Chapter 907: Death Ceremony

Though Feng Feiyun had white hair now and a demonic aura, the old woman still recognized him.

He naturally couldn’t pay this sum right now so he smiled: “You’re funny, Senior. Let’s not talk about money all the time, it’ll hurt our friendship.”

The old woman’s expression soured right away, no longer being as friendly as before. She put away the six notes and ignored him, focusing on the floating citadel instead.

She found a gap between the patrols and entered right away. The formations outside couldn’t stop her.

He put on his invisible robe and followed her, wanting to see what was inside. A stench of blood greeted him along with a monstrous energy of death. It seemed like a city from hell.

A sanguine aura along with blue flames engulfed the region. Suddenly, a roar erupted from the aura. Flames gathered to form a massive jaw wanting to swallow Feiyun.

“Whoosh!” He summoned his weapon essence and turned it into a saber, obliterating the jaw.

Another death strand turned into a massive palm that didn’t look quite human. It resembled an elephant-tiger hybrid and had lightning coursing through it. 

“Boom!” The old woman came out of nowhere and destroyed the palm seal with her walking stick.

“Child, this isn’t your playground.” She coughed and told Feiyun.

Remember, he was using the invisible robe yet she could still spot him. Her cultivation was insane.

To be exact, she couldn’t see him right now but merely felt his position. This required an adept understanding of the heaven and earth laws.

“Senior, what is this place?” He took off his robe and asked.

They heard gales from outside. The demons heard the commotion and hurriedly entered the citadel.

The one in front was a silver-haired woman dressed in white. She had flawless skin and clear eyes. She wore a white-jade crest and exuded a noble presence.

Behind her were four sexy demonesses with a captivating figure- voluptuous breasts, thin and soft waist.

A group of old men was behind them, as powerful as primal beasts in humanoid form. Their vitality churned inside like great rivers.

“Stop squirming when you’re already dead.” A black-cloaked member walked towards the center and stomped on the ground.

The flames and roars subsided; the citadel became quiet again.

The sanguine aura dispersed, revealing gigantic demon corpses. Some were ten times bigger than a mountain; one bone weighed dozens of tons. 

Blood was still streaming down; each drop contained enough energy to crush a Nirvana-realm cultivator.

“Princess, I think there’s something amiss. There might be an intruder who alarmed these demon souls.” An old man with eight arms said. His cold aura spread and caused the steel-hard bones to issue loud clunks.

He activated his heavenly gaze to take a look at the entire citadel. A while later, he had a confused expression: “I guessed incorrectly?”

“No one should be able to infiltrate this heavily-guarded location.” A demoness in red said. She had pink lips and a slender neck; her hair had a mystical glow.

She was in charge of guarding this citadel and didn’t think anyone could get inside.

The princess was shrouded by a demonic radiance. She said: “If Aunt Xueshuang says so, I’m sure no one can get inside. Everyone, return to your post. Tomorrow is of utmost importance, we can’t afford any mistakes.”

The demon experts left and the gate to the citadel slowly closed.

A long time later, Feiyun climbed out from one of the corpses, completely drenched in blood. He looked at the corpses and said: “The white spiders gathered other demon corpses here. The victims’ souls attacked me earlier.”

Why is she here? To seize these corpses for contribution points?

He was tempted as well. The weakest of the corpses was at least first-level Nirvana. Just grabbing these low-level ones should be enough to earn the title of War Monarch.

“What are you doing here, brat?” The old woman appeared again. Her face was full of wrinkles; her hair a mess.

Her face was slightly dirty so when combined with the scene, she looked like a ghost that had just climbed out of a grave.

He sighed and said: “These demon seniors were all top masters once, I can’t let their corpses rot like this so I want to bring them back to the human kingdom and let them have real burials.”

“Don’t touch these corpses. They’re dead now but the power within is still monstrous. Just one drop of blood can pierce through your body. A few grand demons here still have their souls lingering around. One strand of intent alone is immensely destructive.” She said seriously.

The piles of corpses here were incredible. The lowest pile was still thirty meters tall. Some auras were frightening. Just their wails and roars around hurt Feiyun’s eardrums. 

“Why are you here, Senior?” Feiyun asked.

“I’m here to observe and honor these demon paragons… Why are you giving me that look?” The old woman sighed as well.

Having said that, she took out a bundle of incense and actually lit them up in front of the corpses.

“Okay, fine, fine, the truth is that these corpses are sacrifices for the ceremony tomorrow. The white spiders want to summon their ancestor’s sacred soul.” She revealed.

“I see, Senior. You’re here to get into the grave early and grab all the treasures. Are you not afraid of being sacrificed too?” He asked.

“In order to open the grave, two ceremonies are necessary - life and death. The life ceremony is meant to open the path, the death ceremony is the awakening rite.”

“So that ancestor’s soul is still here? Impossible, even a saint’s soul can’t last this long.” He shook his head.

“Obviously, that soul is clearly gone now. They just want to gather whatever is left. Just one strand is still mighty.” 

“Right, should be enough to kill a Heaven’s Emergence paragon.” He nodded, aware of the old woman’s intention now. She wanted to rob the grave before the death ceremony.

She fell into a pile of corpses and stuck out her tongue then rolled her eyes, pretending to be a corpse.

His cultivation wasn’t as high so he hid inside a corpse, completely hiding his aura.

Tonight wasn’t a calm one for the camp either. Some human prisoners were released and a battle ensued.

Ninety percent of the prisoners were killed; their corpses were thrown into a citadel. Only a few managed to escape.

“How strange, how did they escape with their cultivation sealed?” A white spider who brought the corpses here wondered.

“I think the news of the grave is leaked. More human cultivators will come tomorrow.” Another said.

The gate of the citadel closed again.

Feiyun heard everything while meditating inside the corpse. Looks like that maiden from Lifeless tried to save the humans. I don’t sense her corpse, she must have gotten away.

He spent the night trying to understand the third diagram of Golden Silkworm Scripture. 

Time flew by and the second day arrived. The army of the demons mobilized again.

Eight hundred gigantic beasts pulled the citadel. They eventually reached the center mass of this high-level realm.

The army then spread into various formations to guard a radius of thirty thousand miles.

The entire region was engulfed in demonic energy. More white spiders were arriving as well.

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