Chapter 908: Opening The Gate To The Grave

“Your Highness, the first wave of humans is here.” In the army camp, an old demon with eight arms standing beneath a jade platform bowed towards Princess Feiyuan.

She wore a laurel today and a long silk dress. Beneath her feet was a magical river; above her head were the stars. All of these wondrous qi images appeared around her.

“Quite fast, how many experts?” She calmly asked.

“They’re coming in a hurry, it seems to be a medial clan.” The old demon sneered.

“Then lead them into the sacred pit, let them be the first living sacrifices.” The princess commanded with a fierce gaze.

“Keke, affirmative.” The old demon left to gather a group of elites to stop the first wave.

This first group of humans was none other than the experts from the Gu. They received the message from Gu Changkong.

The army came out of a spatial wormhole. Numerous formations arrived with fluttering banners and billowing murderous intent. Their armors flashed brightly.

The leader was a paragon sitting on top of a nine-headed fiery bird. He was shrouded by the bird’s flames so one couldn’t see his appearance.

Nonetheless, his aura was especially bright and powerful. Others couldn’t stare straight at him.

“The white spiders want to open the grave but this is the Myriad-race Battlefield, they definitely won’t have that many experts here. Our clan alone should be enough to capture them all… hmm?”

This paragon felt something amiss. This high-level realm didn’t only have a demonic presence. The entire thing has turned into a demonic realm.

“This is bad, retreat now!” He urgently commanded. The received intelligence was far from reality. 

The demons here were exceedingly strong.

Meanwhile, Gu Changkong was in the demonic horde as well. He couldn’t believe how many demonic experts had arrived in this realm and started looking around for Feng Feiyun, realizing that this might have been a trap.

Unfortunately, the army of the Gu was too high in number and couldn’t retreat quickly enough.

“Haha, you’re not going anywhere.” The demon horde surrounded them and began the assault.

The eight-armed demon started with a punch, obliterating the fiery bird. A rain of blood and feather descended.

The battle lasted less than fifteen minutes before the humans were captured and thrown into the pit to be living sacrifices.

The Gu paragon was injured and wanted to escape. Alas, ten more experts surrounded and captured him. He was tied by powerful iron chains and thrown into the pit as well.

“Start the offering.” Princess Feiyuan ordered, looking like a goddess while standing on the platform.

The mental power of the demons gathered and connected with worldly powers. Black clouds gathered and unleashed lighting bolts downward towards the pit.

The Gu’s army had 120 million men. Their flesh and soul were being incinerated as they bellowed in agony. Some experts tried to escape the pit but were pushed back.

Several hundred miles burned during the ceremony. Eventually, runic lines faintly appeared, leading deep into the ground.

A faint image of a door spanning for a thousand miles manifested into reality.

“The demons are insane, sacrificing living beings will result in a heavenly tribulation.” A powerful voice sounded in the distance.

Ripples appeared in the sky as another army from a medial clan arrived. Chariots led the way along with hundreds of monstrous beasts. 

“The Gu’s losses are incalculable.” This was an army from an immortal city. Its lord came personally, wearing a golden robe. His eyes were bright and his momentum oppressive.

“That’s what he gets for wanting to monopolize the grave.” A palace lord sat inside a violet palace and laughed boisterously.

The humans from this theatre have finally arrived. Numerous wormhole pathways opened and armies came out.

Even vagabonds or regular soldiers came running, wanting to test their luck.

“Launch the assault.” Princess Feiyun didn’t waste words and ordered her men to start.

The coalition armies slammed into each other, causing the realm to quake violently. Numerous demons and humans were thrown into the pit.

The human lords knew that in order to open the grave, they would need living sacrifices. Thus, they threw defeated demons down there as well.

The victims’ flesh and soul were reduced to nothingness. On the other hand, the ethereal gate became more physical by the second. It shot out sacred rays and pierced the sky.

Meanwhile, Feiyun could hear the battles while hiding in the corpse. The power of laws was rotating. Some struck the citadel and destroyed the corpses.

This was finally a real battle between humans and demons. Blood flowed like rivers and millions fell.

Who knows how many days have passed but eventually, the gate finally materialized into being. It looked like an endless passage towards a heavenly world with auspicious energy.

In the end, the demons won because they had prepared more than enough. They had allies from the other races as well. Though the human race as a whole was stronger than the white spider race, their armies were only a small part of the overarching strength. 

“Offer the dead now.” Princess Feiyuan’s dress didn’t have a single speck of dust on it. She summoned a white demon jewel with blood runes on it. It looked like a shiny star in her grasp.

The corpses in the citadel were pushed down the pit as well. Souls began to gather.

Among the pile, the old woman who was playing dead suddenly got up. Her aged body was as fast as can be as she darted towards the gate.

“Someone’s trying to get through! They played dead!” Demon experts and even the human survivors from the distance saw the old woman entering the gate.

“It’s that grandma who sold information!” Cultivators who bought information from her recognized her. They gritted their teeth, angry at this crafty woman.

They felt that she purposely led them here so that she could take advantage of the gate opening and enter first.

“Look, that headless corpse is crawling towards the gate, what the hell?” Another saw a decapitated corpse entering the gate.

A paragon with a powerful heavenly gaze glanced at it and said: “There’s something alive in there, it got inside.”

A demoness wearing a silky red dress with a sexy figure summoned her sword. She got on one knee and said: “I apologize for my careless mistake, Your Highness. Please allow me to redeem myself by entering the grave and killing them.”

Her name was Xueshuang. She was in charge of the citadel so this was her responsibility.

The princess floated in the air and soul strands were flying towards her jewel. She became more holy and sacred, almost like a jade statue. “Go.”

Lord Xueshuang led several hundred experts and entered the death pit - another entrance to the grave.

On the other hand, Feiyun entered the main door and followed the spirit passage.

In his previous life, he never made contact with anything relating to saints. Calculation and divination were impossible as well. He never thought much about this issue until now.

As a ninth-level Heaven’s Emergence cultivator and the number one expert of a continent, how could he not be exposed to saints’ artifacts and legacies?

There have been a fair number of saints in history. One would appear during a prosperous era or even several.

The phoenix was the leader of the four great demon races, one of the most ancient entities. They had no lack of saints either.

Why didn’t these saints leave things behind to future descendants - talismans, artifacts, blood, regalia, dao lectures…

The more he thought about it, the more it didn’t make sense. This was too abnormal.

He found his past life to be illogical to the point of it being surreal.

How did he never think about visiting a saint’s grave back then?

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