Chapter 889: Gathering Contribution Points

“Boom!” The vessel’s true power hasn’t been activated but was still more than enough to send the wolf-tiger demon flying.

Its body was eviscerated with blood gushing out. Bones began to fall down - shiny with lines of runes.

Pieces of flesh also fell down; each weighing several hundred pounds.

Feiyun put away the vessel and landed. He caught the piece of leather that was falling down. The demonic character was still resplendent; the formational runes looked like seals containing the power of the terrains.

Because of the aura left behind, this skin was comparable to a Heaven’s Emergence talisman.

Feiyun put away the demonic jewel and flesh of this creature.

“A third-level demon is 1 point, a second-level is .1 point, a first-level is .01 point.” He read the manual regarding contribution points.

He had a total of 8.38 points now after killing seven third-levels, eleven second-levels, and twenty-eight first-levels. 

“Doesn’t seem that hard to get points.” Feiyun chuckled but then recalled about the death of the seventh-ranked senior on top of another hundred elites.

It seemed that any carelessness would result in total defeat.

Moreover, that wolf-tiger demon earlier and the six spiders were quite powerful. Even the elders would have died.

“I wonder how Lord Qing Ji and the others are doing against that great demon?” Feiyun used a spell to travel underground, returning to the old position.

It was better to be near the group due to the dangerous uncertainties in this place. If he were to meet a great demon alone, he would be finished.

Once he came back to the surface, he saw a broken realm with destruction everywhere. It seemed like the end of the world.

Chaotic energies remained in the air; there were holes in the spatial fabrics. Maelstroms also started eating the surrounding.

The commanders and the great wolf-tiger demon were nowhere in sight.

“They’re quite powerful.” Feiyun didn’t dare to use his divine intents. Doing so would mean potentially being spotted by other demons. Being surrounded would mean death.

He turned his weapon essence into a spear and began walking carefully across the battlefield. He saw many half-demon corpses, being eaten by the demons.

He sighed and gathered their remains. There were a total of nine along the way.

As he traveled further, he saw three wolf-tigers chasing a half-demon beauty. She had a fishtail and numerous wounds all over. Her quiver was empty now while the bow was broken.

“Lowly half-demon, how dare you come to the battlefield?” One wolf-tiger turned into a man and sneered with disdain.

“A half-demon, true, but she looks good.” A different one was pulling a thick, red chain looking like a steel serpent. It dragged on the ground, creating a deep mark.

“Whoosh!” The chain coiled around the beauty.

Feiyun turned into a ray and cut down the spear. He landed in front of the beauty and glared at the three demons.

“Master!” She was ecstatic and kneeled down. It was none other than Yu Dai.

The three demons felt Feiyun’s aura and became cautious. They turned back to their original form - mountainous creatures.

They roared in an intimidating manner. Feiyun didn’t care and turned into a phantom for a direct thrust, successfully striking an eye.

His weapon essence was sharp enough to crush the eyeball and flesh of this creature. It drilled all the way down as pieces of flesh splattered until the creature stopped running and fell to the ground.

Feiyun landed and looked at the corpse. Its skin and fur still had a demonic glow. He smiled and said: “Finally, a relatively complete corpse. It should fetch a high price since it can produce dozens of decent armors.”

“Hmph! You dare to make armors out of us? How dare you look down on our tribe?!” The other two demons attacked at the same time.

They were peak second-level Nirvana demons, spewing out corrosive water that was completely black.

A golden Buddhist light protected Feiyun. He leaped into the sky and used his weapon essence for a direct slash.

“Dragon King’s First Slash!” 

A draconic roar could be heard as a massive arc crossed the sky, decapitating one of the demons. Its huge frame dropped to the ground.

Meanwhile, the last demon descended from above, attempting to claw Feiyun’s head.

“Boom!” The claw struck the ground. Rocks crumbled and three large cracks emanated from the center, spanning for several hundred miles.

This was the ultimate blow of a peak second-level. Even a third-level would be seriously wounded if struck.

Feiyun flew out of the debris, still unhurt. He used a defensive talisman earlier beforehand and stopped the brunt of the attack.

“Die.” He severed one of its legs so it fell to the ground.

He leapt up and landed on its head, swinging his blade downward through its forehead then the skull. Brain matters oozed out.

He hurriedly put away the three corpses and took Yu Dai away from this area.

Sure enough, a while after he was gone, a great demon emerged and smelled the air: “Hmph, looks like this human is smart, not leaving any traces.”


The two ran for thirty thousand miles before stopping. He dug out a cave inside a cliff and created hiding formations. He let out a sigh of relief because he felt a great demon earlier. The aura was finally gone.

“Thanks for saving my life, Master.” Yu Dai bowed towards him.

“Why were you being pursued? Where are the commanders?” Feiyun grabbed a rock and began drawing on the ground - a calculation method.

Yu Dai gritted her teeth; her eyes turned red as she said: “Our first camp lost a lot of people, eaten alive by the demons. I don’t know how many are alive. I came back to find the commanders but the moment I released my divine intents, four wolf-tigers surrounded me. I killed one of them, you killed the other three, Master.”

“This is the Myriad-race Battlefield yet you dared to use your divine intents? The souls and spirits of the demons are extremely powerful. If your divine intents make contact with them, they will know where you are right away.” Feiyun stopped and stared at her.

“Thank you for your guidance, Master.”

Feiyun drew a circle with the rock. The ground lit up and turned into an ethereal image with mountain ranges and surging rivers, massive plateaus and deep valleys.

This massive image was quite shocking.

“Got it.” Feiyun smiled.

Yu Dai sat down on the ground. Her hair draped on the ground; her dress a mess. Her white skin was covered with a layer of dried blood. She had admiration in her eyes as she asked: “What is this, Master?”

“A world is made up of geographical lines. As long as I can find this outline, I can calculate the terrains of this place. What you’re looking at is the outline of Red Cliff.” Feiyun stared at the image.

Yu Dai was amazed. She had never heard of this wondrous method before.

“We’re staying at the second large-sized continent to the southeast. Let’s just call it Second Continent.” Feiyun continued.

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