Chapter 90: Reversed Life and Death

“A great man always has an indomitable spirit. The evil woman coming into being will cause misery to all living beings. A good man naturally will not fear danger and will welcome difficulties, no matter how badly they will be beaten and will fight to the end.”

Monk Jiu Rou was sitting in the meditative pose with an excited expression while spits were flying everywhere.

Feng Feiyun asked:

“Then why don’t you do it?”

Monk Jiu Rou replied:


If it wasn’t for the chilling poisonous essences in Feng Jianxue’s body, why would Feng Feiyun still be here wasting time and nagging with this monk for so long? He would have ran away long ago. However, if Monk Jiu Rou was speaking the truth, then he really couldn’t leave.

Leaving was detrimental to Feng Jianxue!

“This poor monk has to use the boundless buddhist power to suppress the ancient corpses within the Mortal Life Temple and essentially can’t leave this place. Therefore, the responsibility of stopping the evil woman can only be shouldered by the two of you.”

Monk Jiu Rou was still pretending to play dead in his meditative pose. He had no intentions of standing up.

Feng Feiyun smilingly said:

“Fine, fine, I will take the Na Lan Buddhist Robe and Buddhist Jade Bead, then. You will also give me the fifth rank All Heaven Spirit Pill. I, of course, will go to suppress the evil woman without fear and definitely will not let her have a chance to revive.”

A fifth rank spirit pill was too valuable. It could be considered the king within medicinal pills. It can give birth to flesh and bones and allow others to break through an entire realm. Just by smelling it once, an ordinary person could prolong their lifespan by twenty years.

Every single one of these fifth rank pills was a priceless treasure and exceedingly rare in this world. The Grand Southern Prefecture had many big powers, but it would be a miracle to find one or two fifth rank spirit pills.

This treasure would, maybe, appear once every hundred years. If he was going to risk his life, then he naturally wanted to hold onto this fifth rank spirit pill first.

With this pill, it would be a cinch to cure the chilling poisonous energy in Feng Jianxue’s body. Once he obtained the pill, they would escape and wouldn’t have to look at Monk Jiu Rou again.

Monk Jiu Rou was also extremely smart, how could he not know what Feng Feiyun was thinking? So he replied:

“Young Benefactor, after you suppress the evil woman, then I will naturally hand the fifth rank spirit pill over to you with both hands.”

Feng Feiyun knew that this person was not an empty oil lamp, so he coldly snorted:

“Great Monk, you are trying to cheat us, ah!”

“A monk would never lie!”

Monk Jiu Rou replied.


Outside of the pagoda, a loud bang occurred. Inside the ancient yellow well came a vast light, like a blinding pillar that aimed straight for the high heavens. It connected to the red heart that was hovering on top of the ancient well.

The corpse of Xiao Nuolan was bathing in the light, causing her skin to be like ice jade. It was as if she was alive again and filled with the holy aura of a saintess.

The spirit spring water that was hovering in the sky originally numbered in a couple hundred drops, but at the moment, all of them were quickly flowing towards her body like countless celestials breaking through into her figure.

The seal of life was created in the middle of her eyebrows, like a tiny red plum. It was not red, but instead, white and full of spirituality.

“Oh heaven! This is the Reverse Life and Death Grand Law; is this person, who had died for one thousand years, about to come back to life?”

A cultivator of the early God Base realm was frightened by this scene.

“Everyone, there is no need to be alarmed. Even the strongest master activating the Reverse Life and Death Grand Law would only gain a little chance for survival. This chance is very ethereal, it’s not even one percent.”

There was a person who understood the matters of the Life and Death Reverse Law and knew that its difficulty was too great.

“Wrong, ah! I feel that the blood within that body is already active and slowly flowing throughout her body from her heart. The spirit energy inside the blood is mighty and powerful. It is as if she is really coming back to life.”

The people here were all cultivators. Everyone had spirit energy inside their bodies, so they were able to sense many things that the ordinary eyes couldn’t discern.

The person who spoke earlier was a cultivator with a great spiritual sense. His spiritual sense told him that a terrible disaster was coming, and an evil woman was coming back to life.

“And it's not only the energy of life, there is also an ancient killing intent that hates this entire world. I can faintly see a scene where blood was flowing like the river and mountains were built by human corpses. If this woman revives, then this would be a devil like never before.”

Even the other cultivators felt this unstoppable killing intent that caused others to shiver. It was emanating from the body that was floating in the air.

