Chapter 871: Young Master Bi

“Ridiculous, these girls used to be nobles in Season, now, they were taken and raped by Li Tianer before being given to those two old men…”

“That’s someone from a side branch of the Li, that guy doesn’t even spare his own clan member.” Someone recognized one of the apparitions and said with pity.

The two nefarious servants were shocked by Dongfang Jingyue’s beauty. A woman like her shouldn’t exist in the mortal world.

They smiled, revealing some missing teeth. They wanted to kill Feiyun then take Jingyue back to their clan.

“Others might not dare to kill ancient clan members but I’m fine with it.” Feiyun summoned his weapon essence, turning it into a massive saber. Just one slash immediately sent one old man flying in two pieces.

Li Tianer couldn’t believe it. These two old men were at first-level Nirvana but couldn’t stop one slash?

The billowing saber energy continued to oppress the city. Even the meteoric stones couldn’t fully suppress it.

The other old man was scared out of his mind. He panicked and sent his apparitions forward. They turned into nether gales and became invisible. Nonetheless, murderous waves of energy surrounded Feiyun.

“Buddhist Illumination.” Feiyun became resplendent and Buddhist energy refined the apparitions into nothingness.

“Boom!” He sent another slash, successfully dismembering the second old man.

He then walked towards Li Tianer and his group. The latter retreated with fear.

Dongfang Jingyue watched the whole thing in a good mood. She knew that Feiyun acted as if he didn’t care for her but on the contrary, he actually cared more than anyone else.

“I remember now… you killed the five elders of the Meng, you half-demon… Feng Feiyun!” A servant behind Li Tianer trembled with fear.

“Whoosh!” A saber slash killed three more servants. 

He walked over the corpses, inching closer to Li Tianer.

Li Tianer couldn’t handle the pressure. His legs buckled as he dropped to the ground: “What, what are you doing… my dad is Li Dajiang, he won’t, he won’t spare you if you do, do anything to me….”

“I won’t kill you.” Feiyun looked down at him; blood dripped from his saber.

Li Tianer heaved a sigh of relief.

“Whoosh!” Feiyun slashed vertically and separated the guy into two halves that fly across the street.

“Just kidding.” He then flicked his saber to remove the blood.

“Let’s go.” He glanced over at Dongfang Jingyue.

She stared at him with her clear eyes before taking him into an extravagant mansion. White jade served as pavement; spirit stones made up the gate.

“Battle Palace” was written on the plaque.

“They’re at the battle palace?” Feiyun was surprised.

Dongfang Jingyue entered and crossed through numerous stages to reach a new area. This place had pavilions and palaces everywhere. Servants and maids were plentiful. This looked like a paradise of immortals.

“You?” Feiyun met a beauty for the second time - a manager here named Lan Wanjing.

She was surprised to see him again. He left quite an impression on her - a half-demon managed to cripple three historical geniuses.

Why is he here?

Keep in mind that this is a high-level area of the battle palace. Only important members could enter but Feiyun was only a … half-demon.

“Me.” Feiyun chuckled: “The palace owes me some money, when will I get them?”

Feiyun won five times in a row, resulting in a hefty reward.

“You can get the stones whenever. Why are you with an envoy?” Lan Wanjing was quite pretty with fair skin and bright eyes.

“Let’s go.” Dongfang Jingyue told Feiyun.

Feiyun smiled at the manager before following Dongfang Jingyue into the extravagant area. He now understood that War Faction was behind the battle palaces.

Bi Ningshuai was living the good life, sitting on a jade-ice chair while eating meat and drinking wine. Numerous servants waited on him.

The upper echelon of this branch consisted of Nirvana cultivators. They were famous lords in Season but all were proposing a toast to him while singing praises.

Ningshuai was quite pleased with himself and laughed heartily until Dongfang Jingyue and Feng Feiyun entered.

“Oh great half-demon, you actually survived the pursuit from the Meng.” Bi Ningshuai was embracing two beauties, his hands were running rampant on their delicate figure.

More than ten big shots of the battle palace sat lower below.

One of them, a gray-haired old man, found Feiyun’s appearance surprising.

What is this half-demon doing here?

The upper echelon had heard of Feiyun before. The battle palace has warned the Meng for violating the rules. However, the Meng had the support of Firmaments and didn’t give a damn. The battle palace also didn’t want needless trouble.

One side was a half-demon, the other was Firmaments City. The upper echelon was smart enough to not mediate.

After all, a half-demon had no status to speak of. They didn’t expect this half-demon to be related to the envoy of War Faction.

Their smiles became frozen; all eyes were on Bi Ningshuai to see his attitude.

“Where’s Long Luofu?” Feiyun looked around and got straight to the point.

“Bringing up another woman right away, are you not afraid of Miss Dongfang becoming jealous?” Ningshuai ate another piece of meat and drank a cup.

“Are you not afraid of crying in public when Xie Hongliang sees you like this?” Feiyun retorted.

Ningshuai shuddered after hearing this name and stopped moving his hands on the two girls. “Prepare a seat for Young Noble Feng already, don’t you know that he’s a dear friend of mine?”

The members of the upper echelon became frightened and hurriedly left their seats, offering them to Feng Feiyun.

“So the young noble is a friend of Envoy Bi, I have eyes but couldn’t see Mount Tai.” One old man became nervous. Shit, shit, this half-demon is related to the envoys, what if he pursues this matter?

The other old men became nervous as well; their expression soured.

Feiyun naturally knew what they were thinking. He chuckled and sat down without any hesitation: “I have an important matter to speak with you, in private.”

Bi Ningshuai glanced at the old men then at the two beauties nearby. He thought that Feiyun was being very boring.

He let go of the two women and told everyone to leave. “Speak.” 

Only Ningshuai, Feiyun, and Jingyue were left in the palace.

“How strong is Firmaments City?” Feiyun asked.

“You damned scourge, don’t tell me you slept with someone there?” Bi Ningshuai’s eyes widened.

“Do I look like I’m joking right now?” Feiyun said seriously.

Ningshuai coughed and stopped smiling: “Firmaments is a relatively big power that has been around for more than three million years. They had a pseudo-Saint before and some remnant artifacts. Just one can cause serious destruction and deter others.”

“This is especially true in Southern Firmament Territory. They’re around the fifth place in terms of influence and status. Dozens of domain lords around the area listened to them. A hundred ancient clans like the Meng mean nothing compared to Firmaments.”

“How does it compare to War Faction?” Feiyun asked.

“It’s not comparable.” Bi Ningshuai laughed.

“War Faction can’t compare to it either?”

Bi Ningshuai waved his hand: “Firmaments might be relatively influential in the twelve southwest territories but that’s all. It’s nothing compared to War Faction. Did you provoke them?”

“And if I did?”

“It can be a big deal or not, it depends on the actual provocation. If it is minor, I can mediate for you.” Bi Ningshuai’s brows furrowed.

“It’s pretty minor. I only stole their young lord’s bride.” Feiyun smiled.

The hall became silent after hearing this.

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