has been running for many days now and eventually found a gigantic tree, towering at dozens of meters. The barks looked like iron scales with bright shimmers.

He met the pursuers several times already and nearly lost his life each time. Fortunately, the vessel and his dragon-phoenix armor kept him alive.

He was covered in dried blood. He sat down next to the tree and held two nether spirit stones in order to recover his energy.

Suddenly, a gust of wind similar to a sword attack came from above. He was always on guard and reacted quickly by leaping forward.


It wasn’t a sword but rather, a fruit falling from the tree. It weighed several thousand pounds and was black from top to bottom. It had plenty of sharp thorns just like a hedgehog.

He walked over and stabbed it with his weapon essence. It resulted in a metallic clank with some sparks. He looked up at the tree again and only saw the trunk, nothing else.

“What tree is this? The fruit shell is as tough as metal. Even the weapon essence isn’t leaving a mark.”

He turned his weapon essence into a long saber and unleashed a slash. More sparks came out from the point of impact.

“Boom!” The fruit wasn’t split open, only pushed deeper to the ground. It suddenly started running away as if it had legs, magically drilling into the ground.

“Does it have consciousness? A Sacred True Fruit from the legends?” He became emotional and followed the fruit underground.

The 8,000-year Sacred Typha Fruit he got back in Bronze Cauldron was impressive enough. Just two thousand more years and it would become a fruit coveted by Heaven’s Emergence experts.

However, this typha fruit was several tiers lower than this legendary fruit. The latter required 100,000 years of gestation and contained the knowledge of ten eras. Eating it would grant the eater’s immense knowledge.

Even a fool would turn into an intelligent saint versed in numerous aspects such as astronomy and geography.

Using its shell for soup could improve the intelligence of an embryo. The baby would become a genius later on.

Feiyun truly believed in his speculation and didn’t want to lose the fruit. Alas, it was too fast and he had no idea where it went.

He played it safe and returned to the tree. A mature fruit like that had intelligence and knew that Feiyun was an aggressor. It would either escape or attack him.

‘One fruit for each tree, there’s no hope of getting one. Hmm, but if I can bring this tree to Heavenly Kingdom, it’ll be a supreme spirit root that will help the realm change into a minor dimension.”

He began trying to dig up the roots then the tree. However, a strange sound came from above.

The tree started withering at a rapid pace. The trunk shrank and shrank to the ground before disappearing altogether.

He was surprised at first before realizing the reason. He sighed and said: “The fruit has matured and taken all the essences of the tree, hence the withering process. Oh, what’s this?”

He noticed something at the place where the roots used to be.

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