Chapter 901: White Spider Sacred Ancestor

What a trap, just a few words in exchange for 1,600,000 spirit stones? No one would accept this.

Alas, this was a special circumstance and Feiyun found the information on this ancestor interesting. It pertained to a saint so spirit stones alone weren’t enough to value it.

Even if it was inaccurate information, it was still worth something.

Feiyun used a demon skin to write down two letters of debt for the old woman before asking: “Can you answer my question now?”

“These were for the previous questions, you have to give me another one.” The old woman carefully put away the pieces and smiled, not afraid of Feiyun refusing in the slightest.

He handed the third one over to her.

She took it and said: “Back in antiquity, this ancestor prepared a burial in space. The sacred energy then turned into world energy and transformed into a hidden realm. Only three people know its location.” She stopped here.

Feiyun understood and wrote another debt letter for her.

She smiled happily and continued: “The one who found it is a paragon of the white spiders, the master of their princess. This princess wants to revitalize her race so she came to the remnant armies in Wood Spirit, wanting to find the legacy of the ancestor so that they could rise again.”

“That’s two, who’s the third?” 

“A maid of this princess.” The old woman smiled.

“How do you know all of this, Senior?” Feiyun had a strange glint in his eyes.

The old woman raised her hand again.

Feiyun handed her the sixth letter.

“I simply guessed, do you believe me?” She smirked and ignored his reaction before waving the six letters in front of him: “Young man, you owe me 4,800,000 spirit stones now.”

“I’ll pay you once I have enough.” Feiyun turned and left.

The old woman smiled and sat back down before peddling once more: “Information for sale here! Confidential secrets for 800,000 stones. Recent developments for 10,000 stones! Demonic lairs’ locations, their forces, terrains, I know everything as long as you have enough money!”

“Little girl, I see that you’re a capable adventurer who dares to take risks, I have a useful piece of information for sale…” She managed to stop a female prodigy from an ancient clan and whispered mysteriously.

The girl didn’t take her seriously at first but the more she heard, the brighter her eyes became. Eventually, her expression became one of astonishment. She kept on handing debt certificates over to the old woman.

As for Feiyun, he started thinking about the captured female demons back in Red Cliff. Why would a regular demoness have the seal of a demon paragon?

This was suspicious indeed. He stopped thinking about it and sold the majority of demon corpses then bought more talismans.

Once he got back to this street, the old woman was nowhere to be found. Nonetheless, she was a hot topic now; everyone was looking for her.

The news of a saint’s grave quickly spread throughout the area. Putting its validity aside, just the words, “saint’s grave”, were enough to startle many people.

Not just the 875th division but other divisions nearby began paying attention.

After three days, all of Wood Spirit Theatre heard about it. It actually made its way back to the human kingdoms as well.

More experts heard about this. One could see young and old members of the powerful clans everywhere now back at the camp, even the top masters from the medial clans, immortal cities, and sacred palaces.

The older experts were looking for the old woman. Rumor has it that someone has figured out her identity - a renowned and prestigious big shot.

A while later, verification. Wisdom Masters back at the human kingdoms began researching this issue.

One found an ancient scroll pertaining to the White Spider Sacred Ancestor. Sure enough, the old woman’s story was checked out by the paragons of ancient grottos. The grave could actually be right here in Wood Spirit Theatre.

With that, more powers mobilized their forces to this theatre.

Of course, some disagreed and thought that this was a sinister plot. Moreover, regular people couldn’t get to this grave hidden in space.

“I heard that there’s a saint grave somewhere in Wood Spirit Theatre, the seniors from the medial clans are here now.”

“I think someone dug out a saint bone in Tiger’s Roar so they’re going there now.”

“Please, can’t believe you’re buying this. Someone said that there’s a grotto in a high-level realm, a paragon went there and found nothing.”

Recently, there has been so much news regarding the grave that people grew numb to it.

As for Feiyun, he stayed inside the camp recently. He opened the path to the kingdom and entered once more. His destination was an island with purple bamboo trees, each as thick as a water bucket.

They exuded spirit energy and made the air sweet and pleasant. Deeper in this thicket were five bamboo houses or so, surrounded by formations.

Feiyun opened one formation and entered the area to see a green lake.

“Feng Feiyun, Princess Luofu has your child right now yet you still bring back a demoness from outside? You’re a disgrace.” The turtle was sunbathing in the center of the river, looking quite lazy.

He went straight into one building and dragged out a demoness: “Are you Princess Feiyuan of the white spiders?”

The girl fell on her front by the lakeshore, revealing the fair skin on her back. Her white hair covered the ground; some dipped into the water and issued ripples.

Her amber eyes showed signs of panic as she finally spoke for the first time. Her voice was elegant and clear: “How do you know Princess Feiyuan?”

“I know that your goal is to find the grave of your sacred ancestor too.” Feiyun said while staring at the turtle in the lake.

He purposely tried to act aloof so that she would be caught off guard and show more emotions. His divine intents were completely focused on her.

Sure enough, her expression changed after hearing the word, “grave”.

The turtle became interested too after hearing this. It swam over and asked with greedy gleams in its eyes: “You know where that grave is? I heard this person is unbeatable, nearly turning the white spiders into a sacred race.”

“You know about this?” Feiyun was surprised because the sacred ancestor was from the archaic era. Even Feiyun didn’t have any impression of this demon.

“White Spider Sacred Ancestor is considered a mighty being among saints, creating the Myriad-tribulation Immortal Law and living for 120,000 years before passing away. That’s older than the phoenixes. In fact, this being defeated the saints from the phoenix race in that era too.”

At grand completion, a user of the Immortal Phoenix Physique could live for 90,000 years with 999 phoenix bones.

“Impossible, Immortal Phoenix is the best physique art in existence. Plus, the bloodline of the phoenix is far more noble compared to the white spiders. Phoenix saints couldn’t have lost to that sacred ancestor. Stop joking.” Feiyun disagreed.

“Keke, brat, you’re still too young and ignorant. Phoenixes are considered immortal birds and they do live longer than other demons. However, there is no lack of talents in the world, prestigious bloodlines aren’t the be-all-end-all. Someone with a weaker bloodline can still defeat them. Not all top masters are from the four great demon clans, stop being naive.” The turtle explained, acting like a wise master.

Feiyun had no response. Sure enough, his bloodline right now was that of a wretched half-demon. Could he not defeat the children of the medial clans? No way.

Bloodline alone couldn’t decide everything.

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