Chapter 88: Xiao Nuolan

The Mortal Life Cavern carried an endless darkness and had existed in this world for more than eighteen hundred years. The moment the Mortal Life Temple sunk underground, the Mortal Life Cavern naturally appeared in the world.

At this moment, most of the Grand Southern Prefecture was alarmed and all of the big powers had been gathered at this place. There were only a few sects and clans that were too far away, so they couldn’t send experts to this place.

The heavy rain had stopped, but the air was still very moist.

The remains of the Mortal Life Temple were still located underground and had an ancient and mysterious feel. Inside the bronze lamps and buddhist statues were all sorts of great treasures. They were bathed in the buddhist chants of the high monks and had the power to calm the mind and suppress evil.

After one thousand years, everything in this place became a priceless treasure, worthy of being studied by many Wisdom Masters throughout their entire lives.

The cultivators present were all people that wanted to fish in troubled waters. Even though they wouldn’t be able to seize the unparalleled buddhist treasures, if they could pick up even just half of a buddhist bead, then it would have been worthwhile.

“Eighteen hundred years ago, the Mortal Life Temple was the most sacred ground of the buddhist faith. Each and every monk was enlightened enough to pass on their own doctrines and establish their own temples.”

“I heard the abbot of the temple, at that time, was a grand character of the buddhist faith. Back then, he was a person that was respected by everyone in the world. Even the Jin Emperor wanted to call him his buddhist master.”

“It was such a sacred buddhist ground, with experts as numerous as clouds, yet it was still completely massacred, and even the temple was sunken under the ground. Who did they offend to bring about such a calamitous fate?”


There were many cultivators with great knowledge present that had heard about the legends of the Mortal Life Temple. However, they didn’t know that the high monks were all killed by the abbot and that the temple was also destroyed by the abbot because of a woman.

This was a scandal of the buddhist faith! There were buddhist disciples that knew about the secret, but it was greatly hidden, and they were unwilling to release this matter to the world.

Feng Feiyun followed the group of cultivators to enter the Mortal Life Cavern. He stood outside of the dilapidated godly temple and looked towards the yellow ancient well. The woman corpse was still floating on top of the well, her perfect white skin was shining like jewels with godly flashes of brilliance.

“Whoosh whoosh!”

Strands of spirit spring water continuously flowed in the air and into the body of the woman, filling her with vivid life, wanting to seize her fate once more so that she could come back to life.

Wanting to revive after being dead for more than eighteen hundred years — this was easier said than done.

Feng Feiyun’s cultivation had once reached the ninth level of Heaven’s Emergence and was known as the number one of the world. However, in order to revive the dead, he would still need to pay a heavy price that was basically half of his life.

Plus, the higher the cultivation of the dead, the harder it would be to revive them.

To revive an ordinary person, Feng Feiyun’s past life could accomplish it by sacrificing half of his life.

However, if the dead was someone with the same level of cultivation as Young Noble Flawless, then Feng Feiyun would have had to risk his life just to attempt it.

Therefore, a powerful cultivator absolutely wouldn’t revive someone else. Not only would it require a forbidden technique, but it was also a gamble with one’s own life, and the chance of success was less than one percent.

One could only imagine how difficult it was to defy the heavens and change fate.

Even though this corpse woman was pale, her facial features were exquisite. With a long and slender figure, it would only be something to marvel. It was no wonder why the abbot was deeply in love with her and was even willing to die. And even after death, he couldn’t forget about her and even wanted Feng Feiyun to spare her life.

“I deserve to die, she should live on.”

Feng Feiyun softly whispered this phrase.

At this moment, if he handed the Na Lan Buddhist Robe and Buddhist Jade Bead over to Monk Jiu Rou, with his cultivation, along with the two sacred buddhist treasures, he would naturally be able to destroy her last sliver of life and turn her into dust or remnants of bones.

However, what could he do to not disappoint the plea of the abbot?


A spirit wave channeled from the woman corpse. Her finger seemed to be moving gently. Many people saw this scene, but they had to rubbed their eyes, thinking that they were imagining it.

However, the finger of a dead person moving was an indisputable fact. This was a lot more surprising than evil corpses moving about.

