Chapter 888: Bloody Battlefield

The portals leading to Red Cliff activated. Four seventh-ranked half-demons and five hundred elites walked out.

They were greeted by land covered in red rocks. The color looked like blood; some rocks were the size of a mountain.

This high-level realm was special. The gravity here was eight times higher than normal. A scorching air flowed chaotically. This had a negative impact on spirit energy gathering - quite unfavorable for human cultivators.

“Fourth Camp, to the square position, Third Camp, be on guard, Support Camp, stay in the center… Ahhh!”

A seventh-ranked half-demon flew in the sky and gave orders. Suddenly, a massive claw came down from the clouds, being several hundred meters long.

It smashed the half-demon down on the ground, bloodied. The assailant had insane demonic energy and bloodthirst. It opened its mouth and swallowed the fallen half-demon.

All of this happened in the blink of an eye. No one could react before the seventh-ranked half-demon became food.

“A grand wolf-tiger demon!” Lord Qing Ji reacted first. She summoned a blue lotus with nine petals and turned it into a lamp shooting out a blue beam.

The wolf-tiger demon roared at the sky and spewed out yellow corrosive water like a tsunami. Any half-demon touched by this water instantly turned into pus. Agonizing screams echoed as dozens of them died.

“We need to run now, hide your breath to not be spotted!” Feiyun leaped to the sky and shouted at the frozen half-demons.

Even a seventh-ranked half-demon became food, let alone these inexperienced ones.

Feiyun started running as well. Lord Qing Ji and the wolf-tiger demon were top experts using ninth-ranked spirit treasure. Just one remnant energy from the fight could kill a third-level Nirvana half-demon.

The groups started fleeing while the other two seventh-ranked half-demons attacked the demon.

“Crack!” The red ground cracked as several hundred white spiders came out. They were around one meter tall with even longer legs.

Their outer shell was quite hard. Their eyes flashed in an intimidating manner as they spewed out webs and captured several flying half-demons, pulling them down and eating them.

“Watch out for the webs, use second-level flames to burn them!” Feiyun roared again.

This infuriated the spider demons so they began attacking Feiyun with their webs.

He gathered flames in his palm and unleashed a massive seal to destroy the webs. It moved forward and pulverized dozens of spiders.

He then waved his hand and gathered the corpses into his spatial stones. These corpses could be sold for money since they were materials for alchemy and blacksmithing. Most importantly, they could be redeemed for contribution points as well.

The rest of the spiders were furious. Six particularly strong ones had humanoid forms, completely naked. They attacked him with their weapons.

They were at the third level and their weapons were extraordinarily strong. Each move crushed a thousand miles radius.

Feiyun didn’t want to be surrounded; he summoned his weapon essence and used Swift Samsara to force his way out.

The six spiders pursued him, not letting go like flies wanting honey.

“Boom!” An immortal-like old man appeared in front, riding auspicious clouds and holding a whisk. He had a daoist crest as well: “Fellow Daoist, let’s take down these demons!”

Feiyun activated his phoenix gaze. Two phoenixes appeared in his eyes. This old man was quite powerful.

The whisk became massive like a mountain as he swung it forward towards Feiyun’s direction.

‘A wolf-tiger demon, you can’t trick me.’ Feiyun had already prepared. His weapon essence turned into a saber as he unleashed a crescent slash, repelling the whisk.

The old man’s eyes turned red. The human form suddenly morphed into a massive beast with a wolf body and a tiger head surrounded by a red glow.

It wasn’t as monstrous as the one from the start, only around the third level or so. However, its battle prowess far exceeded third-level human cultivators. Its roar made the ground tremble.

The six spiders have caught up as well!

In this crucial moment, Feiyun calculated and leaped backward, deciding to unleash a fire talisman towards the spiders. 

It turned everything behind him into an inferno. This was a talisman refined by a fourth-level ancestor, comparable to the creator’s full-force attack.

The spiders turned to ashes, leaving behind six demonic jewels. Demons capable of transforming had a demonic jewel inside their body, similar to the dantian of humans.

Feiyun sighed while putting away the jewels. If he had captured them alive, they would sell for a high price back at Sixth Central.

The wolf-tiger became intimidated after seeing the fire talisman, wondering if Feiyun still had more.

“Your turn.” Feiyun’s weapon essence turned into thousands of swords rushing towards the demon. Sword energies rampaged the sky.

“Lowly human, you’re courting death!” The demon spat out a piece of leather. It became gigantic with numerous formations on it along with one demonic character with the aura of a Heaven’s Emergence.

“Boom! Boom!” It stopped the incoming swords.

The demonic character exuded a terrible power as if a great demon was here. This feeling was suffocating.

“Leather embedded with a character from a demon sage.” Feiyun was surprised.

The formations didn’t matter as much as that one word containing a master’s aura and seal. The weapon essence couldn't penetrate it.

“Damn right!” The demon then used it as a weapon, flapping the leather towards Feiyun in order to crush him.

Feiyun used Swift Samsara to hastily retreat towards the horizon.

“You’re not getting away!” The demon turned back into its humanoid form and rode the leather forward.

It spewed out the corrosive water. The jet shot through the sky towards Feiyun.

The ash specks inside his body activated. Buddhist light turned into a golden egg, fully enveloping him. The water couldn’t reach him due to this defensive barrier.

“Struggling is futile, lowly human, you’re nothing but food!” The demon attacked again with thirteen spirit swords.

“Whoosh! Whoosh!” The sword energies created canyons down below.

Feiyun stopped moving and summoned a vessel shrouded in azure light. It was as long as a mountain range while possessing a majestic and righteous power.

“Boom!” He jumped onto the ship and commanded it to smash into the demon.

The latter’s body cracked with bloody wounds everywhere. It became afraid due to the vessel’s billowing divinity.

It kept moving back and said: “A supreme artifact, a little human can’t have this…”

“Well, it’s mine.” Feiyun commanded the vessel to smash the demon again.

Blood dripped on the ground as the weakened demon was reverted back to its original form.

Feiyun had checked the surroundings - there were no more hiding ambushers. That’s why he dared to take out the vessel without worrying about its existence being leaked.

The demon used the leather piece again to stop the vessel. The character became resplendent, enough to illuminate the region.

The aura of a demon sage was no joke, enough to cause earthquakes.

Feiyun channeled all of his spirit energy into the Infinite Spirit Ring. The ring then sent this energy into the dragon-horde diagram. It caused the vessel to be faster for another slam.

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