Chapter 875: Ningshuai’s Grandpa

“Lil’ Bi, you’re actually getting darker? How’s your relationship with Honglian’er? Got a kid yet?” An old beggar held Ningshuai’s hand while asking questions.

His hair was a mess with dried yellow leaves stuck at the top. He had a wooden stick propped on his shoulder with a cloth wrapper tied to one end. He was missing a front tooth so air got through.

“We’re doing well, we’ll get married in a couple of years.” Ningshuai bowed.

“Haha, I knew you two are a pair made in heaven, I was right. Honglian’er is a good girl, gentle, caring, and kind, but most importantly, she has big buttocks, perfect for having children.” The old man stroked Ningshuai’s head.

“Yes, Grandfather, your insight is incredible. Let me introduce someone to you. This is Feng Feiyun, a good brother of mine. He requires your assistance with an important matter.” Ningshuai coughed and said.

“Oh? Lil’ Feng, come. Hmm, I have no gift prepared for our first meeting. I did visit an old friend in Firmaments and he gave me an old armor at the Heaven’s Emergence level. Consider this our greeting gift.” The old man was very generous and took out a white set of armor.

There was only the front plate and the wrist guards left but it was still very precious. It had an aura of its master left behind, possessing plenty of power and defensive potential.

Feiyun naturally recognized the old man. He was the beggar who stole all the gifts from Xiao Tianyue’s wedding.

A senior from there used a copy of the divine sword yet still failed to kill him. This armor, coincidentally enough, was Liu Suzi’s gift. Its name was Resplendent Carapace.

Like grandfather, like grandchild. The two were exactly alike. Feiyun thought but still happily accepted the armor before getting to the point.

This old man turned out to be quite capable, especially with regard to formations. He was one level higher than Long Jiangling.

That’s the reason why he was able to sneak in Firmaments undetected. Virtually all the thieves were good in this field.

The two of them worked together and only needed one evening to connect the path to Heavenly Kingdom again.

The old man was very curious and wanted to take a look inside.

“It’s a primal beast realm, extremely dangerous.” Feiyun said.

This old man had dirtier hands than Bi Ningshuai. Feiyun naturally didn’t dare to let the guy in.

The old man was successfully deterred at first. However, he narrowed his eyes and thought about it: ‘Why would he open the path to a beast realm again? This little brat is lying to me, there must be a lot of treasures inside.”

His eyes lit up after coming to this conclusion.

“I have actually been wanting to go to a beast realm in order to find a powerful mount.” He insisted on entering Heavenly Kingdom.

However, he only got close to the portal and was met with a massive claw - several thousand meters wide. The scales were as large as a dustpan. 

“Shit, it’s really a beast realm!” The old man’s legs spun faster than the wheels of a carriage and got the hell out of the spatial passage.

Feiyun saw the claw too. It belonged to the Bi’an in there. He had sent a message to this beast ancestor and told him to frighten the intruder.

He then put away the golden Buddha and smiled: “Thank you for your help, Senior.”

“It’s no big deal, but Lil’ Feng, why are you opening a beast realm?” The old man had a serious expression. That claw attack earlier was horrifying. The beast must be extremely powerful.

“Mmm, for training.” Feiyun answered briefly before leaving to find Long Luofu.

He brought her inside Heavenly Kingdom and took her to Wu Qinghua’s pagoda so that Qinghua could look after her.

“The empress is pregnant?” Wu Qinghua was surprised and stared at Long Luofu.

She then gritted her teeth and said: “This is a peaceful land of Buddhism, not your backyard, Feng Feiyun.”

“I know that you’re still in love with me and can’t handle seeing another woman with my child. Fine, I’ll go find Tan Qingsu then.” 

“My emotions are pure, unstained by romantic thoughts. Don’t run your mouth and besmirch my reputation. Tan Qingsu isn’t superior to me either, I can help you take care of one woman.” Wu Qinghua floated down from a platform while wearing a white Buddhist robe, looking quite serious.

Feiyun smiled and accepted her suggestion.

The news of the reconnected passage spread across the area. Everyone happily came to Wu Qinghua’s pagoda - Heavenly Witchcraft Goddess, Long Cangyue, Luo Yu’er, Little Demoness, Yao Ji.

Their eyes suddenly changed after hearing about Long Luofu’s pregnancy.

Long Cangyue, in particular, glared at Long Luofu’s stomach with a chilling glint.

Yao Ji had a smile on her face but there was a clear hint of jealousy.

Luo Yu’er eyes were slightly red. She quietly asked: “When are you and Sister Long getting married?”

Marriage had to be brought up after one party was pregnant. Moreover, Long Luofu was definitely the main wife from now on. Her child would be the main branch and inherit everything from Feiyun while having status higher than the children of other women.

That’s the main reason why Yao Ji and Long Cangyue felt animosity.

“No rush, Long Luofu’s embryo is divine and requires a massive amount of spirit energy. It won’t come out in a year.” Feiyun had heard of rumors about a divine embryo.

The length wasn’t ten months, it depended on the mother’s cultivation. The stronger, the faster. The opposite also applied.

The phoenix clan once had a sacred embryo. This phoenix needed 300 years before giving birth.

According to the ancient records, a female saint would only need ten months to give birth to a sacred embryo.

As for one at the Heaven’s Emergence level, the length could be anywhere from ten years to one thousand years to accumulate enough power.

As for a “divine embryo”, even more energy was needed.

Of course, if one could find certain mythical items and let the mother use them, that would expedite the process on top of being immensely beneficial for the mother’s body.

“Wow, a baby, I’ll be an aunt!” Little Demoness ran over and leaned her head right next to Long Luofu’s stomach. She sincerely tried to listen.

Though Feiyun didn’t bring up a marriage with Long Luofu, the women here felt threatened. If the pregnancy went well, they would only be able to become concubines.

Only the goddess had a calm and nonchalant expression. That’s why Feiyun asked her to keep an eye out for Long Luofu.

After all, Long Cangyue and Yao Ji could be ruthless. They could do anything for personal benefits, including harming Luofu.

The goddess loved the peaceful atmosphere in this realm and wanted to stay here forever to cultivate. She agreed to help him.

Feiyun finally left after taking care of these matters.

Once he came back to the half-demon alliance, Grandpa Yu was nowhere to be found. The others had no idea where he went. He seemingly disappeared from Season.

This made Feiyun wonder about the guy’s identity and that he might actually know Feiyun’s parents.

Today was the date for the trip to the main branch in Crimson Territory. Bi Ningshuai came to say goodbye.

“Come to War Faction after your training at the battlefield.” Ningshuai said. He then left Season with his grandfather via a portal.

“Where did you take Long Luofu and my godchild?” The turtle kept on asking this question.

“She left?” Feiyun stared at the empty street outside of the half-demon alliance.

The turtle took a while before realizing who he was talking about. He sighed and said: “Men, they only know what’s precious once it’s gone.”

“Time for us to get going.” A woman with long, crimson hair walked out of the alliance.

Li Lang, Elder Mu, Zhan Shidao were next. The group of five and a turtle went to a portal, taking them from Season to Shell.

Shell was one of the 8,654 domains in Crimson Territory. However, it was ten times more prosperous than Season. It was the central area of the surrounding domains and had a direct portal to Crimson.

Each domain was large, usually consisting of one or several immortal steps. Each domain lord could be considered big shot, far more prestigious than the clan master of an ancient clan. However, they were still considered followers of the territory lord.

A territory lord was extremely influential and had a noble title in the sixth central dynasty. These were the true top dogs in this part.

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