A peerless beautiful corpse, but it was even more of a ferocious monster.

No one was willing to see this evil woman come back to life, so a Giant made a move again!


This time, the person who took action was the Third Lord of the Sen Luo Temple. He transformed into a giant fiery man. Towering at a hundred meters and wearing a flying fiery armor, he wielded a hellfire spear. He roared and unleashed a crimson cloud of fire.

The fire and smoke filled the air with ferocious momentum!

This was an evil demon that could accept a move from the Jin Emperor without dying. Even after being imprisoned under the thirteenth floor of the Godly Capital Prison, he was still able to escape. This evil demon escaped just so that he could wage war against all directions.

Experts at the Giant realm were no joke. Only a simple fist was enough to create a small mountain of fire. This one fist alone was enough to raze the godly temple to the ground.


The harmonizing brilliance outside of the yellow well flew out, turning into a layer of light with enough power to stop the heaven and earth. Even though this powerful fist slammed into it, it was not enough to break through the impregnable defense of this light.

Xiao Nuolan had reached a critical moment and someone had created an absolute defensive formation for her. Even a Giant couldn’t break through.

This was not to say that the fist of the fiery Giant was not powerful, but because the technique of whoever created this formation was too brilliant. His cultivation was even more terrifying than the fiery Giant.

“Let me do it!”

Another Giant made a move. He unleashed a spirit energy several zhang long. The spirit awareness inside the sword was completely activated, turning into an ice crystal with the shape of a cicada, revealing the entire power of the spirit sword.

Godly Cicada Spirit Sword — this was a true spirit treasure!

“A fully awakened spirit treasure naturally would have unrivaled power. Everyone below the God Base realm should leave the Mortal Life Cavern now, or risk being killed by the power of the spirit weapon.”

Someone reminded others.

A master at the Giant realm — if he completely activated his spirit treasure, he could absolutely raze the godly temple from a thousand miles away. From this, one could imagine the real frightening power of a true spirit treasure.

All of these cultivators could feel the presence of the spirit treasure and were scared out of their wits. No one dared to linger for one second longer, and they all rushed outside of the Mortal Life Cavern like bees that lost their hive.

The remaining ones were either courageous or were especially confident with their cultivation.


The spirit treasure was indeed impressive. The fibrillation of one sword was enough to shake the brilliant light. The entire Jing Huan Mountain quivered as if multiple earthquakes were happening, causing many large chasms to form on the ground.

There were indications that this large mountain was about to collapse.

Although the power of the spirit sword was powerful, it was still not enough to break through the brilliant layer that surrounded Xiao Nuolan’s body. The red celestial heart floating on top of her forehead reflected a bright bloody ray.

The bloody ray was filled with cold killing intent; this was her counterattack.

Even though she was still dead, she was already able to fight back and kill the ones who provoked her. This was the sign that a female demon was coming into this world.


This bloody ray’s power was no less than the spirit treasure. It immediately hit the Giant, who just took action, and cut through his hair, almost bursting his head open.

This Giant was the ancestor of the Grand Development Immortal Gate. Even with a spirit treasure in his hand, he still almost died in the hands of the female corpse that had not yet revived. This, truly, was extremely embarrassing.

The hair of the ancestor of the Grand Development Immortal Gate was disheveled, and he rapidly retreated a few steps back. He raised his spirit sword to protect his body and was afraid that the female corpse would make another move.

If another killing ray was to come, maybe he wouldn’t be so fortunate to be able to dodge again. Only the power of a spirit treasure could stop the ferocious power of that killing ray.

“Huo Tuotuo, Qin Sanjun, Feng Yiyi… If you all don’t make a move right now, when this evil woman comes back to life, then no one would be able to stop her.”

The ancestor of the Grand Development Immortal Gate continuously named out several names of the other Giants. The real names of the people were all from a long time ago. At the very least, two hundred years ago was their period of fame where all of them were characters of the ancestors rank.

Huo Tuotuo was the Third Lord of the Sen Luo Temple, Qin Sanjun was an ancestor from the Qin Clan, and Feng Yiyi was an ancestor from the Feng Clan. There were also two names after these three names because they were all extremely famous and used to be kings of their generation.

Each of them was a grand character. One stomp was enough to shake the entire Grand Southern Prefecture. At this moment, they were all together in one place; no one dared to imagine how heroic and spectacular this scene was.

Could it be that all of the old men who were in seclusion for many years came here? Or could it be that they were hiding in the shadows and just had not come out?

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