Chapter 906: Main Camp Of The Demons

You Ziling’s lamp inside her forehead kept on flashing. Her robe fluttered with its energy waves as she used it to destroy the seal created by Lord Bai Yi. Her cultivation returned afterward.

The lamp taken by Lord Bai Yi was only an imitation created by the actual lamp’s embryo. The true artifact resided in her mind.

“What? You want me to take off my robe?” She became spirited again and didn’t want to strip in front of him.

She wanted to use her lamp to kill her way out. She turned radiant, akin to a goddess of war.

Feiyun shook his head: “You won’t be able to make it out, this is the main camp of the white spiders and they have their paragons here. Even your sect’s paragon, once imprisoned, won’t be able to make it out. You can go die by yourself later, just don’t drag me down with you.”

She gritted her white teeth after listening to him, thinking that this half-demon was quite annoying.

Nonetheless, she wasn’t a fool and calmed down, realizing that he was right. She could be ten times stronger and it still wouldn’t be enough to make it out. She needed to work with him right now.

Alas, awareness was one thing but actually doing it was different. To strip in front of a half-demon was quite discomforting.

“Hurry up, stop wasting time!” Feiyun pressed.

The demons outside were on the move, unhappy with Feiyun’s monopoly of this top female genius. Three relatively strong ones were slowly walking over.

She took a deep breath and began removing her robe with her jade fingers, being as elegant as can be with a hint of bashfulness. The latter made her appear pure. 

He sat down in the corner and observed her with a smile. This maiden is quite interesting, to actually strip right now. Another saintess would rather die than do this.

He admitted that it was magical watching a beauty strip.

She removed the outer layer. Only a faint blue inner garment covered her; it perfectly outlined her immaculate body. Any man would feel their heart beating faster at this point.

“Way prettier than with.” He smiled.

She glared at him. Her opinion of him worsened by the second due to his perverted nature.

He removed the leather armor then put on the dao robe for the dead corpse. It looked exactly like You Ziling now, just like a sleeping beauty.

Ziling was actually impressed by his method, capable of turning a corpse into her in a flawless manner. The paragons in her sect still wouldn’t be able to do this.

However, she became creeped out as well. What if he had some devious thoughts and turned another girl into her later…

She gritted her teeth and clenched her fingers again.

“You must have been a mouse in your previous life.” He glanced at her and said: “Put on that leather armor and think of a way to escape.”

Having said that, he began tearing the dao robe on the corpse apart - revealing its white legs, flat waist and cute belly button, and ample breasts. 

He then dragged it by the hair all the way out of the cell and threw it forward. “Boom!”

This scared the demons who were quietly approaching the cell.

He acted as if he was fixing his belt while murmuring: “This maiden or whatever is so weak, can’t even last a few thrusts, so boring.”

He then stared at the demons and pointed at the corpse: “She’s still warm so if you’re still interested, go ahead.”

You Ziling who had just put on the leather armor in the cell gritted her teeth again after hearing this.

Meanwhile, he smirked and walked out of the prison while propping his sword on one shoulder.

A middle-aged man chased after him and shouted: “Sir, Sir, please wait!”

Feiyun wanted to go find Princess Feiyuan but then heard the guy. He stopped and looked back: “You’re talking to me?”

“Yes, Sir.” The man bowed respectfully. He was a traitor from the Gu Clan, Gu Changkong.

Feiyun recently had a distaste for anyone with the last name Gu. He naturally didn’t like this guy either and shouted: “Who the hell are you? Why are you talking to me?!”

Gu Changkong seemed familiar with this demon’s fiery temperament. He still smiled and said: “Sir, you are Lord Bai Ji’s trusted follower, I’m sure you’re a high-ranking soldier in the army. I am lost in admiration and want to express my respect.”

Feiyun admitted that this human really knew how to be a sycophant, a true talent. He coughed and said: “True… but you better have a reason for wasting my time.”

“I heard that our great army is wanting to open a saint’s grave. Is it true?” Gu Changkong was still bowing.

Information gathering, I see.

“Because you seem like a smart fella, I will let you know a few things.” Feiyun’s expression became serious while feeling very amused.

Gu Changkong became ecstatic; his ears seemingly stretched out wider.

“We are heading to open the grave of White Spider Sacred Ancestor. There are saint artifacts left behind there along with the Myriad-tribulation Immortal Law, probably other legacies too. Do not tell anyone else this.” Feiyun acted mysteriously.

“Of course, my lips are sealed.” Changkong was startled to hear this.

“Cause there’s no time, we couldn’t invite top masters along with us since they’re busy with cultivation. It would be problematic if the humans were to find out, just one medial clan would be enough to annihilate us, that’s why you need to keep this a secret. Others might have a big mouth and we’ll be finished.” Feiyun warned again then laughed heartily and left.

Gu Changkong watched the departing demon’s back. His smile gradually disappeared. 

He flew out to a remote peak next to the camp and began writing a letter. He then crushed space and tossed the letter in there.

“Brainless demons, do you think it’s that easy to seal my cultivation?” He had a fierce expression, no longer the cowardly sycophant like before.

“Saint artifacts, Myriad-tribulation Immortal Law, legacies? Haha! This is a great contribution, we’ll reach a new height after seizing this grave.” He murmured to himself and waited for the experts of his clan to come.


The army camp spanned for thousands of miles in this mountain range. One could see demons patrolling everywhere.

He came across a familiar figure - an old woman holding a walking stick. She traveled across the rolling hills like a phantom, looking very suspicious. 

She was the one who sold Feiyun information.

‘She’s here too.’ This old woman knew too many things and could come here undetected. She must be someone capable.

He followed after her until the two made it to an iron citadel. Demonic and deathly auras filled the place. Plenty of guards were available.

She circled several times around the citadel, seemingly looking for an entry.

‘Where is this place?’ Feiyun could sense a nauseating stench of blood from within.

Suddenly, the woman disappeared. He looked around everywhere until he felt someone tapping on his shoulder.

A dry cough came from behind. “Brat, you’ve been tailing me for so long, you must be wanting to pay your debt, right?”

She then reached into her pocket and took out the debt notes.

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