Chapter 887: Wood Spirit Theater

The portal flashed in a blinding manner. Once Feng Feiyun’s group got out, they found themselves on a vast plain filled with barracks.

Some were on the ground; others floated in the air. Who knows how many cultivators were here?

“This is the Myriad-race Battlefield, Wood Spirit Theater, 875th division. Human heroes, welcome to the border. It’s time to fight for your kind’s prosperity and survival.” A middle-aged man riding a large wind beast came out from one of the barracks, fully adorned in thick armor. His spear was a ninth-ranked spirit treasure. His aura stirred the soul; he looked as majestic as a god of war.

To his waist was a black badge with the number - 18,159. This was his contribution number - a truly monstrous sum.

The ancestors from the ancient clans didn’t even have close to enough.

Keep in mind that just 100 points would earn one the title - Human Contributor. This allowed them to join the army of the territory lords. They would be treated like heroes after returning. Ancient clans would enthusiastically recruit them. After joining, they would have relatively high status there.

As for 1,000 points, the title would be Grand Contributor. They would become idols of sorts - the targets for recruitment of the medial clans to be their guest officials or generals.

At 10,000, these were all big shots, earning the title of War Monarch after returning. They would be given land in a domain and be allowed to start a clan or sect.

“Wow! A War Monarch!” 

The majority of the crown immediately kneeled. Even the prodigies from the prestigious clan got down on one knee; their expression was filled with respect for a true master.

The half-demons did the same to show their respect. Meanwhile, Feiyun stood upright and glanced towards the horizon. The same scene seemed to be happening in multiple locations.

‘Only an avatar, not his real body.’ He understood.

Nonetheless, these avatars looked so real and animated, possessing destructive capability. One spear thrust could change the terrain.

“Enter the barracks and prepare for battle. Those who prove themselves will be able to enter Wood Spirit Palace to pick cultivation merit laws.” The avatars said before disappearing from sight.

The prodigies from the big clans became excited after hearing the words, Wood Spirit Palace.

They came to train and earn points on top of learning top merit laws. Keep in mind that some of the merit laws found here were highly coveted by the medial clans. 

They were left behind by the fallen combatants and scavenged by the corpse cleaners in the morning. Carriages would drink them back to the barracks.

If one were lucky enough, they might find a merit law left behind by the ancient saints.

The half-demons were ecstatic because one of the reasons why they were weaker than the medial geniuses was due to a lack of merit laws. The ones available were too weak while their foes had access to the best.

They already had a weak constitution and impure bloodline. How could they ever keep up with inferior merit laws?

This was their chance to rise. They just needed enough contribution points to pick the right merit laws.

Even the seventh-ranked half-demons were moved and hurriedly entered the barracks.

Meanwhile, Feiyun had a serious expression. This battlefield wasn’t a joke. Earning points sounded simple but the casualty rate was more than ninety percent. Just earning one point was difficult enough.

He focused on a stone tablet carved with details regarding Wood Spirit Theatre:

Wood Spirit once belonged to Death Cloud World, a low-level theatre consisting of 1 Minor Dimension, 657 high-level realms, 70,800 intermediate-level realms, and countless low-level ones.

A low-level theatre like this one was less dangerous since it was after-war. In other words, the majority of fighting was over by this point; the humans have taken over.

Nonetheless, there were still remnant demons left behind. The soldiers here needed to find and eliminate them.

In spite of this, Feiyun didn’t dare to take it lightly.

“What a coincidence, your half-demon alliance is here too.” Eighth Lord Gu walked over, wearing expensive armor. Two spirited prodigies were right behind him - clearly powerful.

Even the third-level Nirvana half-demon elders were intimidated. Since there was no meteoric stone around, these prodigies could show their real cultivation.

Meanwhile, their escort armies blotted out the sky. These were the forces from their clans coming to protect them.

This was the resource of medial clans. Whenever their top prodigies came to the battlefield for training, they would be accompanied by tens of thousands of men.

Eighth Lord Gu stared at Feiyun and smiled: “Where are you going to train?”

“Our seniors will decide, you don’t have to worry about it, Eighth Lord Gu.” Feiyun calmly answered.

“If you want contribution points, go to Tiger Roar Minor Dimension, that’s the biggest battlefield in this theatre. The medial clans are all going there, do you have the balls to do so too?” Eighth Lord Gu snorted.

Tiger Roar was actually the most dangerous place here due to the high concentration of demons. 

“Of course we do! We’ll definitely go there!” Shi Dai waved his hammer and thunderously roared.

“Shi Dai, it’s up to the commander, we have no say.” Feiyun frowned.

“Yes, we won’t be going to Tiger Roar. Our destination is Red Cliff High-level Realm.” A blue lotus bloomed in the air. Its radiance illuminated the air. There was a faint figure inside - Lord Qing Ji.

Red Cliff was relatively dangerous but far less than Tiger Roar.

Feiyun nodded in agreement, this was expected. They had a limited number and this was their first time. Prudence was necessary lest they wanted to be eradicated.

Eighth Lord Gu’s haughtiness lessened after seeing a seventh-ranked half-demon: “The alliance’s foundation is weak and shallow, not going to Tiger Roar is indeed the right choice. Fine, you can just watch us get all the points, haha!”

In reality, he himself was wary of Tiger Roar. He would never go there alone without the help of his clan. Moreover, other prodigies were coming too.

Liu Suzi gathered numerous prodigies and their clans; this expedition’s goal was to enter Tiger Roar Minor Dimension.

This wasn’t to say that a high-level realm wasn’t dangerous. Even Heaven’s Emergence cultivators could still fall down there.

“Commander, why don’t we go to Tiger Roar?” Shi Dai stared at Eighth Lord Gu’s departing figure, wanting to smash him with the hammer.

Lord Qing Ji responded: “Red Cliff will do just fine for training and points. This is the Contribution Manual, everyone take a look. We’re going right now.”

She shot out blue rays that fly into the half-demons’ head, imprinting the manual within.

Meanwhile, a second seventh-ranked half-demon took out a wormhole stone. He locked onto the coordinates of Red Cliff before opening the portal. All five hundred half-demons jumped inside.

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