One person curiously headed towards the yellow well. They were still ten zhang away before a chilling light emanated from the woman’s forehead and immediately pierced through this cultivator, turning him into a pool of blood.


This chilling light was extremely powerful. After penetrating the body, the light continued on and created a deep hole under the ground. It was pitch black, and one couldn’t see the bottom.

The murderous energy was truly too sharp. With a decisive killing intent, its presence covered the entire Mortal Life Temple. Within this woman corpse was, indeed, a boundless evil energy that resented the entire world.

Feng Feiyun clearly felt the killing intent inside her body. Not yet alive yet she already wanted to devour the heavens and swallow the earth. If he let her revive, then wouldn’t it be letting loose a calamity?

“I’m just going to hand over the Na Lan Buddhist Robe and Buddhist Jade Bead over to Monk Jiu Rou first, then I will simply leave. As for her life and death, it has nothing to do with me.”

Feng Feiyun was no longer hesitant and he silently went over to the low wall of the godly temple. He carved a new formation into the ground.

A new lotus seat formation quickly formed. He stepped onto the lotus seat and quickly turned into a mysterious light that flew into the Mortal Life Temple.

“Everyone, look! There is someone flying into the godly temple but was not attacked by the ancient formations. Even the thousand year old female corpse didn’t attack him with her godly intent.”

Although Feng Feiyun was very careful, but when he jumped over the high wall, people still detected him.

“This person has a very familiar figure… Right, isn’t that the traitor of the Feng Clan, Feng Feiyun? The son of the evil demon from the rumors. Could it be that he is related to the ancient corpses in this godly temple, so they do not attack him?”

“I heard that many people wanted to kill him, yet he still dared to come to this place. Look at the Feng experts, they are now surrounding this godly temple. It seems like they are waiting for the prey to come out. Once Feng Feiyun comes out of the godly temple, he would be ruthlessly killed for sure, and his evil demon blood will be taken.”


Even though the ancient monk corpses were restless, they didn’t leave the godly temple. They were restrained by an invisible power, so they could only bellow out beastly roars.

Feng Feiyun purposefully avoided these powerful ancient monk corpses and crossed through the ancient buddhist halls. He saw the decline of the temple; its past glory had ended and only sadness was left.

In the tall pagoda, along with the faint buddhist lamp that emitted a gentle light, Monk Jiu Rou, this time, was not eating grilled meat but was sitting under the buddhist lamp and forming buddhist seals with his two hands.

On top of his head was a floating golden buddha statue, giving off a vast power.

His golden light penetrated all four directions and had drops of sweat on his forehead. It was apparent that he was having a difficult time suppressing a certain something.

Could he actually be using his personal power to suppress the ancient corpses within this godly temple?

“Great Monk, I have brought what you wanted.”

Feng Feiyun took off the Na Lan Buddhist Robe on his body and also took out the Buddhist Jade Bead. He placed it in front of the monk.

Finally, Feng Feiyun also placed the Invincible Buddhist Staff on the ground.

These items were all supreme treasures of the Buddhist Gate, but Feng Feiyun was perfectly fine and calm when letting go of them.

Monk Jiu Rou was still motionless, with golden radiance exuding from his body. He was like a diamond luo han.

An unknown amount of time had passed before he finally opened his eyes. His pupils also contained golden lights and two buddhist seals. However, it couldn’t hide his fatigue at this moment. It was as if he had expended countless amounts of energy.

He remained immobile and only spoke with his ancient voice:

“You came at the right time. Right now, let the little girl wear the Na Lan Buddhist Robe, and then the two of you will bring the Buddhist Jade bead to suppress Xiao Nuolan.”

The woman corpse had died for more than eighteen hundred years. During her golden era when she was alive, no one didn’t know of her name. However, the times had changed and very few knew of her great identity.

Her name was Xiao Nuolan, a generation’s heavenly daughter. Her beauty and cultivation were both supreme. Now, even if she came back to life, all of her friends would still be dead. This was the pain of the gap between two generations.

“What? Are you joking, ah? Relying on the two of us to suppress Xiao Nuolan, are you telling us to go die?”

Feng Feiyun originally wanted to put everything down and leave this place with Feng Jianxue, but at the moment, it seemed like it was not so simple. He simply didn’t have the opportunity to not care for anything!

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